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  1. I had the pleasure of doing a couple of jumps with Dan when he visited the IPC in Ireland early last year,he will be missed ,blue skies buddy
  2. I am in Aerograd now looking out at blue skies and jumping has stopped again.I'm here nearly 5 days and have got a total of 4 jumps due to shit weather and the ban on skydiving,nobody seems to know if or when we will get in the sky again.
  3. So what most of ye are saying is just live with it,like I said in the beginning it's not too bad just a little tight when hanging round waiting to get on the plane,it's ok in the air,if I thought I could fix it for €150 or thereabout I would.Unfortunatly I didn't have the time or the cash to get a custom made harness and being over 6 foot it's hard to get second hand gear that fits perfect so I have to make do,thanks for the advice.
  4. My advice would be buy him a gift voucher so he can choose his own,nice gift idea by the way,any chance you could have a chat with my girlfriend.....
  5. Hi all,I've just bought a second hand rig,It's a two year old Icon the only problem being the harness is too tight at the shoulders,I can still jump it it's just a little uncomfortable.(It was a bargain and I needed a rig badly for a holiday)My question to all the riggers out there:how essy is it to modify if at all?The harness part that goes around the shoulders is long enough it's just the strap that joins the hip ring to the back of the container needs to be lenghtened,is it worth my while trying to get it sorted or should I just put up with it?
  6. I dont mind the jumping part, its the ride I hate... 6'2" makes it s a tight fit. I only rode a few times in one: we were 8 in it, and I could not imagine fitting 400 lbs more of meat in there . That being said, I'm sure there will be some more porter popping up here and there in the US in the next couple of months. I jump out of a porter most weekends and we nearly always have 10 jumpers crammed in
  7. I contacted Paypal,they insure items paid through Ebay but outside Ebay they can only provide"best effort" to recover money,if the guy has withdrawn the money,$600 in this case it becomes harder to recover funds,I felt safe using Paypal as I thought money was held,let it be a warning to others,I still have Paypal on the case so hopefully they can sort something out.I have sent a pm to the security moderater on here but I thought I'd post here in case anyone else is in communication with this guy.I'm going to pursue this scammer through my creditcard company if Paypal don't come up with anything.Again a warning to others,Paypal DONT gaurauntee you're money!
  8. Hi all,Has anyone selling stuff in the classified been contacted by a polish guy username:bluelarry?I had an ad up here a couple of weeks ago looking for an aad and was contacted by him,long story short after a few emails back and forth including pictures of the aad I decided to buy through Paypal,2 weeks later,suprise suprise,no aad and no replies to my emails.Has anyone here been contacted by this guy or know anything about him?
  9. I've just bought my first rig(yippee!),the container is a Vector 2 and I'm looking for a manual for it.I've done a search but all the links to the manual seem to be dead,if anyone can help I would much appreciate it
  10. Hi all,I'm looking at buying my first rig at the moment and have been offered a Naro container,the guy said the dom of the container is 2004 but after doing a search here I think the Naro is a far older container,am I right?I spoke to the guy on the phone and he seemed fairly genuine but like myself he is fairly new to the sport so maybe he got the name wrong.I've uploaded a pic of the container in a hope that one of you guys might be able to shed some light on this,thanks.
  11. Good substitute!My bigget f##k up so far,and there have been many,was jump number 30 was in oz on holidays and visited a dropzone outside Sydney,rented gear that the container was way too small for me,didn't walk the landing area or ask to see arial photo,just hoped in the skyvan.when I deployed I could not find the dropzone until around 1000ft and then I realised it was on the other side of a very busy highway,probably could have made it back but bottled it and looked for somewhere else to land,ended up in a field full of angry looking cattle with a downwind landing,wasn't hurt luckily.Got a helpful lecture of a tandemmaster on the same load about what to look out for at a new dropzone
  12. Hi everyone,I'm looking to buy my first rig (190 main,container to suit 6ft 1 200ibs)I've been looking on the classifieds and was wondering as I live in Ireland what would be the safest way of paying someone if I come across a rig outside of Ireland cos obviously it would have to be posted,just wondering how ye guys have done this in the past