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  1. Downsizing won't fix an issue with heading on opening. First is to check and make sure all the lines on the canopy are in trim. next, look at packing techniques and body position on opening. Also, what is your body doing *during* the opening sequence ? Are you watching your canopy snivel or staying in a stable position and letting it open ?
  2. Pilots and Saf's (NZA) have always been kind to me on openings.
  3. Interesting, thank you for the feedback. I'm on a 152 and have always found the openings to be excellent. So is this the same canopy with a new lineset ?
  4. I've seen references to the ZuluX by Aerodyne but the website is still showing the information for the Zulu. Can anyone tell me the differences between the two canopies ? Thanks !
  5. I had a ZPX Pilot 168 and really enjoyed it. I downsized to a ZP 152 Zulu. I haven't flown a 168 ZP Pilot, but in my experience, there was nothing lacking in the flare.
  6. You should really consider the Pilot (9 cell) or Safire 2 (or 3 I guess, I haven't flown one yet). They both have great openings but the Saf snivels longer. Both land really nicely as well.
  7. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy it ! Practice your flares and stalls up high, I shortened my brake lines from standard and prefer it (after quite a few jumps). I have a lot of fun with my Zulu and can't wait to get back under it this weekend !
  8. Sorry about the thread drift on this one, I totally missed responding to you. Going from a Stiletto to a Zulu in the same wingload isn't really changing much. In fact, I think the stiletto has a more aggressive planform. I load my Zulu at 1.3, so slightly under the 1.4 that they suggest. I find the canopy to be very responsive. It is sensitive to harness input, even at the loading I'm at on a 152. It has quick openings and all of my slick jumps have been nice, on heading openings. The Zulu is not recommended as a canopy for wingsuiting...and the only two times I've had linetwists were when I dropped a shoulder deploying. I have about 150 jumps on this canopy and love it.
  9. No doubt, this makes sense. But this is something I have never seen or heard before (with respect to the Zulu) and was looking to find a source for this information. I jump a Zulu and this is news to me.
  10. Alright smartass, let me rephrase. Where would someone else find information regarding an Aerodyne canopy that is apparently company supplied information since it is not posted on their website ? Many manufacturers post suggested jump numbers right where they describe their equipment or somewhere on their website. I was looking to independently verify that information. But you go ahead and believe everything you read on the internet.
  11. This is news to me. Where do you find the 500 jump minimum ?
  12. Have never heard this. Your source?
  13. I would think it's a little snappier than a Sabre 2 or a Saf. Close to maybe a stiletto, but still more forgiving. I really like it, but it has a pretty quick recovery. I haven't flown a crossfire, but I would think they are about the same level of sporty but the Zulu has a very short recovery arc.
  14. I fly a Zulu and love it, but I think it would be a step down from a Katana
  15. *not an expert on gear mods* BUT if Sunpath is willing to do the work, I would suggest at $150 for a rig that fits really well you have an easy decision. As to how good the fix is, again, if Sunpath does the work, I'd expect it to be up to manufacturer's standards (good to very good).