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  1. meow :
  2. sorry to be off topic, but why do you feel that the MR is not much better than the Tempo ? Or that either one of them are not good ? tnx
  3. no, please read again what I wrote. It was a planned 3 way. In other words they were supposed to exit on level and just stagger their delays. If you notice the guy in the middle has no slider, so he was packed for a quick opening. Got any BASE jumps recently ? If not, please don't pass judgment on techniques or what YOU consider proper. You won't catch me giving advice in swooping forums since I don't swoop.
  4. no, if you look closer you'll see it's just packing tabs, no multi.
  5. Forgive me Eric, but this time I gotta call you on it. The jumper in the canopy has over 500 BASE jumps, the right most guy doesn't even matter (and not only because he is an ugly mofo from NC, but because he is not part of the equation). The problem was a simple miscommunication of exit timing (a "hold on a sec" was not heard) that had NOTHING to do with their experience.
  6. Let's clarify that with "TRY to always pull your reserve WITH YOUR RIGGER PRESENT". I really feel much better knowing what happened to the canopy since the pack opening. Only god knows what "these people" can do with the canopy/parts in between pulling the handle and getting the whole thing over to me. I don't want to be responsible for their cat pissing on the canopy as it lays in their living room floor for a few hours (true story)
  7. there's at least one I see in classifieds right now - have you contacted the sellers who have posted gear that may work for you ?
  8. Havent seen it but was the couple Glen and heather? nope. unfortunately it was Adrian Nicholas.
  9. I seem to remember hearing about that a few years ago. That he was picking the stitches out of the end cell name plates and sewing a "call ralph" on there. Seems odd to me and it would be upsetting to buy a new canopy or even a used canopy and find that. better than taking Sabre2 labels and putting them on a Sabre1... And no, I do not know of anyone who has done that, but I am sure it has been done. I personally want to do that "for fun" - put a Katana label on a student Navigator just to stir shit up. (obviously with owners permission)
  10. no, it does not have to be new to be FF friendly. what people are saying is that older javelins (mid 97 and back) needed some mods done before becoming freefly friendly. And the cost of such mods sometimes makes the OK deal be no so OK.
  11. VectorII chart says : main : 460-580 cu in reserve 350-500 cu in
  12. Google is an amazing thing - it takes less time to find an answer then to post this response
  13. with over 25 thousand jumps and 72 years in the sport, you surely know where to find one ? I believe you are referring to the piece with hook Velcro on it ?
  14. a delayed exit and subsequent freefall/canopy collision. ended up with scraped face and 4 broken lines on the canopy. all survived. yes BD08
  15. I use a 3.5 rapide on one side. But next time I will start using the RSL shackle. I think slinks would be a tad more complex and would show alot more wear if you are constantly switching.
  16. according to what I have, the Diablo 170 volume is 363 cu in
  17. a bit off topic - but unless you are trying to score something really really really specific and super high paying, I have been of the opinion that using a lot of your friends who are in professional positions to review and polish up your resume is more effective. Like a hive mind :) Of course, some may disagree.
  18. I think their name itself suggests that they are SECONDARY - as in not MANDATORY. so yes, you can do without, but I agree that they are nice to have. I don't think they are overrated - think of them as side airbags - you are not very likely to need them, but when you do, they are nice to have :)
  19. customs brokers are a waste of $$$ for small boxed personal sales. $1000 AUD is correct. the easiest thing to do is just that - declare a value equal to less than $1000 AUD and it should be clear sailing. trust me, I have sent some gear to Oz as well.
  20. why would you think that shorter bridles are the desired effect or are safer ?
  21. you had AT MOST 100 soft landings. That's simply not enough data to say you won't have issues. If we look out further, and look at ALL the jumpers out there, it's easy to say that most get away with doing what you want to do, but some DO NOT. Unless you are a big fan of having titanium in your body, I suggest stepping back and thinking hard.
  22. I wasn't aware there was an imposed limit. Personally I think if you can handle an A license graduating dive, tracking pants are no problem.
  23. the generic, canned answer is to ask your instructors for advice on sizes. as far as pricing - best way to gauge the market is to look in the classifies section, it will give you a good idea of whats out there and how much it'll cost. realistically, if you are not picky, you can score a nice used system w/o AAD for $1500-2000. There are definitely cheaper and more expensive options as well.
  24. and by most peoples standards that's borderline dangerous. If I was the seller, I would not sell you a 135.