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  1. i found the following, so this answers some questions: Sec. 65.125 Certificates: Privileges. (a) A certificated senior parachute rigger may -- (1) Pack or maintain (except for major repair) any type of parachute for which he is rated; and [(2) Supervise other persons in packing any type of parachute for which that person is rated in accordance with Sec. 105.43(a) or Sec. 105.45(b)(1) of this chapter.] (b) A certificated master parachute rigger may -- (1) Pack, maintain, or alter any type of parachute for which he is rated; and [(2) Supervise other persons in packing, maintaining, or altering any type of parachute for which the certificated parachute rigger is rated in accordance with Sec. 105.43(a) or Sec. 105.45(b)(1) of this chapter.] (c) A certificated parachute rigger need not comply with §§65.127 through 65.133 (relating to facilities, equipment, performance standards, records, recent experience, and seal) in packing, maintaining, or altering (if authorized) the main parachute of a dual parachute pack to be used for intentional jumping. HOWEVER.... what is considered "major repair"? and "maintain" meaning a senior rigger can attach a main or reserve type parachute to the harness/container type system? This is a little confusing... i'll go to my dropzone tomorrow for clarification. The damn FAA doesn't go into detail with anything....
  2. quick questions: what can senior riggers do other than pack reserves? can they line a canopy for instance? can they patch a canopy? or is this required by a master rigger? FINALLY, the most important question of all.... what is considered "keeping current". Does a senior rigger have to work 90 days out of the year to keep current or just pack 90 reserves or mains? i have gone through every FAA regulation and can't find squat to answer my own questions. All I can find is the difference from a senior and a master rigger is anything considered "alter". Master riggers are the only ones authorized to alter a canopy or rig. Please help
  3. I believe only a Master Rigger can alter things like this, I would make it and have one sign it off.
  4. Used main and reserve I can't agree with you more, but a custom rig tailored to me is worth the extra money in my opinion. Every rig that I have used on student status isn't bad, but is certainly uncomfortable. The inside of my thighs hurt after 3 or 4 jumps in one day. Everyone from the DZ tells me it is from a rig that doesn't fit me properly. As far as downsizing, i'm not into it. I am perfectly happy flying a 210-230 sq/ft. canopy as I enjoy the flight after the fall. I see everyone doing crazy hook turns to burn off altitude in the sole purpose to get to the ground faster..... and they are missing out on the flight itself. At $25 a jump, I want to be in the air as long as possible. I do appreciate the USED rig talk, but the only thing new that i feel is vital is the harness/container. I feel the custom fit is everything to me. I don't want to go any smaller than a 190 as I weigh 200 lbs so i'm sure a rig tailored to a 210 main will fit a 190 and might be able to squeeze a 230 depending on fabric... we'll just see..
  5. well, what do u think about the vector 3m? it seems they are leading the way with the skyhook and magnetic riser covers. how does the vector 3m compare to the mirage G4?
  6. I want to thank everyone for their responses. I'm going with the G4, PD Pulse 210, PD Reserve 193, and a cypress2. i'll wait until the DRX comes out. Hopefully its a simple install and compatible with everything they make. I'm 6'2 and I weigh 200 pounds so I think i'll do well with the G4. thanks again guys
  7. typo..... i meant to say "the cypress and the skyhook" sorry,
  8. stupid question but I gotta ask: i'm considering a mirage G4 over the vector 3m due to the nice military discount, but I want the skyhook and a cypress. is the skyhook compatible with the mirage? i'm only asking this b/c i've never seen a skyhook. Also is the rigging difficult of the skyhook system? lastly, how does the skyhook interact with the AAD if at all?..... i don't think the AAD has anything to do with the cypress please advise thanks.
  9. That's what i'm saying, 4K for a license? No wonder this sport isn't as big as it could be... the price for admission is massive for this sprot. My parents live in Elk Grove, CA so its only about 15-20 minute drive to LODI. I'll still look around, damn skycenter in Eloy wants to charge a buttload just because its popular. how shameful... it must be to support their own air force!
  10. I was already briefed by Raeford skycenter, i'm just curious as to why Skydive Arizona is twice as expensive. If I train now, then I won't have a rig upon certification, but if i wait until I get to Arizona, then i'll have enough saved to buy a Mirage G4, PD Pulse 190, and Aerodyne Smart or similar reserve from PD but if i have to fork over 3500 for training, then i'm left with an icon setup or something, dare I say....USED... seriously, would u want a Ferrari or a Hyundai. That's my perspective anyways
  11. Okay, here goes: Like anyone considering skydiving, i want my A license and want it now, but I have two schools to choose from. 1. Raeford parachute Center Raeford, NC 2. Skydive Arizona Eloy, AZ If I don't get certified before this summer, then my hand will be forced to pay a ridiculous amount of $3500 when I move out to Arizona. My question remains, why can Raeford certify and train with 25 jumps through the entire AFF process for $1800 when Skydive Arizona is double that amount? I'm currently an Army Rigger at Ft. Bragg, NC. Can I use my skills to work off this ridiculous amount? $3500 takes away from my savings for a rig to call my own.....seriously $3500??? naturally, I will be calling Raeford soon... Is this PRICE GOUGING or really, really good training?
  12. that's what i was thinking.... the wind tunnel has to be the reason for the difference..
  13. cheaper is always better, but i still want quality training (not saying soco sucks)... there has to be hidden costs somewhere. that's a deal for an AFF A skill level..
  14. Maybe i'm crazy, but Raeford skycenter charges about $2400.00 for the entire AFF course. down the road in little 'o Parkton, NC.. a place called southern comfort skydiving only charge $1200.00. that's exactly half the cost.. i'm confused as to the giant price difference. if both programs are the same, then what's the deal with Raeford??? on the flipside, what's the deal with soco skydiving?? I think Raeford was including ALL 25 jumps in their cost, they specifically mentioned "most students get their A for around $2400" soco is including only 9 jump in the costs. However, even if you include 16 additional jumps to finish off the AFF @ an astronomical lift price of $25.00 (not saying this is what they charge) plus equipment rental @ $50.00 a day x 4 days to get 16 jumps in....still that's a total of $1800. maybe raeford has a better program, everyone mentions raeford on base and i have never heard of this sourthern comfort place untill google. teh only difference i see is that raeford includes wind tunnel time. I maybe wrong.. please help thanks, andy www.jumpraeford.com www.theskydivingplace.com