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  1. Unstable

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    Which is fine. PD is not one who I spoke with on the topic above. I'm sure they have their own designs.
  2. Unstable

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    The manufacturers I speak with have a formula for slider size which usually involves looking at the distances between the B-C lines on the center cell and the B-B lines across the center cell and building a slider where those dimensions matche up hole-to-hole on the slider. I have encountered this problem twice before, and in both cases two separate manufacturer recommended using the same size slider with a partial mesh center. Again, talk to the manufacturer about this, but that may be a more appropriate solution.
  3. Unstable


    I had one in my 2K3 until 2015 when I bought a Vigil. Performance aside, it is important to me to have current and evolving factory support for any gear I choose to jump. Look at the constant revisions in AAD software manifest in sundry service bulletins. With Argus, you get none of that.
  4. Unstable

    Vigil service delays

    Man What is the deal? I sent one off about 2 weeks ago - batteries, Cuatro update + new head. They received it Thursday, and on Monday it was back on its way to me. Maybe I'm lucky.
  5. When I set up a new Racer I always throw away the paper card and start them with a new Tyvek one. I agree those paper cards are not good.
  6. +1 on those who vote for the Zebra 301 Fine point - my preference is Blue. I too have wandered from pen to pen and found the 301 to be the best out there for the ulta-waxy cards used by some manufacturers.
  7. 1 hour 10 minutes. I am a dad with kids, job, wife, house, etc - so I can't be at the DZ all weekend every weekend. Usually I jump every Saturday and I go out early early and head home after lunch. That works really well for me.
  8. Unstable

    favorite sewing machines

    I agree with this guy. I have owned 2 20u's, both the green and blue model. All machines have ranges for their various features: stitch length, foot pressure, stitch width, material thickness....When a 20u is working with any 2 characteristics close to max adjustment, you get very odd behaviors and you'll need to time/tune the machine specially for the job. Every 20u I have owned or worked with has that behavior. My personal choice is the Consew 199RB-1a. It will handle a much wider range of materials and sewing characteristics. Good used 199s can be purchased for around $800 if you look around.
  9. Unstable

    Dropzones in Dallas area

    In all due respects, and take this from one midwest jumper to another, you aren't going to get less windy by zipping to another DZ in the same geographical area.
  10. As a dealer for one Mfg, I ask for 50% down and full payment on delivery. I thought that was standard in the industry? That allows me to put the rig on the customer and make sure they are truly happy with the product before I ask for payment in full.
  11. Unstable

    Angelfire 150 in Infinity I-33

    My big canopy rig came with an AF logo on it (but I have a Raven 218 in this one, but nobody knows that....)
  12. Unstable

    Angelfire 150 in Infinity I-33

    The Angelfire is a Wonderful reserve and quite popular around here. They have a unique line attachment points integrated into the rib rather than just a tab bartacked to the bottom skin and rib fell. I do want to Preface that a few years ago, Parachute Labs made some changes in the reinforcing tapes and dropped the pack volume 12%-15%. Call the manufacturer and they will give you the pack volume by date.
  13. Unstable

    Angelfire 150 in Infinity I-33

    This would be tight for sure. I jump an AF150 reserve in a 400 CU container and the fit is jiiiiiiiiiist right.
  14. Unstable

    New AAD made in USA

    Maybe for sport skydivers, but it would't take many [url https://military.cypres.aero/] military contracts [/url] to pay back some of the R&D costs.
  15. Unstable

    2017-18 Wings

    I presume you are referring to the reserve PC not having enough drag to cleanly extract the reserve freebag? Multiple well-documented cases of this occurring.