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  1. I agree whole heartedly. My only point was that it's illegal for anyone but the original rigger to adjust. Doesn't make it any less accessible to any douchebag though.
  2. How is Bill "dragging" FE and SAE into it? Do you mean the plaintiff is suing the aircraft owner as well as the manufacturer of his rig? I don't think that was Bill's call was it? When you get rear ended because a car behind you got rear-ended - you SEW ALL - I am guessing this is the case too.
  3. If you post s rig without a price you will be sitting answering emails ALL day with some ridiculous offers and some ok ones. Do everybody a favor post with an asking price.
  4. I know this gets thrown out a few times in this thread. My Reflex packing manual dated 2/9/1998 page 37 step 31 in closing the container "Insert the excess loop up under the cap as show in Figure 6-31. This will allow for field adjustments to be made by the Rigger who packed it only." I would imagine anybody else who tightens it would theoretically invalidate the packjob as per FARs. Of course all this is a moot point considering that if this results in a bounce it would be very hard if not impossible to prove if this was infact caused by a tight closing loop and who in fact was the last person to adjust it.
  5. here's what's easy and accessable to most people : 1) open paypal account and place credit card on file with them 2) pay the seller with paypal (they may ask you to absorb all the fees ~~ 3%) (you can opt to use Google checkout, if seller has it enabled) 3) play with the balance by using those low 2.9% or even 0& balance transfer offers accessable to ANYBODY who has a credit card and a seller willing to use paypal. I know it works great when I offer it when I sell gear.
  6. a Tri Hybrid lineset gives the user microlines all around and Dacron Center As. Fairly different than all-around Dacron :)
  7. 1.25% USA 25 miles to work one-way fuel efficient cars are a win win. people who drive alone in their monstrous empty SUVs for the most part are compensating.
  8. My grandmother was more excited than my mother. But both thought is was cool. And I did not tell them because I did not feel like it, not because I was afraid of their reaction. Overall (not that this is the proper thread for this debate), I feel that you should tell your parents about doing things like this, no matter how they feel about it.
  9. If you mean what's in what USED to be the spare bedroom - BOXES, a dozen or so spare dbags, PCs, cut-up lines, good 25+ canopies, probably 10 older containers including a few that are older than me and so much more stuff, that I am getting scared just thinking about it :)
  10. it's a PEP BACK 425 designates 26ft canopy
  11. are you talking about the metal ring where the bridle enters the bag ? It's quite normal. Just don't stuff the canopy material INSIDE (very hard to do, takes lots of determination). if it's smooth and has no burrs, it should not damage your canopy.
  12. it's best to use the bag that came with your container. it will also be nicer than the original Vector II bag.
  13. I had a brand new Spectre 190 with microlines in it. Worked perfect. I woudl imagine the SIL being a hybrid should be fine.
  14. What Phree said. There's such HUGE demand and such little supply of 190 canopies and reserve (basically new student gear) that sellers have no need to find buyers, the buyers come to them as soon as the gear is available. Be a little more proactive in searching or buy new. Good luck either way ! PS I have been trying to buy a Spectre 190 for a freind for last 3 months - saw a total of 3 - and all went before I could get to them. CRAZY :)
  15. also, if you are looking for weekend only jump plane, talking to local cargo carriers would be a good option. Lots of Caravans out there that may be sitting around on weekends.
  16. for a quick and dirty answer straight from their site : a Raven IV is 282 sq ft - so should be a good fit AS PER ALTICOs chart.
  17. Stupid people will ALWAYS find a way to get fucked. I buy/sell plenty on eBay and see it both ways. For the most part the buyers ask enough questions. and seller represent their items properly. I would hope to say that I am NOT a scoundrel seller, I refuse to list certain things that I think are much better off sold by word of mouth (such as pocket rocket canopies, BASE rigs, etc).
  18. Have the seller ship to a rigger and have the rigger inspect the equipment and give you an estimate of what he or she thinks that it is worth. and that would be ONE persons opinion. Last time I checked we use riggers to INSPECT/REPAIR/REPACK - not appraise. Many riggers dont sell and dont care to sell gear. Make sure yours is "in the loop" as far as prices go :)
  19. Gary, the rates you are quoting are for UPS or FEDEX or DHL. Using a carrier service from US Post Service (USPS) "Express Mail (EMS)" would be about $140 to anywhere in the world, ( I have shipped to the UK, Germany, Austarla, etc) and 5-10 days.No account required
  20. NARO is a container by PISA. It has alot of velcro and not alot of resale value. Overall you'd be better off buying an older Javelin which there are plenty off around. Of course, if you can get it for dirt cheap and stay on your belly, that would work too. I wouldn't price the Naro at more than $200 USD.
  21. and this one is for the fans of BASE jumping
  22. a seatbelt may not always save your life, but most of us sure as hell wear it and feel good about it. Extra protection never heard anyone. The only gripe I have is people who attach them permanently with knots. I prefer rapide link on at least one side for easy removal - this way you can take it off within seconds for suits that you need to wear OVER the staps (wingsuits, etc).
  23. read it again, and again :) And realize that anytime you need an extra tool, it becomes cumbersome.
  24. the faster way would be a SLINK instead of a rapide link.