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  1. So just a little info, I made it to my 3rd jump. Winds were not on my side haha landed off the DZ on my last jump and was a little stiff up in the air. Failed haha. No worries, just means another jump in. Since I was only in town for a bit, I couldn't get any more jumps in. I'll have to wait a month to go back. Plans are to visit the wind tunnel before and get some practice in. I want to nail my license lol. Dang Texas weather!
  2. Checkout this guys new profile pic!!! Lol Such an amazing experience, not just jumping alone but the people I have met are amazing! Skydive Lonestar is absolutely a gem!
  3. Just an overpriced booking agency, wanted to charge me $1700, but instead I booked directly with Lonestar for $1400. $300 just to book me, that's crazy. I am headed to Lake Travis for a meeting and retreat tomorrow, then off to the course Sunday at 8am. I'm so excited!! Been doing so much research and watching videos, I think fear has completely left me. It's all about thrill and excitement now! Aaaand a little patience haha
  4. I'll do my best, just waiting on the next bonus to come in and that will be for the rest of my jumps. For now, yea I've been doing lots of research on ways to control and all that good stuff. I'm more worried about landing in the right place lol for some reason I can't get a hold of South Padres skydiving place. I know they do tandems, but I wonder if they let students go... it's only an hour from me so that would be sweet. Like I said, point me in the right direction and maybe join me and go have a day of skydiving!! Maybe we can get some more people together... by the way, thanks for the idea of farting on the plane! Haha
  5. Taintstick and skydiveuranus, perfect pair!! lol I will actually be getting my truck built at BTF in Upland. Oceanside is on my have to list when I go. I'm planning end of October. I sure hope the weather cooperates... forecast shows Sunday Monday and Tuesday will be good, but this weather in Texas kinda sucks. You will have to point me in the direction of some good spots to check out in SoCal!
  6. Awesome! Well I booked my course with Lonestar already for this coming Sunday. Perfect timing as the company I work for is taking us to Lake Travis for the weekend. Thanks!! For the reassurance about Lonestar, feeling much better!!
  7. I heard Rush Cube was just a booking agency. Wanted to charge $1700 for my 8 jumps, but ended up booking directly for $1400. Nice people but dang... lol
  8. Thanks!! Haha I am confident I will fit in just fine... I plan on doing it all, and I hope to have plenty of jumps in before my trip to Cali!!
  9. I was a little too quick on the gun and went with Lonestar. I am fine with my decision, but have heard a lot more about San Marcos... it's alright, it will be fun no matter what!! Haha Thanks!!
  10. Thanks!! Looking forward to all the great times and hope to see some of y'all as I travel around!
  11. Thanks!! Yes I plan on showing up probably an hour or more early for my course so I can get a feels for the crew I'll be training with. Am so excited, probably won't be able to sleep the night before haha
  12. Nice!! Thanks for the deets, unfortunately I do not have any form of social media. Only social media I have is a Ford Ranger forum, reefers forum and this haha I was in contact with a lady by the name of Rachel. Assuming she is the booking person. Going to be a heck of a weekend, lake Travis parasailing and then off to AFF courses.
  13. Tough crowd lol well after doing more research, pulled the trigger and going with Lonestar this month.
  14. Well everyone, has been such a privilege to read through all the great info on here! I have done one tandem jump and was hooooked!! Since, I have been awaiting the day I can go for my AFF. The day is next month! Have been speaking with a few different people around the Austin San Marcos area. Have not made my decision with who to go with. Probably going to be Rush Cube at an airfield named Luling Airport. Have not set deposits because I don't know anything about Rush Cube. Looking for all info that I can get and some great advice on other places! Thanks for taking the time to read, cannot wait to join you all in the air!!