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    You keep trying to discredit others to explain this away. It doesn't matter the packing cards not matching is the entire enchilada... no way around that. Since Cossey and Hayden both thought their chutes were used then it is natural for them to think the other is lying. An extra card, a wrong card, no way.. that is speculation too far.. Those cards are crucial for jumpers. If the card found in the chute left on the plane didn't match the one in the chute later returned to Hayden how can they be the same chute? Both cards matched the Hayden chute packing dates of May 21/71 and both packed by Cossey. The chutes did not match the dates and serial numbers. If the chutes didn't match then that accounts for both Hayden chutes and logically Cooper didn't jump with either of Hayden's back chutes... So which back chute did Cooper jump with?
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    Sounds like yer new to this discussion. May want to read a few pages back and get up to speed. This isn't really a discussion about why we need the museum (we do), it's more about the lack of progress and why it isn't done. A few valid points in your 2c, I'm just not sure what the point is. The cost per member over the 5 yrs is approx $5.83
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    Any help is appreciated. I cannot do this alone. I want to make sure what the final goal of all my actions are. I want to get the Museum done. The fact that so many pioneers and members are now gone before they ever saw it, is sad. The fact that the Honorary Chairman GHWB was the ONLY skydiving President we ever had and he wasn't used to secure a location at the Smithsonian or at his Presidential Library is mind blowing to me. I have contacted both of these (and a few more) and got to both directors. Sadly I was told they weren't interested. Pretty sure an ex President wude have gotten a different answer. Since it was never tried, we won't ever know. To me, that indicates the ISMHOF is not really interested in getting this done. 48 yrs and still waiting. Sad.
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    Again, lets be accurate. I said I haven't met anyone that has said they knew about the vote ahead of time. That shouldn't be taken as they don't exist. Stating that 1 member did (McCormick) also should not be stated as many, many that did know either. "I also assume that he is not the only 1 behind that effort" is just that. An assumption. To also say that some members are for funding the museum and some are not, is also inaccurate. What they have been led to beleive, is by contributing to the Museum, the project will get finished. So far, that has not happened. I also doubt that anyone has been told that a portion of their contribution (up to 37% so far) will not be used to actually construct this but, is used to gather more funding. We also don't have an actual site picked out, an actual building plan, any kind of business plan to keep this operating or any engineering company to help get this built. We only have a group of 14 Trustees that have little to no experience in these projects, have other full time jobs and have been put in charge of this project and in 48 yrs have produced exactly nothing. Those are all historical, verifiable facts.
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    I am not. MBOHU stated that the members Knew about this coming up for a vote. I have not found any evidence to support this. Lets try and stay with factual, historically accurate events. If you don't have a way to prove a statement, please don't make it till you can. I have encouraged anyone that reads my statements to check them on your own for accuracy
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    It would all be in the phrasing. I bet, “Are you in favor of using a small percentage of member’s dues to fund the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fam?” would get a positive reaction. “Are you for or against USPA giving the the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fame $25,000 per year for 5 years from your membership dues, without any guarantees it will ever be built?” would not get a positive reaction. I emailed Jim McCormick on Monday asking about the museum’s plans and more details about the wind tunnels. No response. Derek V
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    I had to post this one too. It's great!!
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    Long time DZO of Lake Wales and Phoenix Z-Hills passed away this morning. She did a lot for our sport and she will be missed.
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    As far as members petitioning the USPA to donate members dues is news to me. Please share whatever evidence you have to support that statement. Or the many, many other ways you speak of.
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    That makes no sense. The ISMHOF is a 501c3 and anybody that wanted to donate cude do so on their own. Many have. Why have the USPA step in and use members dues for that? A completely unnecessary step....
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    I've yet to meet anyone that knew about this before the vote in 2018. I've also spoken with BOD members that didn't know about this before the vote. McCormick pitched this to the BOD, apparently not 1 of them knew that Ottley never wanted members funds used for this or if they did, they ignored that. They had a vote, it was close and it passed. Forked over the funds, no oversight, no plan, no timeline. Nothing. I keep hearing "But, we need the Museum!" No Shit Sherlock. We have for 48 yrs and it's still not done. A few events to induct folks into it and that's it. As I dig into the financials, I discovered a large chunk of the donations are being paid to 1 person. The same person thats begging for more money and every "plan" he has presented, has fallen apart. The latest "plan" presented, has little if any chance of happening. We are all free to make whatever decisions we choose. This isn't about agreeing me or anyone. Its about looking at the facts, making rational, adult decisions and getting this project done.
