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  1. Sad news from my home DZ at Eisenach, Germany. Following a recent tandem incident, they closed temporarily and now have decided to stay closed permanently. It is my personal understanding, that the accident is not the main reason but rather the final brick, that lead them to this decision. Statement (in German) here:
  2. Hi Jerome, downloading it right now :-) Thank you again!
  3. Hi Jerome, in the ConnectIQ store both of your apps (Responsive and accurate Altimeter (barometric); Altimeter and Variometer) do not show the Epix2 as a compatible device. As it works so great with the Fenix 6, I am looking forward to using it on the Epic soon :-) To all others here: The app works great! Using it since it's early days Jerome is very responsive in taking feedback and integrating it into updates.
  4. This thread has been quiet for some time now. Anyone able to update the list, especially in regards to sequential stuff; freely and wing suit?
  5. blue skies Tom - you will be remembered by many! There will be a memorial jump on April 21st. Here is the link to the facebook event page: vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  6. (updated for German FSN) As I am pretty sure that some of the below are outdated, feel free to contribute/update! DEFINITIONS: FS-Formation Skydiving (RW) (N-National Record/+80% Residents) FSW-Womens Formation Skydiving FSM-Mens Formation Skydiving VR-Vertical Formation Record FSWR-Formation Skydiving World Record FSS-Sequential Formation Record VRWR-Vertical Formation World Record VRW-Women's Vertical Record COUNTRIES: Australia FSN-112; FSW-47; VR-17; VRW-6 Austria FS-24; FSW-12; Belgium FS-126; FSW-16; Brazil FSN-82 Canada FSN-59; FSW-33 Czechoslovakia FS-??? Denmark FS-55 Finland FS-58 France FSW-100 Germany FSN-214; FSW-61 ...Baden-Wurtemburg FS-47 ...Bavaria FS-50 ...Rheinland Pfalz FS-29 ...Saarland FS-40 Ireland FSN-51; FSNW-13 Israel FS-?? Italy VR-16 Mexico FSN-31 Netherlands FS-72; FSW-25 New Zealand FS-?? Norway FSN-108 Poland FS-103 Puerto Rico (US) FS-?? Peru FSN-26 Russia FSN-165 Slovakia FS-215 Spain VR-28 Sweden FSN-107 Switzerland FS-84 Thailand FSWR-400 (2/08/06) United Kingdom FSN-100; FSW-60 United States FS-300; FSW-181; VRWR-107; FSS-139 Venuezula FSN-32; FS-80 Thailand Largest Mass Jump-960 (2/11/06) US STATES: Alabama FS-40 Alaska FS-25; FSW-17 Arizona FS-300 California FSW-181; VRWR-53; FSM-123 Colorado Connecticut FS-41; FSW-16 Florida FS-201; FSS-139 Georgia FS-64 Hawaii Idaho FS-34 Iowa FS-60 Illinois WVWR-18; FS-259; VRWR-107; FSS-108 Indiana Kansas FS-9 Kentucky Louisiana Maine Massachusetts FS-81 Michigan FS-50 Minnesota Mississippi FS-61 Missouri FS-25 Montana Nevada FS-38 New Jersey New York North Carolina North Dakota FS-16 Ohio FS-?? Oklahoma FS-100 Oregon VR-9; Pennsylvania South Carolina FS-200; FSW-19 Tennessee Texas FS-150; VR-16; FSW-38; FSWS-38 Utah Virginia FS-100 Washington FSW-25 Wisconsin blue skies, M. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  7. From the DZs you mentioned, I only know Skydive San Marcos. Not being able to comment on the others, this is a dropzone which I happily would suggest to anyone who wants to start jumping. Generally - drive to all of them, talk to the People - especially the instructors - and make up your mind also based on the Impression they leave on you. enjoy the ride! M. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  8. Yes, that's the one. M. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  9. Walter died on Saturday, February 17, during a BASE jump from the Sas Prodoi mountain in Italy. While BASE related, I'm posting this here as well as he was an avid wingsuit jumper as well. BSBD, M. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  10. Things The Quattro Does That The ProTrack 2 Does Too: The PorTrack 2 does now have 4 highspeed warnings In regards to the JumpTrack SW - It is discontinued by L&B. The now refer to using Paralog.
  11. About 30+ (8countries) in 13 years, most of them in Germany and the US. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  12. I'm thankful to have known you and you will be dearly missed. We can only envy the place where you're now, as it will be a better place from now on. RIP Peanut. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  13. The Memorial Website is still there: vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  14. I try to describe the Setup as I am lacking a photo right now: Starting from the photo mjosparky posted, imagine that you run the canula from under the chin along one of your arms under the jumpsuit. You cut them about 1-2 cm (about 1 Inch) after they "emerged" at your wrist. This end will be connected to the tubes that are hanging from the aircrafts Oxygen System. To connect, you can use a bungee wher you stick the ends of both tubes in. When it is time to exit, you disconnet and either stuff the extra Inch back in the jumpsuit or let it "hang out". It doesn't really create a snagpoint. Personnally, I try to leave it connected as long as possible. Depending on the length of the hose that stays in the aircraft, I even leave it connected when on a floater Position. On Exit it just disconnects itself. (and Yes, that could be irritating other Jumpers, so tell them about your plan). I hope this made is clearer. If not send me a PM and I try to look up a photo of the Setup. vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!
  15. RIP! vSCR No.94 Don't dream your life - live your dream!