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  1. Just got an L&B SOLO but unfortenately the manual comes in Italian , Can someone provide me the manual in English ? Thanks !
  2. Skydive Thiene is very near Venice . If you need more Info , let me know .
  3. want to have some quality Holidays where I can Skydive and can do some diving ( to keep my wife happy ) any sugestions ? I know Skydiving and diving does not goes "hand-in-hand " at least not within the 24hours time frame "but just wondering if there are any good sugestions around . Thanks.
  4. In a curiousity European Dropzones , Altimeters usage in Feet or Meters ?
  5. any dealer in Europe having the GAS already in stock ?
  6. anybody tried out this helmet ?
  7. hi , some background Info : I 'm having a French license / insurance ( 2008 ) . I was living in the French Caribean for some years and now moved to Italy . I want to jump with my French licence but I do need an Insurance that also covers jumping in Spain and Italy . etc ... The french federation tells me to get in contact with a French club to do so . Which I did , nowadays the clubs "inviting "me to go to France ...Since this is not obvious I am looking to get an insurance ( in Italy ? ) Th eother option is to get an USPA license , but the insurance which goes with it (?) only covers US citizen . Any thoughts on this ? regards, maLUCo
  8. nice pic ! the 'rework ' is with Photoshop i guess ?
  9. I've heard that there is a Skydiving club overthere ( Skydive Paranoia ? ) Anybody has some more Info ?
  10. Any thoughts on PORTER Cases ?
  11. for a red carpet treatment and best price contact Marcelo at He gives excellent customer support , even when he's on Holiday !
  12. the island of Guadeloupe ( French Caribean ) , Beach , average temp of 28 deg C ,Pilatus , local rum , girls ...
  13. earlier this year in Outside :
  14. getting the measurements settled for my new rig ( ICON Aerodyne ) . Nowadays every single measurement goes into different results . What I DO know : I am 1.90 cm and to get my Torso Length is another story I got 50 cm to 55 cm ... This might be a banana question but anyhow what about you guys ?