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  1. Sandy that looks like organizer Tom Schroeder and makes sense since his home DZ is or at least was Skydive Dallas, hate to say it since I know Tom, but looks like a very bad choice. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  2. The H-Style drogue attachment is exactly that, where the drogue attaches to the bag/canopy. Instead of having the drogue attached at the center of the bag and the 2 legs of the y-line going through 2 separate grommets. The drogue will be attached to center bar of the H looking hardware, that is sewn into the d-bag. There will then be a single kill line instead of the y-line, which will not have as much wear and tear on it. We jumped it at our IE course last fall, along with the 366 reserve as a main. I think they will be good enhancements of the gear. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  3. Until the bridle gets to full extension and creates a solid base for the PC to inflate from, it will most likely not have a round inflated look to it. The bridle in this picture is just short of full extension. The container is not open, I think you are looking at the jumpers left foot. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  4. I think if you look closely at the video, the TI actually continued to hold on to the drogue (which is a huge no no) and it wasn't really in the burble. Once you have started the extraction of the drogue it must be one continuous motion to a good strong throw, never hold on to it after you have extracted it from the pouch, it greatly increases the risk of drogue bridle entanglement with the tandem pair. The drogue packing that Tom is referring to is exactly how the manual explains packing the drogue, except the manual doesn't describe keeping the opening of the roll facing upward. See page 51 & 52. http://www.strongparachutes.com/Documents/PDF_Files/dhtrevI.pdf Also if you watch the first video it is an example of basically what Tom is talking about the hill burble, just in a slightly different way of getting in the position. The TI throws the drogue as the pair is on their left side and in the process of rotating left to a belly to earth position. The problem is that by throwing the drogue at that time he is actually throwing it right into the burble above them, the pairs right side, which becomes their back as it finishes the rotation and makes the burble even bigger. They were fortunate during the head down part that happened because the TI was bringing the students hands out, that the drogue bridle didn't get caught on a foot, it was very close. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  5. I would be sure that you are getting a full extension of the kill line and the PC can fully inflate. After you have cocked the PC hold it by the base and make sure the tape(s) has no slack. Or simply is the PC old, especially a F111 PC. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  6. Anyone could seal or reseal with just thread, it does not give you any protection from tampering. At least with a lead seal, to tamper with it you would have to get a stamp the same as the last rigger's seal to reseal without being noticeable, not fool proof, but better than just thread. With that said, it amazes me how many times I have seen a rig inspected for in-date compliance by simply looking at the card. Make sure the card and the seal actually match. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  7. As you have said, I would just add you are not really accepting the responsibility of the previous repack as long as it is dually documented on the card. I will say that it does leave someone to argue you did more than that and would not recommend doing it on repack that was not yours. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  8. I think if you look closely they are of course both fired, with the left one being a clean fire and nothing but the protective plastic sleeve being viewed in the fired cutter, hence the non cut loop and the right cutter having loop fibers visible indicating a cut loop on the right side. If someone is trying to show that fact, then the picture should include the right cut loop in the picture. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  9. RIP Rich, I am very fortunate to have met and been friends with such a wonderful and humble man. Blue Skies Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  10. Absolutely, we were informed that it is the biggest tax gap there is, under reported income from small businesses (especially of the cash type, i.e. restaurants, bars, vending machines etc.). And that the IRS is concentrating its efforts to close that gap as much as possible (from a recently retired agent). The IRS is in a bad spot to do this, since there is a huge portion of agents that were hired in the 70's and most of them have or are retiring soon, so until they are replaced with competent agents it will be tough for them (darn it). Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  11. That is a given. That was a note stated in the text book from the University of Illinois Farm Tax School and is a very respected course. Of course it all has to happen first, and we should never get our hopes up when counting on the government to get anything done, so we will see. Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  12. This is the correct answer, they just added property as needing to be 1099 as well as services and Corporations will be included as well for those property and/or services and it is cumulative for the year not just per transaction (i.e Wal-Mart, Staples or any vendor). Might want to use Quick Books and make sure the accounts are setup properly to keep track of all this crap for you. Also correct is that credit card purchases are exempt from the reporting. BUT, credit card/debit card processing companies are also required to report and issue the new 1099-K, (i.e. paypal), for the amounts they collect for you (hint they will not deduct their fees and will issue the 1099-K for the entire amount, you will have to keep track of those separately as a deduction and won't be able to do a net amount as income). This is how they will pick up those transactions and make sure the income is claimed. How dare they make all incomes be claimed. You can be fined for not issuing these informational returns in a timely manner as well and that has been increased/doubled to $30 per return if within 30 days of due date, $60 if more than 30 days, but before August 1, and $100 per failure if after August 1st, with some very high maximums. Or a $250 per return penalty for intentional disregard. The same applies for payee statements with there own maximums as well, yikes. So if you are 20 days late filing 15 1099 returns to the IRS it will cost you a $450 penalty, 30 days up till August 1st a $900 penalty, after August 1st a $1,500penalty and finally if you just don't file and they find out a whopping $3,750. Yes what a mess, got to love our congress, there has only been over 4,000 tax law changes in the last 10 years, got to love my job security. As a side note as well, if you are given a W9 and refuse to give your identifying number and contact info or give incorrect info that doesn't match the IRS database, then you are subject to something called back-up withholding and the payor will be required to withhold that at a current rate of 28%. This will be very interesting to see how it all shakes out over the next year. I have read Congress is seriously considering a repeal of the reporting requirements. Good Luck! Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  13. More than likely everyone is talking about the same thing and yes it is a type of tendinitis (tennis elbow). I am very certain that it is more from the tightening of the lower connections than flying the canopy, especially if you tend to make them very tight. It was bothering me real bad at the end of the year last year, as stated shaking a hand or picking up a cup hurt like hell. I changed how I pull on the lowers and got through the year and have had no issues this year after the winter break to let it heal. Having the student help tighten the lowers and flying the canopy will save your body the wear and tear it doesn't have to entail. http://www.tennis-elbow.net/tenniselbow.htm http://www.emedicinehealth.com/tennis_elbow/article_em.htm Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  14. The attorney that I work for has told me that if you are doing the work yourself, then the hiding behind a company name will not do much for you. Meaning that you are the person who physically does the work (truck driver, doctor, skydiving instructor, etc.), you as the individual and the company will also get named in any lawsuit. Then you as the owner of any company own the net assets of the company as well, hence still leaving you potentially liable. With all that said, most waivers do list negligence (a mistake) being covered as part of the waiver, but never be grossly negligent (knowingly doing something that wasn't right), your neck is possibly on the line then. If you follow guidelines that are set forth and don't deviate from them, then you have a greater chance that the waiver will hold up in court. When people are signing the waivers, since they tend not to read it, clearly tell them and I suggest make them watch a video of a very short to the point explanation of it with a spot on the waiver signing they seen the video. "You are signing a waiver release of liability saying there are inherent dangers with jumping out of an airplane and you are agreeing that you are willing to accept those dangers for the thrill of it. Somewhere in that waiver it says that you cannot sue anyone and no one else can sue for you no matter what happens. Somewhere in there you also agree to pay for my attorney to defend your stupid ass (maybe leave ass out) lawsuit if you or someone else does try to sue, since I just told you that you cannot sue. Once you get done signing the waiver you will have absolutely no rights when it comes to filing a lawsuit for any reason." Fairly short and VERY to the point and should leave no question in someones mind, and I will say it out loud in front of any wuffo's that came with or have them watch the video, so they are aware as well. The more protection the better and my attorney thinks that is great. Any other opinions are more than welcome. Dennis Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy
  15. Sorry to bother everyone again, I have a line on another machine for $100. It is a Chandler TDU N62, it seems like a medium/light weight straight stitch walking foot. Table and machine look in great shape and it had FF thread in it and seemed to sew well. I would assume I am wasting my time asking and should be buying it with no questions asked. Anyone with experience on this machine? Be Safe and Have Fun, in that order! Tuffy