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  1. TrickyDicky

    new to the sport .. help

    It sounds like you havent made any jumps yet. Its nothing you need to worry about any time soon. You'll probably know when the time comes. Fow now, just continue using club kit. There is a very good 2nd hand market in skydiving. Its usually prudent to get a local instructor/rigger to check over any kit before you purchase it, and if possible demo jump it to make sure all is fine. People wont sell dodgy kit. Modern Canopies are often good for more than 1000 jumps if they've been looked after. Reserves have to be repacked every 120 days in the US (most other countries is 6 months), and all this data is logged so you should know whether it will need doing before buying. Often buying kit with an out of date reserve will get you the cost of a repack knocked off the price. There are also AADs (automatic activation devices). The Cypres and cypres 2 (the most common types) need to be sent off for a service every 4 years, but again all this is logged and the seller should normally inform the buyer when the next service is due. You can jump solo (kind of) from jump 1. In AFF the 2 instructors are only holding on to you, and when the parachute is open you're on your own. But some places are putting tandems as the first jump on an AFF course. There are other methods of learning (static line, IAD) which mean you're solo from jump 1, but without much (if any) freefall. When you are qualified, tickets cost around $20-25 per jump, depending on the centre. When you dont the jumps are normally much more, because you're hiring kit and paying for an instructor to be there. If you do an aff course package (prices vary, but the cost is a couple of grand) you get several jumps included with all instruction and kit hire. Hope I helped. Have a good time wherever you go.
  2. TrickyDicky

    Wind Tunnel is not the same as Skydiving

    I think its fairly normal. Basically, in the tunnel, the air is forced around your body In the sky, the air flows around your body. So you have to put more effort in to fly in the tunnel, but tunnels skills will translate to air skills.
  3. TrickyDicky

    Leadbelly weight belt in UK? help!

    Try origional Lizzard based at Hibaldstow (Chappie make them). They seem pretty good, made of cordura I think and pretty secure, with a big zip to put the lead weights in.
  4. TrickyDicky


    More surface area on your legs, therefor more powerful inputs. Though all their usefullness is lost if you simply just drop a knee for turning. You need to kindof tilt your legs.
  5. TrickyDicky

    Question about BPA jump numbers in 2005?

    There are alot of full members that are not active jumpers, or people that dont make many jumps. I think all pilots are full members, for example, and not alot of them jump. Ive always been told that of the membership figures, you should halve it to get actual active jumpers.
  6. TrickyDicky

    Skydive Hibaldstow

    This is definatly the cheapest DZ in the UK for everyone. If your team trains there enough your jumps can go down to as little as £14/jump from 15000 every time. Very well organised and never any waiting time. CCI and instructors always willing to talk to you, no matter what level you're at. The 15000 makes it great for any students there, plenty of practice time in the air. They are welcoming of students from any DZ that have done at least 1 jump previously, with with BOC or ROL deployment. Excellent lift capacity with the 10 place Finnist running during the week with a 15 place dornier if it gets busy enough, with both running at weekends. The minimum load is 4, which makes for some speedy and roomy climbs to 15000 :) The only problem I have heard of is during the week, phone up in advance to make sure others are going to be there, or turn up with 4 people and pre warn them. 2 of my friends went here once and there was no pilot.
  7. TrickyDicky

    Peterlee Parachute Centre

    Peterlee use to be a small DZ but with the introduction of a new bar, bunkhouse and TurboLet 410 13000 feet can be reached in around ten people. The only problem is as it has expanded so quickly there are few people about so there are fewer lifts in the Let than most DZs (about 10 a day) but this means you dont have to wait long to be put on a lift. You can be up and down all day without any waiting around.