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    You wrote: Clearly, the request for funding did come from members--probably very active members (in terms of petitioning the USPA and communicating with it--and in Jim's case in many, many other ways). So they DID listen to members. Members DID know about this. I assume the USPA thought that a majority--or at least a significant portion of members--would be on board with this. These members just don't happen to agree with you. I'm not saying you don't have any valid points, but you seem to assume all members agree with you, and clearly they don't. The suggestions about collecting signatures and bringing up a motion at a BOD meeting really seem to be the best way to find out how many agree with you and to get something moving on an issue you care so much about.
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    Did someone indicate that? I know I haven't. I'll assume he is as he was jumping at SDA before and after the meeting.
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    So McCormick and others who champion this project aren't USPA members?
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    I have. 7 that say they are dedicated skydivers, 5 skydive equipment mfg., 1 ex DZO Radiologist and 1 sports consultant. Nobody with any project development/Construction design /build background. There mite be some crossover from the business owners if they built their own facilities. Most farm that out to someone who specializes in that. You certainly having a lot of confidence in a group that has little to no experience in this field. And a track record of nearly half a century with 0 results. According to their own timeframe, they have till Jan. 13th 2021 to start this. And they don't even have a final site picked out. Good Luck
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    Hi Paul, the one thing that concerns me is that Barron stated that no trustees or Board Members have experience managing design and construction projects of this scale. Could you please confirm is that's the case or not? If it is the case, I might be able to help out a little. I've been a design management consultant for 15 years on multi billion dollar projects and specialize in the planning and delivery of projects like this. Will
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    NO Georger, I didn't claim Kaye found only one diatom, he clearly stated he found many, I can read. I was referring to the question of whether Asterionella was the winter or summer variety, that is the context. The real point was,, where was the bill in the packet. I don't know if you genuinely lack contextual discrimination due to a disorder or are just being a troll, but many people are really fed up with your nonsense. You continue, without fail, to discredit yourself. You are more a hinderance than an asset to the Cooper case and your toxic behaviour toward others doesn't elevate your relevance. You were caught lying and you refuse to admit when you are wrong which is often. You spend more time copying and pasting my comments with added disinformation than doing any of your own research. You can choose to be a positive influence.
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    There are a couple of factors at play here. One, it sounds like when you're unpacking, you're pulling the main out of the main container more or less parallel with the backpad, which isn't how you'll be deploying in the real world (hopefully!). If you lift the main out perpendicular to the backpad, the secondary riser covers should open before the line stows release. For the primary (over the shoulder) riser covers, regardless of the type, they're not likely to open until your main creates enough drag to start pulling you vertical, so the canopy will be out of the bag. Having a body in the harness will certainly give you a more realistic sense of the forces required to open the primary riser covers. The issue of risers being placed under or over the tuck tab pockets was never an issue until a company came out with a design that allowed the risers to find their way too far under the pocket and cause locking issues in the field. Instead of redesigning the riser covers, they decided to put a label on top of the pocket instructing the users/packers to put the risers on top of the pocket, and other companies followed suit. The Infinity top flap is designed to prevent the risers from finding their way to the "wrong" side of pocket when the risers are placed underneath it. You can put the risers in either location, but the covers will be a little more secure if the risers are placed under the pockets/top flap.
