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  1. Is it? Damn, Well I'm down to head to that other dz if they are flyQuote "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  2. Greetings! I got to South San Francisco 5 days ago and definitely plan on heading to Lodi Parachute Center to Skydive. Any advice on best way to get to Lodi from South San Fran without a car? Cheers "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  3. Yes hopefully work. I'd do videos out there primarily. "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  4. Sweet, Thanks! "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  5. Hey, I'm pondering the possibility of moving to Lodi California to live in the Parachute center run by Bill... What would be the closest airport to fly to? Cheers Ricky "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  6. Hey! I'm planning on taking a trip to Spaceland in Houston very soon. I am just wondering what should I be expecting when I get there, where would be a good place to crash or rent near the DZ because I plan on staying at least one month... Maybe more. Any and all recommendations will highly appreciated. blueskies "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  7. Hey guys, Thank you for the replies! I was going to be there for sure but unfortunately I had a bad accident on November 26th low turn crash. Lucky to have survived it. I came back to consciousness 6 days after. sort of a long story but I will definitely try to go to Lodi as soon as I heal completely. Cheers! "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  8. Hey people I'm heading to PARACHUTE CENTER in Lodi CA, I was wondering what would be the best way to get from the Sacramento airport to the DZ. any and all suggestions will help alot. I'll be travelling on a budget so please keep that in mind. Thanks! "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  9. Nice! I work in the entertainment business as well. Thanks for the breakdown btw, Gives me a better perspective of what LA might be. "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  10. Hey guys I'll be moving to LA next tuesday, I've never been out there before. I'm really looking just to maybe meet new people that can show me around, maybe a place to crash for a day or two, and show me their perspective of LA, or something like that. Thanks Ricardo elcobi@gmail.com "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  11. Hey Guys I just wanted to know if anyone is or knows someone that is renting a room in NYC for the month of April and May. Please feel free to call me if anyone knows of anything. 787.922.1167 or you can send me an email at: elcobi@gmail.com Thanks Again "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  12. hahaha, Yeah, Trust me, that was the main joke in my DZ when I told them I was moving to NY to become an actor. When I went back for vacation they where all asking me on how was my gay porn acting career going. Oh well :S "Fast is slow, slow is fast"
  13. Hey Guys I'm going to make this as brief as possible. I moved to NYC in jan of last year to become a professional actor. So far so good, I've worked on several independent films and 3 off broadway plays. Now this new year I already have my acting reel done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeMTWmI1vsA and I wanted to start the year searching for some legit representation. For those of you that don't understand, as an actor to get real paid work I need to have an agent so he can submit me to real castings. But the sad thing is that there are so many actors in NY and LA that agents rarely see people unless they are referred to them. So, Now, I thought I had tried everything to get an agent but I forgot that I didn't try this, so here goes: If anyone knows of an agent of manager that is interested in seeing new talent please feel free to contact me. you can send them the link to my reel if you like :) Thanks Again guys elcobi@gmail.com "Fast is slow, slow is fast"