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  1. At first I had reservations about seeing this movie. I did not like the online previews. The aliens did not look very “real” even on my 65 inch HD television. I saw this movie last night in IMAX 3D. MY INITIAL FEARS WERE PUT TO REST. I think the most crucial thing people need to realize is that this movie must be seen in 3D, this is what gives the CGI its true depth. If you can’t find an IMAX theater near you, you should at least find a theater that is showing it in 3D. While I’m sure the 2D version probably looks decent, it won’t bring the CGI to life on the same level. This movie is groundbreaking in the sense that I left the theater with the feeling that all movies should be produced in 3D. I never felt this way until now. I think Cameron has created the most tasteful balance of 3D rendering ever created for the big screen. It is not gimmicky. The dramatic blowout effects are used very sparingly at just the right times to give the sense that you can actually reach out and touch the characters. The bar has been raised.
  2. I wouldn’t say anyone deserves to feel pain, especially if they lacked the life experience to avoid such a dilemma. Almost everybody has had to deal with the dreaded “one-sided” infatuation. It is the most painful thing anyone could go through but it’s not your fault unless you let it happen again. You may not realize this but we have so much more control over our feelings & emotions than you realize. You are letting your infatuation control you. In this sense, it really is your fault that you can’t let go of this fantasy life you have built up in your mind. It isn’t real. It never was. You never had anything with this girl. Otherwise, she would have hooked up with you a long time ago. There is an incredible sound bite from Tom Leykis on Youtube that I would really like you to listen to. It should be required listening material for all men. This talk radio host is reading a letter sent to him from a guy named Larry who allowed a girl (whom he had a crush on) sleep at his house where she proceeded to break his heart by sleeping with his roommate! Listen to Tom Leykis’s response. It will blow you away. Women aren’t stupid. If they like you, they will let you know. Trust me.
  3. Basically standard E is the traditional way to tune a guitar. 90's grunge music changed all that. Bands began tuning their guitars down to D or even lower. This gave grunge it's muddy dark sound. Down tuning for a heavier sound in itself isn't bad at all. The problem with Metallica was that after their '94 Live Binge & Purge tour, they began performing their entire back catalog (Kill Em' all through the Black album) in E flat. The songs were originally recorded in standard tuning. This caused a very noticeable change in their live performance. The songs don't sound right anymore. They sound sloppy and dark instead of tight. The reason for this is because James Hetfeilds voice is shot to hell and he can no longer sing the songs the way he used to. He has to sing in a lower key, so the guitars & bass have to be tuned down also to match. Many find this very annoying, especially since their latest album was recorded in standard E tuning! The new songs sound bad live.
  4. Metallica will always have a place in my heart but they are just not relevant in music anymore. Death Magnetic is a great CD but these guys have been over the hill for a very long time. I saw them in '94, the last tour they played in standard E tuning. It was all downhill from that point on. I've watched recent U-tube videos of them. The lasers are tacky. The black beach balls that come down during Seek & Destroy are so bad These guys are just old and boring now. If you want to watch a good Met vid, here ya go!
  5. I remember jumping less often until I finally decided to sell my gear. No big loss. I did it for almost 5 years. Boredom is the biggest reason I left. The sport just gets old. Passion is fleeting. Enjoy it while you have it.
  6. So are you saying adults are never taken advantage of? There are a lot of people that want to work in television & film. I lived in L.A. for 10 years and people will humiliate themselves to perpetuate their dreams and so-called acting careers. Don’t be so naïve.
  7. Same here ... advertising Sprite of all things... what a sell out to the Coca-Cola company, how dare she? Would you want to see your daughter sucking off some black dude on national television. Is there no standard anymore??
  8. I don't like the interracial aspect at all. Totally gross commercial. Edited to add: I really feel bad for that girl's father. I would be humiliated if that was my daughter.
  9. Yesterday I tried an energy drink that had alcohol called Four Loko. It had 11% alcohol and came in a large 24oz can. This was the worst shit I’ve ever drunk! It tasted like Hawaiian punch mixed with cheap beer. I only made it through half the can before I dumped the rest out. I felt like crap. It had way too much caffeine in it. It just made me feel jittery and anxious. When I drink, I like to feel relaxed. This did not take the edge off. It made it worse. My advice, stay away from these cheap malt beverages. YUCK!!!
  10. Sweetie, there are fat people in other countries. Have you ever traveled through Europe? I have and I can tell you that food is much more expensive. You pay a lot for a very small proportion of food. You don’t have the Cheesecake Factory or Macaroni Grill style restaurants in Europe. You either have ultra expensive fine dinning or crappy hole in the wall eateries. The food sucks in most European countries. You would have to pay $30 to get the equivalent of a large sub at Quiznos. Our way of life enables us to get large proportions for reasonable prices. This is something to be proud of, but we need to manage ourselves better with exercise. Europeans can hate on us all they want. They would pig out if they had what he have.
  11. All I can say is that I am happy for you. You have your life back. I hope you have learned your lesson and that you never again let a women into your home. Play the field, but keep it casual. I’ve always been opposed to marriage in modern society. Most women are simply unwilling to accept the dominant/passive dynamic that a marriage requires. From the lack of financial incentive, to the declining social values in American women, there is just no good reason for a man to sign his life and future earnings away in exchange for treachery. I’m happy you have evolved and perhaps you can help guide other men from making the same mistakes. Good luck and God bless.
  12. Biofeedback therapy. It was far more of a permanent fix for depression & anxiety than skydiving ever was for me. Please look into this before getting her involved with skydiving. She may not need skydiving to cure her problem.
  13. I understand why people are saying Star Trek & Terminator suck. Neither movie offered any real insight or thought provoking dialog. Just cool CGI effects and action sequences. I liked both movies for what they are, not what they should have been. Star Trek Nemesis (the last Star Trek film) was in fact a very good movie that didn’t do well at the box office because it lacked mainstream appeal. Truly great films rarely achieve broad spectrum acceptance. Most moviegoers need their entertainment to be spoon fed to them. Easily digestible plots, simple dialog & PG-13 action. Nothing too harsh or complicated. Every movie must have a beginning, middle & happy ending. If you dare to change this formula, you risk alienating the retard audience. Anybody remember “Independence Day” w/ Will Smith? What a fucking stupid film that was, yet so successful, it resurrected Will Smith’s career! Movie studios exist to make good money, not good art. Fall/Wintertime, during awards season, generally produce more cerebral movies. Think “There will be blood” or “No country for old men” If you want to blame anyone for these types of movies, look in the mirror. You are the ones buying the tickets. RETARDS!
  14. I've driven down to AAWest, despite the NO TRESPASSING sign. Don't worry about it. The worst they ever did to me was give me a hard stare until I got in my car & left. Go for it! It would also be cool to splice in some old photos & video with the new footage. Show some before & after transitions. That would trip people out!