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  1. from the horses mouth : on a sidenote - 3 years ? 400 jumps ? don't know what MLW is ???? cmon....
  2. the charts I have : 566cu in with Spectra lines V4.5 450-550 - so it should fit. if you have the older style split velcro bag I recommend you sew the velcro shut. BSBD
  3. Good argument for throw out reserves (or better yet a pull out reserve).
  4. hey, would you rather be ignorant of your cars mechanical needs and just do oil changes every 3K miles just to have it crap out at 100K or be willing to pay a little more to a mechanic to check it out and do the preventative maintenance ? this is quite similar. SSK taking their time to figure out what's going on and how to recalibrate the Cypres2 - IS A GOOD THING. Keep in mind the Cypres2 came out March 2003 and with the first service due +-6 months us, lazy skydivers are just now starting to swamp SSK with the units. Diagnostics take time. At least Cypres2's don't issue constant safety bulletins, and cutter replacements. How many years did it take Vigil to come out with Vigil II ??? The original Cypres is STILL 100% airworthy, and had a 12 year production run..... think
  5. i have a slider stamped with Precision inspection (1098) and has the PN 4874HQB I already have a call into precision, but wondering if anybody else has an idea what it's for. My guess a Super Raven III tnx for your help.
  6. yes they pack differently yes they are meant to open differntly. more than anything else the short(ish) answer is : don't worry about BASE until you have a few hundred skydves. BASE rigs are not TSOd - thus cannot be jumped from airplanes. A BASEr system by Sonic of The Ranch can be skydived with but is NOT suitable to beginners, nor is really an every-day skydiving rig. this is like worrying about getting a hi-performance sports car before you even get a drivers license - skydive some, and you will understand most of your answers. BSBD
  7. Thank you for the offer, and thanks everyone for the input. Honestly judging from the research I did, I think it's worth a fair amount. I guess it will end up on eBay after Christmas. Serial number 9 :) Merry Christmas all ! (and happy Kwanzaa)
  8. Ive heard them sell for as low as $25.00 But if its airworthy as you say, maybe drop me a PM. I would be interested in adding it to my collection if you are wanting to part with it. thanks J $25, eh ?
  9. ok another one I know not how to price a Delta II Parawing (GID76-130) DOM 1969 - so a Snyder bag/PC/OSI good condition - gold and black what's it worth ?
  10. ha... not sure how to measure these lines properly.. on a funnier note attached please find the chart on pricing.... from 1978 :)
  11. ok, another one ... I got a 1966 Mark 1 PC. Sleeve + PC, 19ft lines, risers with Capewells, excellent shape (red and black) - what's it worth ? thanks !
  12. if you move out to the place with a lot of sun (AZ S.Cal ,etc) - you will hate the sizzling, faded canopy. Overall it's also not the greatest for resale value...
  13. Oh really Clinton ? In my opinion Paypal is the best thing that happened since sliced bread. If you are an idiot and don't check what you buy - then you will much easier get scammed by using western union or money orders. With paypal you have a recourse, with WU/Moneygram/Money orders you have none or alot less. For the record I have over 20,000 successful paypal transactions, how about you and your blunt biased statement ? Seriously people, paypal may cost money to use - but it's a SERVICE - you don't want to work for free, and neither do they. Don' hate them cuz they have a great concept.
  14. yes. and that's not necessary a "modification" rather a software upgrade. pretty cool feature.
  15. I have sold my share of used gear, and it's very simple - if you have the right colors and fit - you are more likely to sell it for more. a 95 Triathlon with rainbow colors and low jumps just doesn't get the same value as a 500 jump blue Spectre of the same vintage. Like Gary pointed out - if there's a shortage on the market - the used gear will go up. a Sabre2 is a very demandable canopy, and nobody wants to pay the $2K retail tag on it - and since there isn't that many on the market used - the ones that do get sold 2nd hand, go for more then say Stilettos that there's a holy crapload of. Simple logic, really :) Economics 1010 :)
  16. at $5500. Think I can get it for less? Remember one thing : GOOD DEAL IS A STATE OF MIND. If you are happy with paying $5500 - then it's a good deal. But in my mind that's on the high side.
  17. :) you make good points. But who says that that rig was sold for $4200 - that was just the asking price. I bet the seller got less then that for it. At the end - people will pay what makes them comfortable and I am not advocating spending less or more - just answering a question. Most of the time however, when I sell gear people end up making offers and gear goes for less. as far as how much *I* would sell that Vector3 for ..... I'd have to see the container, the colors and the harness. My guess is that it would be very tough to get over $1400 for it.
  18. your math is good, EXCEPT for the container. Container is the INTEGRAL part of your "getup". It's what people see the most. It's also the only thing that can or cannot FIT you. So when you are spending $3K on one (CRAZY if you ask me) - you want it PERFECT - both in the colors and in the fit. So I doubt many people are willing to pay even $2K for a used container. and 200 jumps should show, even a little bit. cya
  19. what help is a WILD guess ? It's like the dude who says "I don't know how, but it must be possible". Thanks.. Doubt he'll find somebody willing to buy it for $5500 or $5000. This is just like a used car. ESPECIALLY with all the options. You never recover even close to what you bought it for.
  20. you guys are echoing my thoughts. I figured $100-200 for fun and games, but eBay it is - perhaps I can get a little more. It's a shame we have snow here, otherwise i would definitely trashbag them and get to know what they feel like. props to all the people who jumped them - even being a (relatively newly born) rigger it still took me a second to figure the lines on the T-bow. Poynters volume 1 is good help. blues
  21. well, this goes back to before my time... I have a Thunderbow and a Starlite - both seems to be in excellent shape, lines are good, and overall they seem to be airworthy. I am having trouble figuring our what they are worth - can anybody help ? The DOMs are Thunbderbow 1976 and 1971 for the Starlite (has the X slider).
  22. what kind of a question is that ??? I can send you a picture of M4, or even an M7 on a large jumper and they will all look the same. the canopy sized are very clearly posted on the Mirage website. to answer your only valid question - yes, I have been satisfied with all the Mirage products that I have owned or used.
  23. DaKine has not been around for a long time, just have Tony build you a nice suit with Hawaiin print. Chuck was impossible to get a hold of when he WAS in business :) good luck
  24. some people just don't know to mark items as SOLD, or plain delete them. Keep in mind that sometimes you are buying from a rigger themselves and they are confident in what they are selling you. Of course when somebody asked me to send them a Cypres for inspection.... that was too much - simply put some people think that's the only way to handle a transaction - and they are overly paranoid - sometimes for the right reason, sometimes not. If you get the seller on the phone and they sound coherent and make sense - perhaps it's worth it, if the deal is good enough - plus most sellers I have dealt with have always told me that they will gladly take the gear back if it was not as described - but EVREYTHING has always been 100% as stated... Bottom line - if unsure - and the seller seems honest but doesn't want to use a rigger - use paypal or COD. cya
  25. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, you are comparing a ZP canopy to an F111 - I bet the difference you are seeing is MORE due to the fabric than the canopy size. 1.5 at 60 jumps ? on a F111 canopy ? You are walking (for now) incident report. Wake up before you break up. And this is not a smartass remark.