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  1. lets not forget The Spaced Rangers
  2. I have bought from him before. Always got my merchandise,tho sometimes a bit slow.
  3. yeah it was a later version that was actually part ram air.i remember don beech (who if i recall was working at north american aerodynamics at the time,makers of the para foil,) making the comment that barrish was violating the jalbert patents.
  4. ok its a Failwing. Scotty carbone jumped it somewhat at ripcord para center(NJ) and it falmunctioned more than it opened. one time Barrish himself was present as scotty landed off the dz on the "dog farm" (american kennel club) after cutting it away. Barrish apparently cant drive either,as he almost ran over one of the kennel club members and his dogs with his car in his haste to get to scottyy. of course since i was the next one coming to pick up carbone i took all this members rath.(the 22 gauge kind)not a pleasant site to be lookin down the barrel of a shotgun from the business end.
  5. you all have NEVER experienced a fart as deadly as one that eminates from a colostomy bag!
  6. could you share with us how you made those plastic seals??
  7. what about using some sort of embossing type seal? it would be harder for someone to just print up a fake seal and put it on their reserve. i think the idea of using a lead seal and sealpress accomplishes this,but i like the paper seal idea better.just dont care for the idea that ANYONE witha computer and printer could print up a fake seal and stick it on their rig.has to be something that the average jumper wouldnt have ready access to in order to make it counterfeit resistant
  8. NOT F111. F111 did not exist before circa 1978.also american Paps(papillon) were manufacctured under license from E.F.A(etudes fabricationes aeronautiques
  9. why is it important to close this case before ralph dies??
  10. looking at those pix, i would say replace the loop. but, i am curious, you said it is a fresh repack,yet that seal looks kinda old and oxidized.
  11. i found a cell phone while walking from the bus stop.it was alreadypowered up,but said low battery.i walked home trying to find some way to get a hold of the owner ,when it started to ring. i answered it hoping i would discover who it belonged to. turned out the owner works at a hospital,and had not shown up for work(work was calling).i told them i had just found the phone and told them to pass on my phone number to the person they were looking for.the phone then went dead(battery). i have not heard from the owner and now wonder how i should handle this. the fact that the battery was almost dead tells me it had been on for a long period of time ,possibly from the nite before. so i am thinking possibly the owner was a victim of a crime and the phone could maybe be evidence(lots of crime here) What should i do?
  12. and let me tell you about a near miss in 1982 Elek Puskas(president of paraflite and now CEO of Airborne Systems)was making his 2000th(?) jump at Ripcord paracenter in NJ. at about 1500'under open canopy, a piper cherokee approached him from behind. the propeller struck his pilotchute and destroyed it,but luckily did not hit Elek's canopy. Documented in parachutist magazine in 1982.