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  1. Just taking a stab at it : Every STC is a separate piece of approval. This some require bailout rigs to be worn (like 182), while others may not (like the Caravan).
  2. 16 jumps and 175kbs does not translate into a 170 main Talk to your instructors.
  3. I bought a few here : and I fully +1mln to what Robbbbb says, they are quite awesome for anything that keeps you active.
  4. considering you are talking about the gear that's 25 years old, could it be that it was just abandoned long after the owner quit jumping ? it's not uncommon :(
  5. A lot of old rigs end up in my possession. I'll take all your old gear. Not kidding. Well, except for those SST's that Terry mentions :)
  6. I had one, and that thing was damn fast, and a pain to adjust if I was needing to work on multiple stitch lengths. But it worked well. Made me appreciate my 1900 so much more ;)
  7. Pictures are worth a thousand words ... If you don't have over, draw one up.
  8. Google, bro. Most line trim charts are easily accessible in under 30 seconds. where does the trim chart tell you the cascade insertion points, fingertrap insertion depths or where does it account for the fingertrap/bartack line shrinkage ? :(
  9. Bumpers Tack the bumpers Don't tack the lines And don't forget to use nail polish to mark the barrel to link thread point.
  10. Vigil 1 didn't display the dom, you have to email them to find it out.
  11. The blue container is a Pioneer 3 pin the OD canopy is a good old unmodified T10R the harness she wore is an oldie - a surplus 2-shot OD container with an all white T10R canopies for the background are old Strong 26ft LoPo's
  12. I sold that canopy as a prop to a photog. After that it was just a matter of connecting the dots :) Amazing. I post a fashion shot and you ID the exact canopy. What are the chances? Hope you got top dollar. That canopy is now famous. 377 :) Here's another commercial that I sourced gear for. Yes, it's cheesy, but I will still take credit :)
  13. I sold that canopy as a prop to a photog. After that it was just a matter of connecting the dots :)
  14. You must have misunderstood me. It's a C9 that was dyed black. It's pictured in full color as an attachment to my previous post.
  15. Well, welcome back, or as your people say "Nous saluons le retour !"
  16. Who are you again ? Did you learn French ?
  17. Danger Dan - this one is obvious Chooper Chuck - four cutaways before he hit 100 jumps. I don't think he made it to 200 Cancer and Virus - two people who were getting their PhD's in those fields
  18. Will a person named Joe respond to being called Joe ?
  19. You are just too cool for a reserve, you don't need one. Just get a BASE rig. Then you won't need a rigger ticket either. They didn't make the older, now cheaper reserves in sizes that small. Because they would have landed like rocks. bullshit. the man needs a MicroRaven109. He'll be fine. Well, at least no worse than he already is. Sorry, except for Precision. They made tiny reserves for tiny people. But unless you are a tiny person, you will land like a rock. (But apparently you don't mind that. I assume you are tough enough, and not just uber cool.) Sarcasm, Ken !
  20. run google translate and that'll help