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  3. Hi All Just wondering if people could put up a post as to where there will be some CRW camps, boogies and record attempts for 2016. Even CRW friendly DZ's that don't mind newer Dawgs coming out for any level of Canopy Formation jumps. Apart from the Spring Fling and the Dink Dink, I would like to see a few more possibilties on both sides of the Border ! Cheer's
  4. Watch the Raw Dogs facebook page. They are doing alot of CRW in the midwest. I just did a camp in Michigan and it was an awesome experience. They have Canopies of all sizes, so if you do not have a Lightning yourself there is a Great chance they can hook you up for the weekend at a DZ near you ! They ran a top-notch camp with some great coaches ! I got all the way up to a 4 Stack, and am hooked !
  5. Hey Puppy Who did the lines for you? I am in the same situation and need a set made up for my Tri 160. I am also needing a set of Risers , so need to know any recommendations for Risers to be used in CRW.
  6. Glad I decided to check his name, as I just recieved an e-mail from him! He claims the same things! I thought Paypal was a secure way to recieve payments for items? Cheer's
  7. I am planning on using a Talon for CRW. I jump a TearDrop regularly and don't feel that it is wise to also use for CRW. Hopefully I will be set up for the Darkside by September.
  8. Up here in Ontario we have already experienced -20 Celcius at Altitude and Ice Pellets. Gloves are always a discussion around the DZ. I have about 6 differant types of Gloves and keep looking for more. You try a pair out and discover what characteristics are good and which are not in the Cold Temps.Some seem good on the ground,but become more slippery when they are colder at Altitude. I have a Neoprene pair as well. They are exstremely warm , but they make your Hand sweat if you keep them on during the climb and it takes along time for them to dry out. So sometimes they may only be good for 1 or 2 jumps before they are to wet and Cold to wear comfortably. Having Grip at the Fingers is very important for hanging onto a Wingstrut or Climbout Bars of larger Aircraft. You will not fel like you are losing grip.It may also help with your Grip on the Hackey at pull time, and your Handles at a Crucial time when EP's are needed. Some of the Mechanic Gloves do quite well and have thinsulate. Whichever gloves you cose to use always pratice your EP's several Times with them on before climbing onto a Plane and on the way to Altitude.
  9. Congratulations to all the jumpers,pilots and organizers of the recent 102 way at Nouvel Air in Quebec. Record was set Friday July 13 2012 at 13:30 .