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  1. Not as lean, not as mean but ALWAYS A MARINE!!!! SEMPER FI!!! OOOHHHH RAHHHHHH!
  2. First date with a new girl in high school I had eaten burrittos for lunch and had some BAD gas. Sitting in her living room with her parents and their dog sitting next to me on the couch. I couldn't hold it anymore and suddenly, rippppp! Dad said "Rover"! Ha, they think its the dog so a few minutes later, rippppp again Dad says "Rover" I'm laughin my ass off on the inside now, poor puppy! A few more minutes goes by and ripppp again. This time Dad says "Rover, get over here before that boy shits on you!!!
  3. [ doggie toys This doesn't really apply here, but it is oddest thing that I ran into today. Anybody know when voodews birthday is? A sex toy for your dog (I think). It is under a link for Sports & Entertainment > Pet & Products > Sports and Entertainment ? I guess it is pretty hard to place in this years catalog. On the bright side, I'll bet nobody has already got one. (Or they won't mention it.)
  4. But what about the RING man? I thought you was "THE GOD" I guess I'll send my license back to the USPAQ
  5. And I have just the right person to teach you the British sarcasm!
  6. docdialtone


    "Result - me having to do emergency rescheduling of my time while desperately trying to keep the business afloat. " And with ALL of this work you still have time to post on here?? JK.... I know I have a few of those too!!!
  7. How is skydiving like getting a blowjob from an ugly chick? Feels good, but holy shit, don't look down!!!
  8. I have to brag about the customer service I got from Scarlett at Sunrise. She went out of her way to help with the insurance and even though they didn't pay enough to cover the rig she stepped up and offered me a 50% off coupon to order an new one!!!! I was thinking about other manufacturers but not now. They have a customer for life. GO WINGS!!! Thanks Scarlett!!!
  9. What is a BJ worth? $20.00 same as downtown.
  10. Kate and I will be there. Let me know if you need any help with the dinner.
  11. How about a bag of skydiver shit? Bring a big bag next weekend and let everyone take their turn. May want to wait untill Sunday so they get all of the alcohol shit and maybe even a bit of vomit to go along with it. JuJu's address would also be a plus!
  12. I guess you didn't read the original post. I was at the HOSPITAL ER with my daughter I would never leave my gear in the truck ! It seems like the policy is backwards and would only cover 10% if it was at home and had a place to bring things inside. I'm gonna fight this one all the way!!!