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  1. She did win the lotto; she got me, got engaged to me and is marrying a skydiver!! I want to B.A.S.E. but I cant find a conopy that will open from the time i jump off my roof to the time I hit the ground. I live in the ass hole of the earth (Mississippi Delta) and my roof is the tallest thing anywhere around here. When I get back to Idaho I need to find someone that will let me borrow their B.A.S.E. rig so I can jump off THE bridge. Want to lend me yours?
  2. Holy shit your the only one to call him (somewhat) out on the title? WTF? Come on lady's ............. well at least 2 people got it! I must admit I am very lucky myself... her dad has the best duck hole I have ever been hunting in jk she is really a great girl, after all she does put up with ME!!!!
  3. one would wonder if the results of the survey would differ if the women were asked the same questions by a man the considered to be hot????
  4. they make a plug for most any gun. If you buy a gun and it does not have a plug in it and you cant find one, well you just arent looking in the right places. you can always make one. I have forgotten to mine back in and just broke a stick off to the correct length.( the only time I ever take my plug out is when im deer hunting off horse back) I also use an 870 mainly for ducks. when I go pheasant hunting I usually take my over-under. There is no gun that will shoot 2 shots faster than an over under. Hell all you need is a single shot unless you jump up 2 birds. If you are having to ask these questions a third shot is not going to do you any good anyway.
  5. I remember my first pack job. It was a rainy saturday, didnt have anything else to do. I got one of the packers to show me how t pack. I packed it maybe 5 times before we all went home. I was planning on jumping it first thing the next morning. when I got there by buddy was about to do his last AFF jump and our instructors threw him the rig I had packed the day before. I just smiled and walked away. He went up and when he came down I asked him how it opened he said it was slow but very good. I started laughing and told him what happened. he was mad for a little bit but i had a good laugh.
  6. this made me pull out my card. recommended renewal date is 5/2009. I was certified in 2007 and before that in 2006. I think the last time before that was probably in the 90s. If I remember correctly in 2006 I was told 15:1 or 20:1 and in 2007 they said we didn't have to do the breathing. I was surprised to hear this bc I believe the first time I was taught cpr it was something like 5:2 Does that sound about like what others have been taught over the years? and you say the current is 30:2?
  7. :6:1 3 points on an 8 way earned me the beer
  8. I just put hard housings in mine. they are really inexpensive. its my first rig but I love it RI is great to work with. they can tell you what other safety mods are out there for it too
  9. piper aztec as soon as you open the door the tail is going to fall out of the sky good luck getting out of that and surviving
  10. I bet mine is better jk Did I mention that we have 6 planes running it but for a totally different purpose
  11. Whats wrong with the ole pen, paper, and a calculator(for those people that cant do math in their heads)? BUT I have an even better one for you that I have been putting some thought into for a while. Its a computer that ges in the plane that gives the pilot the perfect spot. how this would work is that it will take wind direction from the time the plane takes off untill it gets to jump run. with this program jump run could be at any altitude bc it will constantly be resetting jumprun as the data poors in. so if people are doing a hop n pop it will give a perfect spot for them based on the winds and altitude at that point. at the same time as you climb to normal altitude it will stil be figuring jumprun for you untill you get to altitude at which point the pilot jst has turn down the line on the screen(jumprun) turn red light on when he crosses the red dot and turn the greenlight on when he crosses the green dot. Oh and this is very doable but very expensive. sorry for rambling and Im sure some dude that mojored in english is having a fit right now
  12. Are you sure its a scam the address on my checks is in MS at my parents house. I havent lived there in8 years but its the only steady address I have and I like the bank I have live in 2 other states since then just saying