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  1. people have different body types, it may fit well, it may fit ok, or it may not fit at all. here's what an MLW is : the lateral is waht wraps around your sides... laterally :) I don't understand waht you mean by " but there is a lot of lift on the bag when pulled up". For a G4 Mirage my guess is that anything with a 17" to 19" MLW will fit you ok, with the mid range being teh best fit. When you look at the Mirage tag (in the mudflap), the first number is the MLW length. Of course, same advise for as for many others who have asked this question - CALL THE MANUFACTURER, AND GET THER OPINION.
  2. there are people who have hooked up and subsequently landed their canopies backwards. But all the ones I have heard of have been done intentionally, by experienced jumpers and with larger canopies. I would say that unless you planned on landing backwards from the time you got on the plane - don't chance it.
  3. :) think 3D, not 2D. slider is in fact a reefing device, the reefing prevents the "pop" (rapid, out of control expansion), as well as reduces chances of lines entangling. since you are opening up at high vertical speeds, slider coming down encounters a significant resistance as it pushes against air - so the larger the slider area, the more resistance - the slower the openings.
  4. beat me to it :) here's a picture
  5. monarchs are fairly known for hard openings. Out of the 3 that I have jumped all were cured with putting pockets on the slider.
  6. these guys make one of the versions : with a name like yours I don't think reading Russian should be a problem.
  7. 5 years or 77 jumps ? In other words if you had five times the jumps do you think it would still take you 5 years to learn how to pack ? Or if you racked up 77 jumps within the last month, woudl that be the point when you learned how to pack ? this is not mean as a ridicule - I am just honestly wondering if one or the other had any effect, or if it was just an unrelated event that somebody has now taught you how to pack ? On note with others, it was an A license requirement to pack your own parachute. I am not an instructor, but I was under impression that it is still mandatory for USPA A card ???
  8. I think you are missing the point. While one may have extra $$$ and choose to spend it for such noble reasons as supporting their packer (I honestly doubt that's the reason for most people to pay a packer) - many others are simply too lazy to LEARN to pack. There's absolutely nothing wrong with packers. But what's terrible is that some people choose to be so lazy and naive as to not even know how their life saving devices work. I personally will NEVER pack for someone who is lazy, but will gladly HELP them for as long as I can.
  9. Always pack my own. sometimes pack for my friends or help people out. NEVER got paid for packing mains. In my opinion being a licensed skydiver, but not knowing how to pack is like being a licensed driver, but not knowing how to fill the vehicle up. I do agree that some may have physical issues preventing, or making it uncomfortable for them to pack (like a friend of mine with a fucked up back).
  10. Thank you for the entertainment guys. It was not my intention to attack ANYONE. Yet many things I said were taken personally. I never made derogatory statements - just asked questions. Please learn to take criticism, even if it's perceived and indirect. In fact, if you notice I did not question anybodies skill - just the statements they made. Anonymity most definitely takes away from credibility - but I did not at any point list myself as a comparative point - thus who or what I am means squat. Nor did I call anybody out by name, I just quoted a poster above me. a group unbunching of panties is in order.
  11. I am sadly mistaken as well. I just never felt too comfortable backflying with ROL. Of course, that's a personal preference. Also, if performance is sacrificed, I don't want 'em either.
  12. All the "stores" you mention are part of the same market. It's just tough to find a used Sabre2-135.. If you are willing, you may do better picking up a complete rig with the canopy from the classifieds and parting it out. Otherwise, I am afraid I don't have any helpful suggestions :( good luck !
  13. Tony at one time did some nice Hawaiian stuff as well. Not sure if they still do.
  14. Are you STILL talking?? Listen are getting bent out of shape over something you obviously know nothing about. If you were even mildly involved in the skydiving wingsuit scene, you would know who Chuck Blue is, and his comments wouldn't have upset you. Dosen't it strike you as odd that out of the entire forum of Wingsuiters, you are the only one arguing with him? Perhaps that should tell you a few things: -He is a respected member of this forum -He is a respected and experienced instructor -He is a respected skydiver Some things I've learned about you: -You are an idiot who likes to argue on the internet I will leave it at that, less I anger the greenies No, I am not surprised at all. And I know quite well who Chuck Blue is, and what his accomplishments are. Please don't mistake accomplishments for a cloak of invincibility though. cya
  15. who exactly is a troll and who is the anonymous prick you are referring to ? I simply called you out on unsubstantiated facts.
  16. have you tried running for office ? You have a great way to deflect questions, change topic(s), and make assertions. here's another assertion for you : perhaps I have been a user of the previous version(s) of the site ? as you realize, this has nothing to do with selling your school...
  17. Ed's hair is always perfect, plus he was on the 400-way so he is clearly my superior. Ask him who certified him to be a BMCI though. Hey Ed, is YOUR school for sale? give me a fucking break. I personally think that BMCI is BULLSHIT. Modern Wingsuits were around for quite a few year before such rating came on the market. Just another gimmick to charge people for coaching. There are LOTS of competent pilots who don't aspire to have all the ratings in the world - they jump FOR FUN. And many are much more competent than many BMCI/BMI (which by the way is BIRDMAN - a MANUFACTURER rating).
  18. I did realize it as such. And it stopped being an inside joke when you had to explain it. so, let's get this straight - out of the 7.5 years that you have been registered here, and whatever time since then that you have NOT been a moderator (since at least early 2007) (math gives me 6 years MAX) - you have moderated for 8 years. On top of that you have most WS jumps of anyone and have been flying WS since 1998. you're awesome. only one part of your post I agree with. and I am sure you can guess which one that is.
  19. I sense insecurity. and I am willing to guess there's got to be people with more WS jumps than you. also, have you REALLY been flying Wingsuits since 1998, or have you made you first WS jump in 1998 and then took a few years off ? (a dozen or less jumps a year does not count) PS Since you are not longer a moderator, you cannot erase this post like you did with my last one years ago, when you had the same type of attitude.
  20. no, I did not misread. I may have not been clear in the way I stated it. Simply, you have a binding contract - and if what they are telling you is within the contract - i.e. the theft occurred off-property - they are right. It's that simple. Doesn't make it easier to cope with though.
  21. in short- yes it's possible to resize. however it a) may not be necessary b) may be cost prohibitive call Mirage and see what they say.
  22. sorry about your gear dude. But I disagree that renters fucked you. As it covers what's in the rented unit - and the rig WAS NOT. good luck finding your gear
  23. Polish police detained a 28year old who was selling a parachute on the internet that has been reported stolen 2 years ago from Austria. I believe that's pretty close to what it says
  24. I have a 15MB internet connection. And 5 computers networked along with NAS hard drives. But since it's all in 2 locations, I have 2x WNR834Bv2 bridged and all the hardware is plugged into their 100mbit ports. I bet that at this point the bottleneck is NOT the wireless (which runs at 270mbit), but the 100mbit ports on the router. Actually considering Gigabit. the point I was making is that wireless is not always slower. Don't keep thinking 11b 11mbis :)
  25. If my home network is 100mbit and my wireless is 130mbit (270 between bridges routers), does your statement still hold true for me ?