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  1. ok, this one really gets me. THIS IS NOT FUCKING EBAY ! When you post your ad - post a price, or post "MAKE OFFER". When you post an ad with a price of $1000 , I expect to buy it for $1000, not get an email back saying "I am giving it three days, whoever offers me the most over $1000 will get it". BULLSHIT, use eBay to run auctions. /rant over.
  2. ok, here's another hint for you : "a picture is worth 1000 words"
  3. not knowing the condition on the container and the DOM on the reserve, I'd say the asking price should be $2300-3000 also "good colors" is VERY subjective.
  4. I'd like to see the text that back this statement up. Because the reserve card shows a pack date, not an expiration date. thanks for the info I bet it's as simple as being grandfathered into a contract/law. The rig is packed as per FAA regulations the date it was packed - thus it follows the 120 day reg. I honestly think it's a fairly black and white concept from the legal standpoint.
  5. Can anyone tell me for sure which month/year The The Crossfire2 started coming out ? As in the earliest DOM on the Crossfire2 and the latest on the Crossfire1 ? I have already emailed Icarus. tnx !
  6. moot point. People who take days to respond are the ones who don't read these forums. also, the way I understand is the "login date" is the FORUM login. You can post and edit classifieds without that date changing. But yeah, if you are a once a few days email checker - put your phone number in the ad. best of luck to all. Anybody got a Sabre(1 or 2) 170 for sale ? :)
  7. :( With the value of gear being fairly high, I always suggest to call to take nice pics of their gear and manufacturer labels with SN on them. I know it's too late now :( eBay/craigslist/local pawn shops and the DZ are probably the most likely places to find the gear. Perhaps posting a Craigslist ad for "want gear" or "gear missing - $$$ reward offered no questions asked" may help...
  8. pictures would be MOST helpful. People are visual. good luck !
  9. not the funniest, but best relayed through picture. somewhere in China.
  10. Are you talking about a particular G4 on a particular person or all the G4 containers in general ? Got pictures ?
  11. my first and foremost question would be "HOW MUCH DO YOU WEIGH, and does anybody but yourself like your canopy control ?"
  12. perhaps I am reading too much into what you wrote. The way I read was "the Illegal jump that resulted in a fatality (because it was illegal" - sounds like you were not implying that being Illegal caused it to be Fatal. In which case yes, you are correct, with all the data present it was not a legal jump and the outcome of the jump resulted in a fatality. The narrow minded part - it would be foolish to think that the fact that it was illegal (due to gear being used) had anything to do with the fact that it was fatal. In this instance I don't believe having gear defined as legal by an FAR and/or a proper FAA waiver would make a difference. are we on the same page now ?
  13. The illegality of the jump IN NO WAY caused the fatality. The illegality of the jump and the fatality are NOT related events, that have ZERO in common. Using SD gear on THAT jump and initiating deployment at the altitude that it was initiated at (which is NOT illegal) - would more than likely have the same fatal outcome. Again, this is where the Whuffo part of the argument comes in. Being narrow minded I believe is what this thread is about.
  14. I was answering your question and regardless what Billy thinks I wasn't making a personal attack I don't know you so I can only make my determination based on what you stated for the record. So what is it that you stated? Well you stated that your most recent jumps where illegal (lets just call them jumps) from aircraft they are not "my stance on proper sklydiving" they are the Federal Goverments STANCE in other words the LAW. Now the intelligence of anyone breaking the laws is supsect but even more so when the consequences are so high. Now I am basing this purly on what you said and what the FAR says. Remember YOU asked me and frankly no one is disagreing with me. I am not the FAA I didn't write the law so you can't disagree with me :) and now for the assumptions part. What if those jumps I talk about took place in a coutnry not so far away that did not mandate TSO nor I broke no rules by not having a dual parachute harness. Naturally being non-USA no FAA regs were broken. That, as I am sure you will guess will make it a legal jump. Thus, by your own deductive reasoning since I broke no rules - everything is fine. This is like the debate about the packjob(s) that DO NOT go bad on the 121st day - they are just not legal as per FAA, or the AADs, or other things that are regulated. Things that one does may be improper and not legal, but sure as are not stupid. On the same note, you can be doing something perfectly legal, but absolutely stupid. And attitudes like yours I think is exactly what Andy was complaining about.
