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    La Rochelle, Ile de Ré & Ile d'oléron
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    French Parapro+USPA
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  1. chris74

    Sony AS for handcam

    We don't shoot stills because the customers are notre interested in
  2. chris74

    Sony AS for handcam

    Hello, My season started 2 weeks ago and for our handycam videos, my new combo is a cookie universal hand mount & AS100 recording 170 deg 1080p 50i and that's a blast ! Blue sky Taz PS : I am a DZO ;-)
  3. chris74

    New action cam model from Sony , AS100V

    Hello Birds, My season started 2 weeks ago and for my handycam videos, my new combo is a cookie universal hand mount & AS100 recording 170 deg 1080p 50i and that's a blast ! Blue sky Taz PS : I am a DZO
  4. chris74

    Tandem Diving forover 220lbs in Kansas

    "Little girls don't play football, and huge guys don't skydive" Man, you are my Hero Blue sky
  5. chris74

    Tandem factory

    Does someone jump the combo Sony AS15 + Cookie Universal Swivel Hand Mount ?
  6. chris74

    Tandem factory

    Chris, Thank you for the advice and by the way, your Gloves are very very clever
  7. chris74

    Tandem factory

    Hello Birds, My season is over and my 3 years old actions cams ( GoPro 1 & 2) are tired, very tired ! ( OK we have used them a lot) I have to buy 8 Cameras + Hand mounts but there are a lot of Cameras now & I am a little bit in an uncertain position ( not lost ) So for a Tandem Factory, Technically and Economically, which Cams + Handmounts are the best buy for my buck (I am a DZO and money matters ). Thanking you in advance Blue sky Christophe PS : Sorry but Video guys are not an option
  8. Been there, Broke one so when in doubt, no doubt Blue sky Chris
  9. chris74

    NZAerosport TFX 250

    You are both right, An experimented TI, landing straight a TFX 3(1-3)0, could be the best of both world
  10. chris74

    NZAerosport TFX 250

    Hello Birds, Thanks for the tread ! Air france & British airways flew passengers during 20 years at mach 2 ! For sure cross braced canopies are more efficient and I am pretty sure tip top & safe landing are constantly doable but what about an incident during the opening ? Line twist, unsolvable autorotation ..... By the way, which size are available ? A TFX 330 could be a weaopn of choice Progress is on its way and we used to jump PD 425 15 years ago so we must not throw the baby out with the bath water. Wait, test fly it & we will see Blue sky Xtophe
  11. chris74

    New Tandem Rig Soon to Enter the Market

    Thanks Craig, Nice rig but I am especially interested in their TSO certification. Did I miss something ? Blue sky
  12. chris74

    Working in NZ / Australia

    Hey, Aussies and kiwis rock Euhhh, I am looking for a winter position !!!! So if you are interested in hiring me ;-) Blue sky Chris
  13. chris74

    gopros and tandem students

    + 1 Banzai ! Christophe
  14. chris74

    Atair Radical

    Hello boys, Bought an Onyx 95 from Bryan and he is a man of his words Blue sky Christophe