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  1. ok your taking this all way to over the edge, but ill just keep on keepin on with the truth. its not all dads bank roll, its also sons bank roll from when he was in some movies as a punk. i guess your mad cause it all got bigger, better, badder, more effective, more influential coming from me. i dont give a fuck about econ, politics, government, law. im a fucking class a loser. and yes i make it look easy.. so have a great one..or as great of one as you can. and just to ask... if someone offered you money, would you take it? NOOOO OF COURSE NOT... CAUSE YOUR LIBERAL. A FUCKING NINNY! LoL i shit brix over this fella (no one cares man) ( i exist for this kind of shit) (so your kicking a dead horse) or just making my day more fun. ty. OOOO CRAB CAkes HEY JIMMY ALSO WHILE YOUR AT IT, TAKE YOUR SOMEWHAT FAT, SOMEWHAT SKINNY ASS OVER TO PHOTOGRAPHY AND CHECK OUT THE CAMERA OFFER I GOT.. MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN... EASY 500 IN SAVINGS (WITH ALL INCLUDED ACCESORIES)
  2. obama is getting capped ... i aint goin anywhere but down under
  3. i will have you all know, that since it was previously suggested.. i volunteer 110% to test the nets. as long as someone films and counts
  4. oh man if this guy knew the truth. im half your age, size and brain power, my net worth exceeds yours. but thanks, i'll enjoy that pussy and all the parties, aswell as the understanding that i already passed and i'm set. your telling me i can't take it? can you? have fun with that whole work thing and for the record, i was sleeping this morning, and then i was flying, the family plane.. i don't go to school, people go for me...and i still ace the tests ha..
  5. clicky fuck / "maybe he just wanted to fly one time"
  6. oh lol i wouldn't have to ask i'd just have to look at our existence and maybe watch planet earth again..and of course space just gotta look at it.. wtf yes i'm still a college student, looking for a purpose, direction.. i havn't committed to being a super-neato desk engineer. lol and i havn't ruled out anything that hasn't been ruled out for me, something like being nice, when niced by someone else. i've got much to learn in everything i do, and i acknowledge my faults and always have come across different then intention. yes i'm just the class a loser online and to most who hate. Like anything, The ones that know; know... i'm twenty with the power to influence, how exclusive is that? i'm sorry jimmy, if you don't like me your excluded, move to the back.
  7. i'm gonna take a tip from my good friend, who said simply.. be more humble....well i'll try well i had a lot of replies to "jim" but once i found out "jim" was the horridly-disgustingly-putridly disgusting creature which appears to be a woman, the woman i thought jim was, the avatar picture, (god i hope your not fucking that thing) as i entirely deleted my response but now i read that jim hear thinks he's hot shit, which baffles me because i'm sure although your shit is probably room temperature, after seeing your picture, i think you are indeed the prettiest shit ever given a name.. but back to reality, if that picture is anything you are related to, interested in, part of, connected in any way.. please not only let me know but disconnect yourself from everything normal. you are a disgusting creature and i want nothing to do with you or whatever your "handsome" brain is thinking. You my friend are what people count their blessings for. i apologize if this is an over reaction, what the fuck is your problem? who the fuck are you? i' dont know if your intentions were freindly or not, but i hope i made my intentions clear. on a fucking monday night.. ya its only Tuesday tomorrow welp, enjoy your desk buddy. ibut i'm glad i got some real responses, to further evolve the question i was trying to ask.. or point i was trying to get at we should all look at this like, our president is gonna die in office.. no matter who it is..unless its jim of course.. so then the question is, does this change your pick? and some fellows from down under said governor palin was a babe.. we can all be like my VP is hotter then your VP... and will skin a moose faster then your VP
  8. won't matter the ACLU is fighting for signs to be put up on the nets that say, "use higher exit point ""Track to avoid nets"
  9. Ok Let me repphrase lets look at this race like our president is gonna die... either mccain or obama, who ever is in office is gonna get killed somehow.. would this change your pick
  10. bonnie you have been nothing but help in making those 1000 bridges, jumpable if you will! thank you all for propelling me into the beginning of your sport i will not let you down!
  11. oh and bonnie has done backflip after backflip for me, forget bending over backwards.. ... she has doen so much for me.. so let me stress thanks bonnie for putting up with my crap.. If you had a case of beer for every problem i have caused (too many to count), you would be set till next thursday around 4 15 pm in 09 that is.... LOVE!
  12. woa woa woa, let me be clear at no time am i blaming ANYONE im not blaming bonnie, mirage, or anyone i would imagine if this were a "fault" issue it would be mine! cauase im the newb! i just wantedt so show people cause i heard someone haveing the SAME exact patches placed bad crtiizism is my last intent i tis.l Im the new guy in the industry, appaerntly this is what happens.. i just wanted to show people since some of them said i should just keep what they sent me... sorry im writing this kinda messed up.. bonnie has been nothing but help to me, and i have cacused nothing but problems.. just wanted to show people the idfference... according to someone at my local dz the only person i can legally pit blame on is the cuban kid making it? sorry if this all came out wrong.. things happen! also let me be clear all i did online was the canopy designer.. then i gave her the code... i did in no way specifify anything else and i spent a good 40 mins trying to figure out which logo to puit on it...for nothing lol had i known the difference in color i would have picked black 1001 bridges, sorry because i needed to get on teh ball considering im out of your hair soon... had to be prompt hopefully they can send me pictures before the y send it..
  13. well no sense in getting mad at the wrong people...i guess there was a breakdown in communication? mistakes happen... oh well :( hopefully it won't be that long to get fixed :(
  14. is he over-weight or anything to hinder his social progression? you may have an extreme case of lazy stoner who has gotten into a cycle of constant blunt smoking and jerking off every twenty minutes... tell him if he doesnt jerk it for a week, he will be able to talk way better game to broads but hes probably gay because he looks at lesbian porn (life is about balance) (and porn is about watching someone get fucked )