  15. for the last time : recreational parachuting from aircraft : SKYDIVING recreational parachuting from fixed object : BASE JUMPING you may use BASE gear on a skydive, or skydiving gear on a BASE jump. But the definitions stay. Please don't confuse the two. Remember the ice skating on grass - or did not read my previous post ? and thanks a lot for being open minded, it makes me warm and fuzzy knowing that you think that anybody who disagrees with your stance on "proper" skydiving is not a "smartest cookie in the jar". carry on
  16. HUH? Andy started this thread because of something I said in the incident thread that billy deleted. Andy was there/part of crew that where base jumping from the aircraft. He is calling me and others whuffos because we/myself won't give him/them a pass on breaking the law which resulted in a fatallity. So yes Andy is the center of this thread. He wants to say it is ok top break the law because other people have. Well no it doesn't make it ok. Have I broke the Law? Well yes it is a matter of public record. Was there others that I was not convicted of? Yes that is public record as well. Where there other laws I broke that I was never caught? Well that is not public record and it will stay that way. But again none of that has a thing to do with this. You can scream and yell and jump up and down and call names all you want but it won't change anything. It is black and white. You KNOWINGLY broke the Law and someone died. There was no way he could have done it alone therefore everyone involved is culpable. Again Andy I am sorry for your loss and if I had the power turn back Time I would. I am not holding anything your have said against you but at that same time your not getting a pass because you feel bad. You CANNOT BASE jump from the Aircraft. Just like you cannot go ice skating on grass. You can however use BASE jumping gear to make jumps from aircraft. Any is NOT at the center of the thread. He may have jumped that helo, he may have not. He may have used BASE gear he may have not. His actions have NOTHING to do with the fact that the person died. I don't think Andy is looking for a "pass". He is merely venting as to how close minded some skydivers can be. oh, for the record my most recent aircraft parachute jumps have been on non-TSOd gear and without reserves - does that make me an imbecile ?
  17. But did he say that he IS NOT ? He made a general statement. The discussion is NOT about his abilities, nationality or skydiving experience. Why do all you people keep bringing AndyC into this argument - he has never indicated anything about himself as part of the conversation. dunderhead1, do you have issues with Brits just like JerryB does ? Do you like him think they should not be skydiving in the US ?
  18. Hmm, my passport says "American." Birthplace even says "Texas" you know, I still have two valid passports. One is from the US, the other is not. Am I an American ? DOES IT MATTER when we are using that in skydiving context ??????????????????????
  19. come jumping over here, BASE is completely legal in this neck of the woods.. but hey, you're a foreigner, maybe not! BASE is completely legal in the US too. There are bans by a few agency owned lands and municipalities, but otherwise 99.9% of the country is quite legal.
  20. Same is true for those living in England. Is the point about foreigners that they may not know the FAA regs? BASE seems more grey area, legally speaking, in the US than in other countries. no, the whole point is that JerryB kept pointing out Andy's supposed ignorance of FAA regs and/or supposed blatant disregard and relating those issues to him being a non-American. It may not be what he intended to do, but it sure as hell sounded ignorant.
  21. Very simple test Andy. When the "dash-Americans" come to Europe - do they identify themselves as German/Irish/Italian, etc or just plain-old "monolingual American" ??? This thread has NOTHING to do with nationalities, ethnicity, just with FAA regs. Whatever JerryB's reasons are for bringing countries into the conversation, it puzzles me...
  22. you're out of line tea-sipping boy. I believe that's what he was trying to say. If not, than I have no clue how your misfortune of being a Brit has anything to do with BASE Whuffos... :)
  23. so - IS there anyone with enough jumps on a Radical to give us their opinion ? I always thought Comp Cobalts are the shitznit, wonder what the Radical brings us. thanks in advance.
  24. about 200 WS jumps. pull depends on the suit and currency. Will not worry if I fly a Prodigy and pull as long as I comfortably feel. If flying a Vampire, prefer to be pulling above 3K. Ditto on aerobatics stopping higher. Lowest pull in skydiving environment 800ft (with gear that was setup for fast opening), usual deployment - about 3K when current.