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  1. slow openning is actually good news right now, any more info out there ? thanks !
  2. Someone who stopped jumping a while ago has given me a Viper 135. Anyone have any experience with this canopy ? What are the opennings like, etc ? Thanks!
  3. Many thanks for all the replies. I have about 1000 jumps, so I will try out your suggestions after my neck has recovered sufficiently. I've had a sabre 1 for a long time and it's been a great canopy (I used to shoot a lot of video too) but it gave me a good slam the other day after some work was done it. I probably just need a smaller pilot chute, but I think it's time for a new canopy anyway. Gerry
  4. I want to get a new canopy that is as reliable as possible for soft openings, given correct packing etc. (I'm recovering right now from a really bad one). Seems like a Spectre with dacron lines is the way to go, Any comments ? Thanks...
  5. I should be heading up to Deland from Ft Lauderdale, anyone need a ride from somewhere en route please PM me, Gerry