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  1. Start Skydiving (John Hart's DZ) runs a Short Caravan and they used to have a 208B but I believe they sold the latter. We leased the short caravan of theirs for boogies in the past. https://startskydiving.com/facilities-aircraft/
  2. Old thread, but I wanted to revisit this - is Parachute Systems back taking orders and in production?
  3. For me, I get a nice 800-1000 snivel, similar to a Stiletto, although not nearly as twitchy on the heading. Very smooth through all stages of the opening sequence. When I pull right at 3500, by 2200 I have finished stowing my slider and ready to enter the pattern.
  4. I'm not even that old and I like my Firebolt Openings. Better openings than a Pilot of Sabre2, but I can't speak for the Icarus products..
  5. LOL doesn't Everybody say what they jump is the best of the best?!? But you really mean it though, right?
  6. I want to second this feedback - being a larger jumper and the increased snatch forces RiggerLee mentioned, you are at higher risk for line dump with increased consequences associated with more mass traveling at higher velocities. At a minimum, I would steer you away from stowless (fully or partially) bag designs. While you are at it, consider a Firebolt as a main canopy. Full elliptical (fun to fly) and a very deliberate sniveler. Originally marketed towards camera flyers in the mid-2000s. The Firebolt is also a hybrid design, which will help with volume and ease of packing.
  7. Which is fine. PD is not one who I spoke with on the topic above. I'm sure they have their own designs.
  8. The manufacturers I speak with have a formula for slider size which usually involves looking at the distances between the B-C lines on the center cell and the B-B lines across the center cell and building a slider where those dimensions matche up hole-to-hole on the slider. I have encountered this problem twice before, and in both cases two separate manufacturer recommended using the same size slider with a partial mesh center. Again, talk to the manufacturer about this, but that may be a more appropriate solution.
  9. Unstable


    I had one in my 2K3 until 2015 when I bought a Vigil. Performance aside, it is important to me to have current and evolving factory support for any gear I choose to jump. Look at the constant revisions in AAD software manifest in sundry service bulletins. With Argus, you get none of that.
  10. Man What is the deal? I sent one off about 2 weeks ago - batteries, Cuatro update + new head. They received it Thursday, and on Monday it was back on its way to me. Maybe I'm lucky.
  11. In 2017 - 2018, I have personally assembled and delivered ~14 new Racers. 13 have been 2K3s and 1 has been a classic, all with the Single Sided RSL. 2018 Racer 2K3 Unassembled Side Detail Hip Junction Detail Personal Rig Riser Cover Detail Navy Rig 2017 Custom 2K3 Tacky Rig - 2018 I have way more images - let me know if there is any feature on a New Racer that anybody would like to see.
  12. Yes, there is an approved alteration for rigs that did not come with a Single sided RSL that can be done by any Master rigger. Most new Racers I have seen since ~2015 have single sided RSLs from the Factory. I have a November 2018 Racer, unassembled, sitting 3 feet from me right now. Absolutely great rig - Single sided RSL, Stainless steel hardware, spacer foam backpad and legpads, Type 13 harness, double tuck magnetic riser covers, contrast stitching, articulation, etc. I would put it against any 2018 rig on the market today. =========Shaun ==========
  13. Wow. Is there some resource I can go see to better understand how or why the project costs ballooned to +3x of the original proposal? Obviously moving the location from Virginia to Orlando made a difference, but what caused this major price increase? =========Shaun ==========
  14. Even if they don't come on here, have you ever called your RD and expressed your concerns or thoughts on the direction USPA is going? Would he/she give you the time of day? Our RD is always available by phone and stops by the local DZs every year. I feel like I can always call him up and give my viewpoint. I called him last week and told him I was concerned about Airport Access in general and what USPA is doing on a Macro level. =========Shaun ==========
  15. Man I have a Turbo-Z in my basement donated (Abandoned) from a rigging customer of mine... reading this thread makes me want to take it up and see what it is all about. =========Shaun ==========