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    I was on the National Skydiving Museum Committee with Bill Ottley and Chris Needles from 2002 to 2006. From the beginning of the Museum and Hall of Fame project all agreed no financial burden would be on the USPA Members. The Museum would stand alone financially from donations and charging admission. Building cost started at $5,000,000 on FREE land next to USPA HQ in Fredericksburg Virginia. Now we don’t know what the building will cost on land that’s not free in a third location in Orlando. Giving our dues money to the International Skydiving Museum building should be voted by the Members, not by the BOD who are supposed to represent the Members. Hall of Fame project all agreed NO financial burden would be on the USPA Members. The Museum and Hall of Fame would stand alone financially from donations and charging admission. Building cost started at $5,000,000 on FREE land next to USPA HQ in Fredericksburg Virginia. Now it $16,000,000 on land that’s not FREE in a third location in Orlando. I was on the National Skydiving Museum Committee with Bill Ottley and Chris Needles from 2002 to 2005. From the beginning of the Museum and Hall of Fame project all agreed NO financial burden would be on the USPA Members. The Museum and Hall of Fame would stand alone financially from donations and charging admission. Building cost started at $5,000,000 on FREE land next to USPA HQ in Fredericksburg Virginia. Now it $16,000,000 on land that’s not FREE in a third location in Orlando. Giving our dues money to the International Skydiving Museum should be voted by the Members, not by the BOD who are supposed to represent the Members. And that’s just a Giving our dues money to the International Skydiving Museum should be voted by the Members, not by the BOD who are supposed to represent the Members. And that’s just a start about what I know.
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    Wrong! IF it was "working", we wude have the museum finished. It's only going on 48 yrs.
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    Ah, so you are going "bitch on the internet" route. Let us know how that goes.
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    There are a few other charges for other things but, he is by far the largest. And he's the only 1 listed on that page.
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    Still don't know how to read a previous post huh? Mite wanna work on that. I present facts and make a decision based on those. Perhaps you may want to give that a try......
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    I've said many times to research what I post here. I discovered today, that the ISMHOF paid Jim McCormick 95,670 in 2017 and 73,509 in 2016. Thats a total of 169,179. It's on page 28 of their 990 IRS forms. You can find those on guidestar.org
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    A handful of people friend request me that I take on tandems and I don't mind it, but sometimes I don't accept some of them. I would love to hear from someone that I took on a tandem that started skydiving though. On a side note, this last summer I took a girl on a tandem and she went home and sent me a creepy message on FB. We have been dating ever since.
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    Never ceases to AMAZE me to hear this type of insanity. The BOD, which has a fiduciary responsibility of protecting and prudent investment of funds that dues paying members provide, chooses to go against Ottley's wishes and provide funding to a non existing museum that has not accomplished anything in 48 yrs. No oversight. No accountability. The ISMHOF continues make promises that it has little to no chance of EVER accomplishing. And yet, in spite of all the protests from myself and all the others that had NO SAY in this decision, we are suppose to allow this to continue because THEY MADE A PROMISE? Are you kidding? In what world does that work? Besides the government. This is tragic. Anybody that can make a statement like that needs to find some intestinal fortitude. There is no reason that the members shude be on the hook for a commitment these few have done.
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    How long is the snivel? Much altitude lost?
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    Not sure what that 1st paragraph means or is referring to. As far as the second, let me ask a question. IF this was your money that you worked to aquire and you discovered the folks you were giving it to were spending it with no oversight or responsibility for what happens to it. Wude you continue giving more money to them?
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    So I will end with this. The USPA Board promised to supply some funding for this effort, along with many many other individuals and organizations. It is that simple, we are going to do it. We will keep our promise. Paul Gholson USPA Southern Regional Director And that rite there says it all. They will do whatever they want in spite of what the membership, logic and simple research says is a bad idea. We all make mistakes. What may have seemed like the rite thing to do when McCormick pitched this in the summer of 2018, is now obviously shown to be, at best, an impossibly flawed plan. Instead of shoving this down the members throats and saying "too bad", the responsible thing wude be to re-evaluate this decision and change it. Until the ISMHOF can produce a workable plan for what they are saying, the USPA shude stop all further funding. Period
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    The museum so far has raised a significant amount of money. They have not broken ground and may never break ground. What due diligence did USPA do before sending checks? What happens to the money if they never build the museum? A tunnel manufacturer (not iFly) is going to build 2 tunnels in Orlando where there already is 2 tunnels; Has this manufacturer released a press statement with their intention to build 2 tunnels? Have they built a horizontal tunnel before? What size tunnels are they planning on building? Which tunnel manufacturer has committed to these 2 new tunnels? Has USPA reached out to this tunnel manufacturer for any information on their schedule or experience in the industry? Derek V
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    i am not sure what i expected when i asked the questions you didn't respond to, but i am pretty sure it wasn't a bunch of idiotic questions. i say idiotic, not as an insult, but as descriptive because they all are answered if you read my original questions. now, one more time for real this time and please, if you don't have anything to add that is helpful, stay the hell out of this one. i was wondering a similar thought, how do they know what we want to do with our funds? is there an open process or do we have to come to a meeting? if that is the case, it seems a bit exclusionary. i don't recall ever having been given the option in 22 years of choosing anything the bod votes on. shouldn't there be some sort of ballot or letter of issues circulated so that we can make a choice, rather than reading about it? if there is one, why have i never received it? is there a place where we can go look at minutes of meetings and see a list of issues?
