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  1. 9XOUTOF10

    New RI mard? Riggers?

    Mark I am not sure what you mean by the race. A Mard uses the malfunctioning main canopy to draw the reserve out of the container the only time there would be a race as if the main didn’t have enough drag witch is highly unlikely because a malfunctioning main has more drag then a RPC even a bag locks tends to have enough drag although if you go to Mirage website they have scenarios of the trap system in action. If you look at the very last scenario it is a bag lock and the jumper is on his back and at the last second you can see the reserve pilot chute taking over and continuing the job BECAUSE OF DRAG.
  2. 9XOUTOF10

    New RI mard? Riggers?

    It still has to disconnect from the bridle. I have a question what about if I want to do crew jumps one day and then free fly the next day do I need to get my rigger to open my reserve container and disconnect the Mard and then when I am done crew go back to my rigger for a repack to hook the MARD back up ? Or do I just disconnect my RSL and let it flap in the wind on a reserve ride. O wait I don’t use my RSL when doing crew. You know if you had a trap system all you need to do is disconnect your RSL shackle and tuck it behind your ring cover and you will have regular reserve deployment because IT IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE BRIDLE. And when done with crew for the day hook your RSL back up and you are good to go ...sorry Mr rigger or Miss. Mirage always has my back.
  3. 9XOUTOF10

    New RI mard? Riggers?

    I agree it is nifty looking but as far as calling It the best on the market very far-fetched . I came to the understanding that grabbing a hold of your reserve bridal before any type of deployment was a no-no. So in my opinion any Mard that is already attached inside your reserve container isn’t the way to go and therefore not the best . Having a mard that allows you to have a normal reserve deployment without disconnecting is only the Trap System.
  4. I would have to agree with airnutt, there are a lot of awesome Riggers out there, but also there is a lot of them that would not be able to identify the number 2 reserve flap on a Mirage, hint it’s not a flap.
  5. In no shape or form am I one of those people who are capable of recreating any skydiving equipment but it is to my understanding that you have to realize that it is not only your life in the sky but the ones around you. I think you should just leave it to the professionals. After all you don’t want to be that kid in the school yard with one pant leg higher than the other one.
  6. 9XOUTOF10

    What is this toggle/riser arrangement?

    I not sure that those are old Mirage risers,it’s looking like a twisted mess. What I do know is that you would not be able to bye those from Mirage they have better ones.
  7. 9XOUTOF10

    Semi-Stowless Bags? Mirage?

    I would have to go with iyosha. In my opinion the semi-stowless is the way to go. I would NOT recommend other than mirage manufactured items in your mirage.
  8. 9XOUTOF10

    RSL and Skyhook

    Like any other Mard system that is on the market the RSL is The Starting Point to activating the skyhook,trap,and so on. It is only then when you release your risers will your RSL be activated witch then would start the process of your Mard, Skyhook,Trap system. If your still confused it would be a wise idea to talk to your rigger or the manufacture of the system you are jumping. https://youtu.be/tJRtrqqnHAQ
  9. 9XOUTOF10

    CURV vs Vector 3

    My experience with buying a container is... everybody is cheering for their own team. Till this date I haven't seen a single evidence one is better over the other. All tso'd rigs are good. I don’t get it isn’t that comment a contradiction if not who is the main crowd and where do I find them. In my “ opinion “ they’re 3 top dogs in the industry and in my “opinion “ 2 are only worth looking at and 1 has such a long wait time renting until I receive it is not cost effective. Then again that is just me opinion.
  10. 9XOUTOF10

    Contact Us

    This is terrible I had posted a nice comment about my container system and it was never posted 😡
  11. 9XOUTOF10

    Mirage G4

    I have encountered many containers and the mirage G4 is the only one that came even close to being the most comfortable the most reliable with the best price.... The W- series sick !!! I recommend there equipment to everyone