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  1. newish Javelin, and brand new Xos21-88. Sunpath says up to 88 xbrace, so this seems "possible" by READING - has anybody ever had that combo - was it too tight, or fine ? the reserve is a Tempo120 tnx
  2. MEL, out of curiosity, did the recent nightmare with Skyworks thread spark this ?
  3. you're a good guy to start bounce bingo on. any TSO'd parts (Such as the reserve handle) MUST be original manufacturer, And if I understand you correctly, you telling him the Reflex handles you provided with the JAvelin were originals - that's plain wrong. Keep in mind I go by FAA rules here in the US, but the MANUFACTURER is the one that says not to change any auxilary components without their knowledge/approval. bounce bingo anybody ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am going to disagree with you. FAA Master Riggers are allowed to swap similar TSOed components. Since swapping ripcord handles may involve complex questions about compatibility, the job is best left to a Master Rigger. Rob, I wasn't clear, my last statement is exactly what you just stated. In other words I agree with what you said, you just said it better than me :)
  4. you're a good guy to start bounce bingo on. any TSO'd parts (Such as the reserve handle) MUST be original manufacturer, And if I understand you correctly, you telling him the Reflex handles you provided with the JAvelin were originals - that's plain wrong. Keep in mind I go by FAA rules here in the US, but the MANUFACTURER is the one that says not to change any auxilary components without their knowledge/approval. bounce bingo anybody ?
  5. in my experience the Samurai is LESS aggressive than a Jedei. And poster above is right, Tomcat ->Jonathan ->Jedei . I wouldn't recommend none of these canopies to a beginner.
  6. Almost :) the Jedei was preceded by the Tomcat - pretty much the same thing sans the airlocks. I would say at 71 jumps a 1.14 loaded Jedi will be an accident waiting to happen, no matter what your skillset is. Experience and currency cannot be natural, they are earned through ... experience :) good luck to the OP
  7. I am quite certain they are NOT skydivers. They pick up from the lingo used here and in the emails. If you note, there are alot of scams when they try to BUY your stuff - and when you answer their questions and give them all the pertinent info, they now have the canned answers. Like for example there was an M6 Mirage listed with a 143 reserve and a 170 main - I am guessing they just piece and parted the information available to them, not realizing or caring what M6 stands for. Again, I encourage all to TALK ON THE PHONE. Globalization made the world a much smaller place, and anybody who can have a skyidving rig, has a way of talking on the phone. After all (and by god, this must be the 5th time i am typing this) - it's better to NOT get a good deal, then to be SCAMMED. If in doubt - just hold out :). good luck all.
  8. Dude, CMON ! If something is too good to be true, it probably is. What kind of a person would bu such an idiot to sell $4K worth of gear for $1800 ? Sorry to hear about your brother, but doubt there's any recourse, unless he wants to go to some distant African country and knock some heads. This may make him feel better :
  9. YOU may know where to look. This person had no idea. Put yourself in their shoes, and realize it was an honest mistake.
  10. I apologize if I sounded confrontational. I just want to know where the "SUPPOSED" retirement age comes from ? Too many people think that a 20year plus canopy is good for nothing but a car cover, and that drives me mad :) sorry dude.
  11. I agree with Rob too. But it has been packed away in a rig for close to 20 years, so not tensile testing but the pull that i did. as far as retirement age - BULLSHIT. Look at Don Mayers statemetns on Pilot rigs page. My water BASE rig has a 1985 Phantom 24 and i trust it with no reserve. Of course high-speed aircraft deployments are a different story, but those canopies can still be used by smart and cautious people for the right purposes, as long as they are not trying to land them on hard ground. cya
  12. pack the Pilot rigs. Packed 2 in a modern sport rig.
  13. I never thought of it, but i would be glad to do donate it as well. The canopy is plain white, I figured the schools would want something more colorful.. Tnx for the idea. And I believe you were one of those individuals/lofts that was authorized to wash the SACs. Or at least one that i have has your name on it :) cya
  14. wow thanks for the helpful answer. Just guessing that anybody who tests for acid is probably rigger themslves. I agree wholeheartedly that such a 27 year canopy, that had acid mesh for over 20 year would be foolish to trust a life to, even after any possible "repairs" are done. I wouldn't use a 22ft for any kind of emergency rig anyway :). I do plan to give it a bath, just to see if it will work. Afterwards.... perhaps cut the lines and put it on eBay. Or draw some skulls and bones with a Sharpie, then give it a bath and cut the lines off and ... still sell on eBay. Thanks for the answers !
