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  1. Wasn't there some rumblings of the Reflex going back into production a while ago? Do you ever foresee that happening?
  2. Yes. I clicked on this thread hoping to see an update on the functionality and concern related to the Curve and instead it's no new information and folks discussing the history of rig development from 1981 onward. So no new information here?
  3. I know right? I can't in good conscience recommend it at that price.
  4. $4,100 for a container. What a world we live in.
  5. Following up on this thread - has there been anymore information from Eric or a response from RI on this issue, or is it all just noise at this point?
  6. Agree. I think back to the videos of the static vs dynamic deployments of the speedbag assembly of the Racer, or the aerodyne freebag, or even the new reserve freebag of the Sigma - the PC applies a force but during the extraction process, the bag is allowed to rock side to side as the various line stows are released and then how the reserve PC escapes through the corner as the last bight still holds on - so wildly different on the ground versus in the air. So far from this thread, we have see a claim not backed up by any secondary testing, done by someone who we find out has both a business dispute on this rig as well as, in his own words,
  7. I think this is a powerful point that need to be focused on this thread. I can think of several examples where failure modes are imaged by 'pulling slowly on the ground' that do not represent the real forces in a skydive. I think a good datapoint would be to video the openings on this rig and slow it down to study the mechanics of a real-world deployment.
  8. Agree with this. I bought a Consew 225 on CL for $500 and it has been my most reliable workhorse for a long time. Anything more than $700-$800 and I vote look elsewhere
  9. Agree with this Statement. My noggin fits the Cookie G4 and the Kiss helmet wonderfully, but the G3 was never very comfortable even with my hundreds of jumps with one. Different fits! I suggest OP try them all on and see what feels best.
  10. Sorry, I just got back in, yes the 'Reverse S Fold' is the technique I am referring to. I am not a fan. The regular method does a better job of pinning the slider in place, up against the stop. If you watch a person do the Reverse S fold, any loss of control of the bagging process and the slider is moved down and out of position. I always teach to do a regular S-fold, pin the slider on the first fold in the body of the canopy, and use that as a point of control through the bagging process. I think manufacturers should be discouraging the reverse S fold whenever possible.
  11. Yes, I have repaired 2x pilots (a 188 and a 210) this year alone for hard opening that broke lines, line attachment points and blew out portions of the tail. One I repaired myself, one ended up with a completely cracked rib and I sent that to the factory, and it was almost $800 in repairs. The common denominator in both of these were packers who use the new(?) methods of bagging the Top of the canopy first and then the fold to lock the slider in last. This method, if not done extremely carefully, results in the packer essentially shoving the slider back into the deployment bag. I attribute those to gross packing error. In all sincerity, I wish Aerodyne and the other manufacturers would put a statement out and discourage that method of bagging.
  12. Whatever it was, look how flat is is and how fast it fell. It has some mass/weight to it.
  13. Start Skydiving (John Hart's DZ) runs a Short Caravan and they used to have a 208B but I believe they sold the latter. We leased the short caravan of theirs for boogies in the past. https://startskydiving.com/facilities-aircraft/
  14. Old thread, but I wanted to revisit this - is Parachute Systems back taking orders and in production?