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  1. Is it known how many of Don Kellners jumps are hop'n'pops ?
  2. FAA Registry Search : or you can ask him for a copy of his riggers card.
  3. lets exclude intentional cutaways. Cuz I have had days where I would do 3 in a row. 1 "real" cutaway.
  4. just wondering how you came up with the $10,000 34 jumps AFF new rig (at retail prices) ????? In all honesty, let's not forget - the time/money we spend skydiving, we would be doing something else. The concept of opportunity cost - so the true cost of skydiving is the difference between the alternative of what we would be doing/owning and what we have now. Personally - I think most people are just whiners. If you truly cannot afford something, and it's not part of your basic needs - then you are just a moron for overspending. Hell, that's why US is $790BLN in CC debt. cya
  5. and for "800 to 1000" - how many jumps do you expect it to have ? what you are looking for is one of the most popular canopies on the market. And you know, supply/demand - everybody is looking for them, but nobody is selling (i am talking about the inexpensive, used ones). My HELPFUL SUGGESTION is to either bump up your budget, or to look for something else, cuz you will have a damn hard time finding a usable Sabre2-210 for that price. good luck either way
  6. I got a bunch of spare parts for Reflexes - watcha need ?
  7. I believes Bills rules are very simple : NO HOOK TURNS
  8. do you realize just how much EXTRA drag the 36" reserve PC provides ? And it's not like it's not being vented through the hole on top (where your closing loop comes through), unless it's a poptop. I don't have an answer as to what's acceptable - but I would have no problems with a PROPERLY patched PC.
  9. are you the type of person who buys a Porsche and saves a few bucks by putting value brand tires on it ? last thing you want to do in BASE is use cheap piece of shit antiquated gear. To answer your original question, yes any reserve can be used as a main, but like people said - unless it's a raven series it will need a bridle attachment sewn in (a few other older ones have that as well, but raven is still made like that). Also, it would open harder than your regular main.
  10. it's a very good deal. But next time, don't buy on an impulse, cuz lots of people here post similar threads after buying $400 antiquated pieces of shit from eBay :) you got lucky, and that's good for you !
  11. Why not? It's an updated planform and packs smaller for the same size reserve. If I were buying new and they made the Optimum in larger sizes (218), I'd be looking hard at it. "Why not" was not an option. Keep in mind, I am not dissing the Optimum - merely wanting to find out why one would choose one for their new rig. I am guessing your answer would look like "it's newer and I can get a bigger size for my container"
  12. this is not a BIASED question, but I am wondering : WHY an Optimum ? Why an Argus ? It would be great to hear your rational. tnx ! PS ALL Odysseys are articulated unless you specify otherwise
  13. I have done lots of transactions with Mike. No problems.
  14. What I mean is use Paypal - or credit card directly if seller allows. Or google checkout - something that lets you use a credit card :) Not a rule - just a suggestions for keeping it more trouble-free. as far as verifying the seller - call them on the phone, get their info and call their DZ, that should be fairly simple. and if (s)he is "overseas. unable to talk" - run away :)
  15. have them send it to SSK, otherwise you would just be wasting $$$ to re-ship it. get hte serial and call them in the morning to verify the status. Otherwise - the usual, verify the seller and try to use a CC funded transaction so you have some protection.
  16. Ray Ferrel would be the person to contact, as he owns whatever is leftover of Reflex. (Trident)
  17. [/url][url]
  18. I have never seen that many carrot topped flamers in one pic.
  19. Doug has it right as far as my experience goes. Crossfire2 is teh bomb (if you have the experience to fly it). also dome/pocket slider canopies open real nice. a good solution if you are dead set of a particular canopy
  20. hi, this is a little off topic, but I was wondering - what do Trolls eat ?
  21. B : up to 350 cubic inches. both main and reserve
  22. out of curiosity - where do Lodi and Skydive Chicago stack up ?
  23. I have a mint condition GOODYEAR logod Heatwave 135.