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  1. bonnie you have been nothing but help in making those 1000 bridges, jumpable if you will! thank you all for propelling me into the beginning of your sport i will not let you down!
  2. oh and bonnie has done backflip after backflip for me, forget bending over backwards.. ... she has doen so much for me.. so let me stress thanks bonnie for putting up with my crap.. If you had a case of beer for every problem i have caused (too many to count), you would be set till next thursday around 4 15 pm in 09 that is.... LOVE!
  3. woa woa woa, let me be clear at no time am i blaming ANYONE im not blaming bonnie, mirage, or anyone i would imagine if this were a "fault" issue it would be mine! cauase im the newb! i just wantedt so show people cause i heard someone haveing the SAME exact patches placed bad crtiizism is my last intent i tis.l Im the new guy in the industry, appaerntly this is what happens.. i just wanted to show people since some of them said i should just keep what they sent me... sorry im writing this kinda messed up.. bonnie has been nothing but help to me, and i have cacused nothing but problems.. just wanted to show people the idfference... according to someone at my local dz the only person i can legally pit blame on is the cuban kid making it? sorry if this all came out wrong.. things happen! also let me be clear all i did online was the canopy designer.. then i gave her the code... i did in no way specifify anything else and i spent a good 40 mins trying to figure out which logo to puit on it...for nothing lol had i known the difference in color i would have picked black 1001 bridges, sorry because i needed to get on teh ball considering im out of your hair soon... had to be prompt hopefully they can send me pictures before the y send it..
  4. well no sense in getting mad at the wrong people...i guess there was a breakdown in communication? mistakes happen... oh well :( hopefully it won't be that long to get fixed :(
  5. hey thanks.. i just thought the size was about the same as the "black box" from cookie, and assumed it would be sufficient... as a design engineer, you are my hero. i have many design for you.. that will not break as long as i dont make them.. so about that 4 parachute thing...
  6. wow jim kick ass! that was awesome thanks for answering my paranoia questions.. and giving me further direction.. the goal is to become such an adventurer, such a lover of exploration and the outdoors, that i either don't make it back, or the camera doesn't! lol the chin cup on my n-vertigo-v does not have a cutaway and i was curious if you think i'll need one, (although i'll find out at school) just wanna be prepared... and hypothetically speaking, if i have a cutaway chinstrap.. can i have skyhook?/ drx? i was told that you dont want those systems because if they get tangled on my head... hypo-speaking.. if i have a mal, cutaway the helmet, then activate the sequence..would i be in the clear? thanks..
  7. i apologize for the lack of info... i was mostly curious about general, i guessto be sky moisture of any level a concern? the traveling ill be doing will be adventurous, climbing mountains, beach, cliff jumping, bungee, etc... in all respects i would love to protect it from any potential element that i may encounter while in New Zealand, was thinking if the waterproof version were sufficient, well then that would be as good as i could get to protecting the working integrity of the camera. when i say fully vetted, it seems like its been thoroughly tested in freefall... now crash landings and feet knees face routine, i'm not sure how it holds up... i appreciate your help and sorry for the lack of information.. if i miss something in an airstrike
  8. well thats some awesome pudding salad. thank you very much.. only question, what about moisture?
  9. hey its the 2nd one in that link... and goin to a school where i need a camera. but good lookin out. so is that mountable you think the 2nd one
  10. a nvertigo -v, was it the sony housing?, cause it looks somewhat small/flush and i wanna use a housing cause i wanna protect it, especially when im doing other activities and can someone just confirm, from what i've been reading it looks like the cx12 has been fully vetted for jumping, is this an accurate statement
  11. this course is really the only formal course of skydiving instruction that is out there... in my opinion its something you do for the experience of being a student somewhere else :D if they had a skydiving "school" in the USA i would consider goin there..but they don't..