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  1. I'm aware of what's required to install them. Another local rigger has the tools. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have a source for #8 stainless steel grommets for a slider? Paragear doesn't seem to have them and google comes up empty... Thanks.
  3. Jon, I actually laughed when I read that... :) Thanks for the photos, much appreciated. Unfortunately, that brown is too light for me... I am in touch with UPT about getting swatches. Thanks!
  4. Hi. Does anybody have photos of their vector 3 with either brown, olive drab or both? The coloring program and the swatches on the options page differ greatly and I'm trying to get a better sense of the actual colors. No dealer in my immediate vicinity either. Thanks, Etienne
  5. Sorry I have a habit of not giving too much personal info online... I am in Ontario canada. You're talking overall line length but Aerodyne's specs are line differentials. For my size canopy: A-B is around 1.5" A-C is around 7.5" A-D is around 15.5" What would be an "out of spec" limit for those differentials? I'm assuming an inch out of spec on A-B will be a lot worse than an inch on A-D... My openings are getting harder but only on the second part of the deployment, when the side cells inflate following the center one, and that gives me a lot more off-heading than it used to. I wouldn't say I'm getting spanked though. I'm not trying to cheap out so if I have to reline, it will be the whole thing. HMA lines? Hmmmmmmm......
  6. Hi guys. I bought a Pilot 168 last summer and jumped it all season. I did not have any info from the previous owner as far as number of jumps on the canopy or on the lines... I was planning on sending it to the manufacturer over winter for an inspection and reline but I have decided to measure my lines first and figure out if I do need a reline or not and possibly save a couple hundred bucks. So I loaded my lines to 10 lbs as per the manufacturer and measured all the lines. So now the question is: how much out of trim is too much? The canopy flies and flares fine but the openings seem to be getting wonkier. Is there a general guideline for max line shrinkage? Thanks.