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  1. mrbiceps

    2016 smart 135 lpv

    Time Left: 3 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Perfect condition


    - AU

  2. mrbiceps

    Older Used Rig...whatcha think?

    Hi mate, i wouldnt buy that first rig for the following reasons. Reserve is 23 years old and too old if u ask me. The jav container sounds like it is in great shape which i would have no problem jumping but it is a j7 which is a massive container and not really much good to you when u downsize. I owned a j5 jav which was big and had a 215 in it, i then jumped a 190 and down to a 170 but that was a loose fit and as far as i could downsize. So really you probably couldnt put a canopy smaller than a 210 in it. The falcon is deffinitely a jumpable canopy with only 90 jumps on it, Sure its old technology and some people at the dz may give u crap about it but they forget how many hundreds of thousands of jumps have been made safely on falcon canopies in the past. So if this rig was real cheap it wouldnt be such a bad buy but its not worth $1500. there are better deals that come up out there. there is nothing wrong with a dolphin container, sure it is a basic container but nothing wrong with them. I brought a 95 model one once which was good for freefly. the second rig doesnt mention a main so its hard to comment on it. cheers
  3. mrbiceps

    What is ZPX fabric?

    ZPX Fabric Option NOW AVAILABLE! ZPX is a new step in the evolution of Zero Porosity fabrics. It's lighter, thinner, stronger, and easier to pack. This new honeycomb hexagon weave design packs 15% smaller than traditional ZP fabrics.
  4. mrbiceps

    what is the best mount for a cx110

    what helmet is it going on? top or side mount? do u want a box or a cage?
  5. mrbiceps

    packed first mal

    Congratulations on 2300 sucessful pack jobs, Everyone makes mistakes, dont get down about it.
  6. mrbiceps

    1 time jumper in need of advice

    A skydiving license is worldwide and u can jump anywhere. Death statistics are around 1 in every 100000 jumps end in a fatality. Injuries are obviously alot higher. You can play it safe and drastically lessen your chances though by doing a few things like. Dont be a hero and start flying a small canopy before u are ready. Be very careful when learning high performance landings and swooping, Open high, Dont jump in marginal weather conditions, Dont jump when u are not 100% (ie get plenty of sleep and no hangover), Be very aware under canopy and assume that everyone else are idiots who are trying to kill you, Dont rush that pack to make the next load, etc etc. good luck and welcome to the best sport in the world.
  7. mrbiceps

    Hornet 190

    600 us?
  8. deepseed make good quality suits mate. I have a few mates with the multi speed suits. I dont really know if u need a multi speed one though, i always thought they were for the people who are heavy and fall fast so u can unzip the suit for extra bag to slow u down. I would think that being 6 foot and skinny that u may have the problem of falling slow, so maybe u could just get a normal suit without the zippers on it. U may need a tight one to make u fall faster. maybe do some jumps with some experienced guys and ask them what your fall rate is like. cheers
  9. mrbiceps

    Pulling Stills from Video

    i use the pmb software that came with my cx-155. if i shoot the footage in hd i can pull a still off it that it around the 1.1 mb in size and looks pretty good, certainly not blurry.
  10. mrbiceps

    When do most people buy their rig?

    I would say that most people that finish their aff see how much it costs to hire gear at their dz (rip off) and realise that they are better off looking for their first rig to purchase. Even if its only a basic rig, at least it gets them in the air. Seeing that u get free gear rental then u are in a very different boat. From your point of view right now i cant really see any advantage of purchasing your own rig. There are some minor costs associated with your own rig which right now u dont have to worry about. I say spend your cash on jumping your ass off and enjoy no rig rental costs. By the way u suck... hehe
  11. mrbiceps

    Vigil pricing

    How does this sound. 20 year life on a vigil for $1299 = $65 per year yours is 3.5 years old so 1299 - 227 = 1072. Maybe a bit less seeing as its a vigil 1. Also depends on how old the battery is in yours. hope this helps.
  12. mrbiceps

    Price to ask for rig.

    that price sounds pretty fair, i say take it.
  13. mrbiceps

    Newbie needs gear advice

    At your weight and if your instructor says go a 170 i would say that u should listen to him. Dont worry too much about finding a rig that the on paper doesn't fit u exactly. I reakon the sabre 2 rig is okay, even though the owner is heavier than you, it should still fit u okay. The weight is not so much of an issue as the height of a person and most rigs can go a couple of inches either side on the height.
  14. mrbiceps

    Optima Audible in Protec Helmet?

    maybe some cable ties threaded through to the outside will work.
  15. mrbiceps

    Fair Market Value

    people will probably want to know the dom of everything as well as the details on when the cypres was last serviced and when its due for its next service. having said that ill give u a grand for it....