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  1. Moving to Upper Peninsula of Michigan, looking for the nearest DZ. From what I've seen it's pretty much 2.5 hours or more at a minimum to the nearest DZ. Anyone know of other jumpers in the area with any suggestions? "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  2. I just got it, it seems pretty decent with a lot of room, looks nice too. All my gear fits into it, I have a big accuracy rig. We'll see how it hold up. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  3. Has anyone seen or have one of these? The price is right and it looks decent, wondering about the quality and functionality. Thanks! "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  4. The FBI puts corrupt LEO's in jail on a regular basis. ( I knew a couple). These guys thought they were right, they weren't. Your comparison is just silly. With that said, their jobs are likely in jeopardy for this mistake. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  5. I knew there was pending litigation regarding implied consent and compelling blood draws (potentially by force) in some states. Thanks for the info, it doesn't really affect me. Like I said, I don't agree with it and wouldn't do it on principle. This whole situation was a non-starter because there was no exigent circumstance. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  6. I flew them on most trips back and forth to Europe in the 80's and early 90's. I liked them, seemed like a little more room than other planes. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  7. Just got back in after a 10 year break. Feels good to get back in the air, and especially just hanging out at the DZ. Skydivers are the most eclectic group of folks one can hang out with, that's what makes the sport so great. Now if my body wasn't 10 years older............. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  8. Those guys thought they were right and didn't try to hide it. I'm about 99.9% sure they weren't. Some states have funky rules regarding implied consent and exigent circumstances, IMHO this wasn't an exigent circumstance. If there were any questions regarding the truck driver being impaired, they could be answered later. I'm glad I don't work in a state that can compel or even force a blood draw for traffic related charges, I wouldn't do it. As far as the patrol Lt ordering the guy to arrest the nurse, one is not required to follow an unlawful order. I'm been caught in that shit sandwich before, and my answer always was "if you feel so strong about it, you come down and make the arrest, because I don't feel comfortable with it". That usually ended it. Looks like this may have ended up in a pissing contest, no one wins a pissing contest. These guys made a mistake, a big one, now the 24 hour news cycle and armchair experts are slamming down on their heads. We all make mistakes at work, but seldom do you end up on the front page of the paper. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  9. Yea, I got nothing....... Unless this dude is an axe murderer, better to subpoena the medical records at a later time. All this ugliness could have been avoided, I bet the nurse is right, and the pissed off officer is wrong. Good decisions seldom occur when you're angry, the whole being professional thing. Even so, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do something. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  10. There prolly is something more to this, it will just take a while to get out. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  11. Nah, I vote for this guy............... Unless of course, you are prejudiced against run-on sentences. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  12. I not only get it, I don't just pound a keyboard, I live it. ANYONE involved in planting evidence, or who has knowledge. Again, we are basing this judgment on media accounts and an edited video with no audio. I guess you'd like me jump behind this giant blue line you keep talking about. It may be there, but it's not nearly what you think it is. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  13. I couldn't agree more, this situation most likely isn't an abuse of power, it's a criminally negligent mistake. I highly doubt it was an intentional act, with malice. The example of the Baltimore officer planting evidence, is an abuse of power. One that deserves the most serious consequences available. Every cop I know would feel the same way. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  14. Doubt what you want, a pilot gets his union rep and legal representation (in certain situations). A pilot takes off on a closed runway and kills several people and survives, was that intentional? Was he criminally charged? Doctors kill people by medical malpractice until criminal intent and/or negligence is uncovered during an investigation. Psstt.........There is that pesky due process thingy, and the 5th Amendment as well. (yes it applies to cops). I've said this before, do cops get an extra layer of protection in these situations? Yes they do. Because they are exposed to violence and deadly force situations at exponentially higher rates than an average citizen. I guess Marilyn Mosby should have been able to lock up the cops involved in Freddie Gray case right away? Same with Darren Wilson, and the Charlotte Officer, and the Baton Rouge officers in the Alton Sterling shooting. It's because they became political pawns for doing their jobs. That is precisely why there is a Police Officers Bill of Rights in many states. Unless there is some revelation, this officer will be charged. It looks like this could be a very tragic mistake, a criminal one. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"
  15. You are also only reading one half of the story, from a media source. Plus this was an off-duty incident, you nor I know the full details. "Just 'cause I'm simple, don't mean I'm stewpid!"