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  1. elightle

    Safire 2 129

    No worries. My older body likes the Spectre I demo'ed.
  2. elightle

    Best Canopy for Smaller Older Jumper

    Settled on a Spectre 135.
  3. elightle

    Three People Narrowly Escape in Tandem Collision (Video)

    Gotta be the camera flyer's fault. Talk about no separation! TI is to be commended though. Kept his cool and did what he had to do.
  4. Okay, I know I will get many opinions and that's what I'm looking for. Here's my situation. I am an older jumper with lots of jumps but my landings suck. One reason might be that I bought so many used canopies instead of saving my money and buying a new one. Another reason is a bit of anxiety about landings. I had a few bad ones when I was a jumper in the service and a couple surgeries to prove it. Looking back, maybe the best landings I've had were on a Sabre 135. But those openings are not good for a guy in his 60's. So, any advice and opinions will be greatly appreciated!
  5. elightle

    Safire 2 129

    Does it need a reline?
  6. elightle

    Know Your Gear: Harness and Container Systems Part 1

    Very nice article! We can never know/learn too much about our gear.
  7. elightle

    Close Call As Perris Plane Collides With Fuel Tanker

    Glad nobody was hurt. Sorry it had to be the "Shark". Hope it won't cost too much to repair it.
  8. elightle

    Will a Dolphin Mini-D Fit Me?

    I'm buying a used Dolphin Mini-D that has tuck tabs and is in great shape. My question is whether it will fit me. The seller sent me a photo of the mfg. label and it shows "Mini-D" and then "XS S XS". Does the "XS" refer to the reserve and container sizes and the "S" the harness size? I am 5' 3-1/2" tall and weigh 128 lbs. Thanks, -Ed
  9. This is your wheelhouse, Annette - travel writing! I have to say I have not been overly impressed with your attempt at how-to articles but you have nailed the traveling boogie writer thing to a tee!
  10. elightle

    Teaching Students To Navigate The Landing Pattern

    Article approved by Brian Germain - that says something. Good basic information, Corey. :)
  11. Yep, Eric, that's the way I used to do it. Steered with my head and shoulders.
  12. elightle

    Any tips for my first 4-way?

    Good advice but I would have the moves worked out well ahead of time. Anything that isn't muscle memory once you're in the plane won't be easy to visualize. Yes, visualize the skydive... but don't over-rehearse. I like to visualize the dive after takeoff, once halfway up and a final time just before jump run. Any more than that and I confuse myself. Also don't wait until jump run to breathe and relax. Learn calming strategies and practice them on the way up.
  13. elightle

    4 Way exits - scratch team

    I believe the team who won Intermediate at last year's USPA Nationals did an H exit for the entire competition. Of course, that's not gonna win in the Open class. See post 11. Yea, I forgot about that post. Haven't visited this tread for a while.
  14. elightle

    H (bow) exit - grips for OC and Point

    Yep, I wanted to do that with previous teams and believe it would have made the exit more solid, at least between OC and Point.