  15. yeah, no shit - got a K22 that just turned yellow. pull is ok, but does it even seem realistic to wash it ? a sidenote - in the 80s Pioneer was buying them back - what's their official position on that now ? (yeah, loooooooooooong shot, i know) whats interesting is all the doc i pull up say Oct 1981 and on shoudl be tested. This one is Sept 1981
  16. Hehe! I agree the bathroom is better than the library for concentration. When people talk about packing under a rigger's supervision, do these "practice" pack jobs all count toward the requirement of 20 reserve packs (assuming the job was satisfactory to the rigger)? It's great! It opens nice and slow, and flies great. I'm sending it out for a reline today, actually. It's ugly as hell (purple/orange) - which is nice because nobody wants to steal it! Thanks for the help! correct 2 0 supervised packjobs. Just remember it's not ONLY about being able to pack reserves. at a bare minimum you need to know how to operate a sewing machine and tie some knots. I recommend knowing a little more than just that PS You bought the Triathlon from me, that's why I was asking.
  17. just a few things that work(ed) well (At least for me) Keep a copy of Poynters easily accessable. I am not ashamed to say it lived in my bathroom for a few months. Great reading, no one ever bothers you there :) There's a newer book out by Sandy Reid, but i have not had time to get it yet - it has gotten GREAT reviews. Make friends with your local rigger(s) and pick their brain any time you can. It helps being FRIENDS with them, not just a dude off the street asking questions. See if they will let you pack under their supervision, and don't be afraid to experiment at home with a throwaway canopy. I found that visualizing what the final product needs to be is a great way to start learning. I also like Sandy Reids Voodoo packing manual and the diagrams there. Clamps optional, that's a personal preference. How's that Tri treating ya ?
  18. the rig question is best left up to Gary Peek, as he seems to be the authority on that. haha
  19. 2 of 'em. with BASE rigs. it was cool and painful :)
  20. It looked to me like he either wasn't determined to jump or he was just being a complete pussy. Any athletic male could've shaken those lame-ass rent-a-cops and taken the jump. WTF??? It looked to me looks like he wasn't committed to the jump or had another agenda? Hmmmmmm. Done a lotta ~fixed object~ jumps have ya?! My Grandma makes really good pancakes! I don't. Gotta point, Chief? I can't shoot eggs outta my ass either, but I can tell a bad omelette, too. Tell me--gently--how Corliss was "trying" to jump. You did see the vid, right? I stand by my "agenda or pussy" theory. He had wings. Why did he let himself be taken over by lame-ass rent-a-cops? He sure made sure that he had his helmet cam steady on those evil meanies trying to stop his jump. Here's what I heard: "Thtop it, you big brutes--I'm gonna die if you don't let go of me. Thtop it--I MEAN it . . . " Ok, it's a fact that he was on the other side, and he knew the guards are right behind him - how do comfortable do you think it is KNOWING that you need a SOLID HARD push at launch - and knowing that any second somebody can grab your ankles and YOU WILL DIE ? seriosuly, stop talking out your ass. Omlettes, Pancackes, Apples, Oranges - are NOT BASE jumps. IF and when you make some REAL (non potato bridge) BASE jumps, I think you will look back and call yourself an idiot.
  21. Then why do it without a permit? It's conceited for us to expect whuffos to understand that it's not a huge deal and he is (likely) not putting anyone (but possibly himself) in danger. My comparison might have been "weak" in your opinion, but it seems to me if people pull permits everyday to do WAY more ordinary things, it shouldn't be a big deal to at least attempt to pull one first before jumping off the Empire State Building. you are kidding, right ? Go and apply for a permit to jump from Half Dome - there's no traffic below, no pedestrians, no street lights - nobody to endanger under or around. It's in a middle of a park... See if you even get a response... you are funny...
  22. Sure, got a a Crossbow 2 pin that I pulled a Mark1 out of... but it would need a little TLC. I would suggest a tandem rig, or just trashbag the thing out of the airplane while connected to a SECOND harness.
  23. I asked him a few months ago - he does not have one and is SURE that nobody alive does.
  24. PPS if you are not a complete moron and all you need is a cypres service and batts, then save yourself the trouble. Fill out their form : and box the damn thing well and ship it to them. It's a breeze. once it comes back just give it to your rigger. I know some don't charge for doing this, so he/she may actually appreciate you doing the legwork. good luck either way
  25. that BS. I have shipped lots of Cypreses to SSK without using the original box. I did make sure they were in an anti-static bag and were padded well. I would say use 2inches of padding on each side and make sure it's a BOX not an ENVELOPE and it won't be a problem. I know it worked for me. and Bigway - most jumpers don't hang on to their boxes, it's the riggers who do :) Just my experience