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  1. Time Left: 13 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This rig also has a reserve. Canopy has 3 small patches, unknown number of jumps but still crisp.


    Raleigh, North Carolina - US

  2. redwing120

    Tony Suit RW

    Time Left: 20 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    5'11", average body, no bad landings, perfect condition. 20 jumps.


    Raleigh, North Carolina - US

  3. Thank you guys for your knowledge. That helps me to make a decision. I just want to do the right thing.
  4. Hello, A friend of mine wants to buy my S Fly Verso, he is currently jumping with 500 jumps- he has done 4 successful wingsuit jumps with Phantom Edge. Any opinions on if my Verso would be good for him? I fly a large wingsuit, so this small wingsuit is very easy for me, so not sure for beginners. Thanks. David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  5. MXV is not going to work, it's too flat and the camera screw is going to touch the helmet. David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  6. Over a month ago, I posted in this forum about damage to my container. I took the container to the Javelin manufacturer and they found what the problem was immediately. It was a misplaced emergency handle that came loose somehow and damaged the strap. I'd like to thank everyone from Javelin who helped me with very fast and excellent service. And special thanks to Ben! David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  7. A friend of mine is moving to the USA and has enough experience to become a Tandem Pilot, but he has an old skydiving injury where he broke his femur and he has 3 long rods in his leg. This is fine in his country but will this a problem in the US? David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  8. Thanks. Yes, the yellow thread inside is broken. What do you suggest? David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  9. Thanks for your help! I live very close to the Javelin manufacture so I might go there and see what they can do. David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  10. Recently I found one corner on the reserve handle pocket with damage (see photo). I currently fly a wingsuit but I don't think this is the cause because the wingsuit doesn't hit that spot and the damage is inside the pocket. My rigger can't figure out what caused the damage. The strange thing is, it's just the reserve but not the cutaway. Any clues? Thanks so much!! David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  11. I totally agree, you're right. David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  12. Is it common for the pilot of a Cessna Caravan to increase speed to lift the tail before the wingsuiter exits? David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  13. I got my Vampire 5 on Wednesday. It fits perfect. I'm very impressed with it. It's way better that what I expected. The new features, the fabrication and the attention to details is incredible! It's very easy to reach my pilot parachute. If the weather is good this weekend, I will fly it. Thanks again! David Di Filippo [email protected] 828-768-5309
  14. Good news! Robert emailed me and the suit is ready and they will ship out on Monday! Just in time for Christmas.