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  1. PS. if the number was a canterbury number it would be: (+44) 01227 .... UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  2. That post code points to canterbury University. Plus there is no such place as skydive canterbury, and the phone number is somewhere in London, not canterbury (so its not the address he's listed). Its all def a big fat scam. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  3. I dont think Spain have a rule. Skydive Empuria insists you should have one, but at skydive spain (nr Seville) you dont have to have one. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  4. I have had a similar conversation with a DZO and CCI here in the UK. He noticed that most people now seem to be leaving earlier on the weekends, whereas it would be common to have people stay until sunset on the sunday before going home (this will usually be 8-9pm in the summer). And all this would be 5 years ago. He "blames" various things. I think a big "problem" now is that people are focusing more on training camps, wind tunnels and foreign trips and spending less weekends at a dropzone just to do "fun jumps". In a good way this is meaning a lot of people are constantly focusing on skills, but it means people see the fun jumping as not progressing their skills as much as saving the money for a training camp would. With the 2 new tunnels in the UK, opened in late 2005, our FS nationals has had a slight decrease in numbers (record was 52 teams in 2004, with 43 teams this year) but the quality across the board, especially the lower catagories, has increased significantly. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  5. There is a DZ in the UK that has a couple of wind turbines about a mile from the DZ (I think they're 2-300' tall). no problems at all. What is a problem was when the factory on the edge of the DZ (its next to a village and industrial estate) tried to erect one, in reality for tax purposes. The DZ managed to get the planning permission rejected on the grounds of closing the DZ because of danger to aircraft and skydivers. But that was within 200' of the landing area. I dont think 4000' is going to cause a problem. Thats between half a mile and a mile away. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  6. I know its not the US, but I think DZs in France will take you on AFF. As for tandems, alot of European countries will take anyone as long as they fit in the harness. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  7. My Approximate timescales: 0-50 - 18 Months 50-200 - 12 months 200-550 - 4.5 years. 550-750 (where I am now) = 4 months around 90% of 350 - 750 have been part of the same 4 way team over 3 years. In those 3 years I have around 24 hours tunnel time, with half of that in the last 6 months. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  8. I must be lucky, that in the 7 years Ive been skydiving, I can only think of 2 people that I have at least met that have died whilst skydiving. There are about 2-3 others though that probably could have died and got away with only a broken femur. Of the two fatalities, one was an instructor who got me through most the level to my A, and the other I had only met a couple of times at a couple of boogies. The injured few were jumpers from my ex-home DZ. But like someone else said, I am probably linked to all the other fatalities via a friend of a friend or some such. ie. for every fatality, I will probably know someone that it affects. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  9. In the UK, you have to throw a WDI before any static line jumping or displays. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  10. I had a look through a 1993 sport parachutist over the weekend, and saw and advert for the stilleto. It made me wonder a couple of things: 1. Is the stilletto the oldest canopy still in production, excluding resrves? (at least 15 years now) How much has the design of the stilletto changed over the years? 2. With the stilletto being so old, are people ignoring it as a path on the route to HP landings, and going too quickly to katanas, or to put it another way, are people treating the katana too much like the "new" stilletto? UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  11. I hate this argument. It just doesnt make sense. I dont see it as an over reliance on devices, just someone not accepting the risks of jumping without an AAD. A perfectly acceptable choice. Sorry for the analagies, but thats like arguing that you shouldnt drive your car with seatbelts and air bags because you wouldnt be prepared to drive without them. Why not? You're more likely to live with all the safety devices that without, and I dont agree that having the safety devices there makes people start pushing boundaries with regards to safety. The numbers say everything: With ADD: more likely to survive unconsiousness or lack of altitude aware ness. I dont plan to fuck up, it would probably have happened if I didnt have the AAD aswell. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  12. These will be because the student pulled low. IIRC, the FXC12000 has a margin of error of something like +- 500ft or so. So when on big rigs, with students pulling above 3500, it should be fine. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  13. I think this is a little extreme. I spent 4 years at a DZ that had FXCs on all of their RAPs and hire kits, and I didnt see a single problem occur. I dont understand why people seem to hate them so much. They work just as well as they used to work, and in the right situations (ie. student kit with big canopies) can be a cheaper alternative to Cypres. If it aint broke, why fix it? As for testing: Instead of blowing, Ive seen them tested with a plastic bag around the box being squeezed. Saves blowing any crap into the air inlet. And they also put bungies around the opening to coushin the impact from the spring. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  14. 500 jumps on a 2nd hand Z1, and only just coming round the change the visor. If I was to buy new now, Id probably go with a factory diver. They are alot more solid compared to the Z1, and have a much more secure way of attaching to your head (grip tape instead of eleastic). IMO, the oxygn visor isnt as good as the Z1, and more fiddly to put back together. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.
  15. 2001: at the 2xcessna 206 DZ I started at FJC: £150, that included some discount for a group Student S/L jumps £35 (I think thats still the going rate) 10k = something like £18 At a bigger turbine DZ, singles were £18, 10 tickets for £160 Now, single = £20/21 generally. UK Skydiver for all your UK skydiving needs.