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  1. Hi. I’m still interested in the red jumpsuit.


    Ed Lightle 


  2. Just bought a lightly used small Cookie G2 and it fits well except for the padding around the chin area. Is there any way to reduce the thickness of this padding?
  3. What type of lines are on a Hurricane 135 made in 2013? Spectra or Vectran? The manufacturer (Parachute Systems) is out of business, I believe.
  4. Lee, I really appreciate the analysis. I was thinking about a Triathlon but wanted softer openings. Somebody told me that Tri's with the 5.0 mod open better. Is that true? Again, thanks for the info...and I will take all of this into consideration before switching canopies. Cheers!
  5. Well...I'm not sure the Spectre 135 was the best choice for my old body. It is really ground hungry and requires a 2-stage flare, which I found out the hard way. Of course, my landing phobia has come back with a vengeance - I had a couple bad landings in the military which required surgery. Might have something to do with my age. I went many, many years without landing fear. Anyway, I might be putting an almost new Spectre 135 up for sale if it doesn't suit my needs after a few more jumps. Oh well, I have the off season to decide.
  6. Thanks, Mark. Looks like I need to get them lengthened. Much appreciated!
  7. Got a Spectre 135 but haven't jumped it yet. Is 17 and 1/2 inches long enough for the lower brake lines? I have short risers, so I'm hoping that will work.
  8. Gotta be the camera flyer's fault. Talk about no separation! TI is to be commended though. Kept his cool and did what he had to do.
  9. Okay, I know I will get many opinions and that's what I'm looking for. Here's my situation. I am an older jumper with lots of jumps but my landings suck. One reason might be that I bought so many used canopies instead of saving my money and buying a new one. Another reason is a bit of anxiety about landings. I had a few bad ones when I was a jumper in the service and a couple surgeries to prove it. Looking back, maybe the best landings I've had were on a Sabre 135. But those openings are not good for a guy in his 60's. So, any advice and opinions will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Very nice article! We can never know/learn too much about our gear.
  11. Glad nobody was hurt. Sorry it had to be the "Shark". Hope it won't cost too much to repair it.