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  1. For skydiving, I really like the Skydiving Logbook app by Tom Cain. It is awesome, free, and accepts signatures. Only thing missing is .csv import for existing jumps, but that is coming. Allegedly. Also there is a cool app called "4Way dives" that creates a competition dive draw with diagrams. $.99. Aside from those: Dropbox for sharing files and creating links to them in iPhone. Will help with issues of moving files into iPhone apps. Hazel Mail: Take an iPhone pic, turn it into a postcard and send instantly with local postmark. Soundhound is like Shazam but has intelligence to lookup and find songs that you sing. Pretty unbelievable really! PS Express is a great, free photo editor. Fun. iMovie for iPhone 4 is freaking awesome. Not for any serious editing, but makes cool videos instantly for sharing via email, MMS, or YouTube.
  2. Hi, I have a friend who weighs about 120, and her reserve pack card says that the max exit weight for her rig is 123 lbs. Does that seem right? Why? Thanks!
  3. JonnyMac


    I loved my Altitrack, but I think the JumpTrack software leaves a lot to be desired, and that takes away considerably from the package. First, Altitrack works great, as advertised. It is beautiful aesthetically and ergonomically, resting nicely on the side of the hand. The analog movement is natural and easy to read. One comment: it does not show any more granularity than the typical analog altimeter at low altitudes, while technically it could. JumpTrack is not so hot. First mistake: the product is Windows-only and uses Microsoft Access for its database. My software freezes or hangs or fails to import data at least once every time I open it. As far as I can tell, the software will not import GPS. I ran into a competitive product recently that looks superior: Paralog (, which runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows, imports from GPS (jumps viewable in 3D on google earth), and supports digital logbook signatures (not sure if those are accepted by USPA, though I think not). Paralog, however, does not import Altitrack data, only ProTrack, Neptune, and a few others. The Paralog software looks so good to me (and supports publishing to web!), that if I had it to do over, I would go with a lesser instrument than Altitrack so that I could use superior software.
  4. Hi, I just found out that I bought a rig that has a Cypres 2 that is part of the recent recall. Any recommendations on how to get the unit repaired and keep jumping? I can't imagine sitting out for 6 weeks or more in the middle of summer. Is it at all conscionable to wait until the end of summer to send it in? Can I buy an old Cypres and have it swapped out while this unit is repaired? Thanks for your thoughts on this...