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    Again Thanks for simply doing what you SAID you wude do. I don't believe anyone was holding a gun to your head to make you say you wude refund any members dues that you and the other's committed to this. Let me know if I have that wrong. And yer rite, I am a little Giddy that it actually happened. I was unaware that the agenda is listed before the meetings. Thanks for letting me and the others know. I will be keeping an eye on that. As I have mentioned many times already, I did call and I did text. I followed just what yer suggesting and got just 3 responses. You consistently keep trying to say its the members responsibility to stop their lives and attend a meeting. I fail to see how I will get any better response by traveling somewhere when I can't even get a return phone call. All this is aside of the main point. And that is that the BOD chose to support an organization that hasn't done shit in half a century. You CHOSE to get elected. That was your call. Just as its my call to investigate this the way I have. I believe we both want the museum done. You choose to support an organization with a lousy track record and I point out the shortcomings and offer an alternative. You keep saying you have seen the plans for the museum. Well, be a good member of the Board and inform your constituents how their funds are being used and tell or show us what those are. This is the 2nd time I have asked AFTER you said you saw them.
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    To be clear, the Museum trustees have a definite timeline to break ground by March, 2021. This was announced July, 2019, on their website. Yes, it has been a long time coming. The reason is, not enough money raised. Now, there is about $5.5 million raised. As I write, the Museum officials are looking at about 5 building sites in the Orlando area. This, along with other plans, was presented to the USPA Board last weekend. The USPA does not own or control the operation or plans for the Museum. The Board voted to contribute money toward this project, about $25,000 a year for about 5 years. Many other organizations and individuals have contributed much much more. These are the facts, not opinion, not conjecture. Baronn and myself view this differently, and are in opposite corners on this issue. He does not like or agree with the USPA Board decision. I stand with the USPA Board, and the Board stands together. Personally, I believe this is a potentially magnificent project, with far reaching advantages...if it succeeds. He thinks it is a money pit, a boondoggle, and a waste of money. In a few years, one of us will be right, one will be wrong. Time will tell. Again, to be clear, the Museum officials were only given 10 minutes to make their presentation with no questions during the Board meeting, because of our very full schedule. However, their representative stayed all that afternoon, that night, and the next day to answer any and all questions. I talked to him myself for 1/2 hour during breakfast the next morning. They have always been completely transparent and forthcoming in their answers. Nobody is hiding anything. They have answered every question. I have contributed personally to the Museum. I will continue to support it. The USPA Board has made a promise and commitment, and we will honor that promise.. I keep my word, the USPA will keep its word. If you don’t want to support this effort, then don’t. If you are so offended that you don’t want a couple of dollars per year of your membership money going to the Museum, send me an email and I will personally refund your portion of your membership dues that has gone toward the Museum. I made a promise to support USPA, I serve on the Board. USPA has made a promise to support the Museum. The USPA Board will keep its promise. If the membership of the USPA Southern disagrees with me, they are free to vote me off the USPA Board in the next election. “You” and I may not agree on this, but this is how I stand. If anyone wishes to express their view on this forum, feel free. If anyone wishes to contact me personally, my personal email and cell number is in the front of every Parachutist magazine. I answer my email, I answer my cell, I answer text. Ask Baronn, he has called me, texted me, and emailed me several times. I just wanted to be upfront and forthcoming with everyone, whether they agree or disagree with me. This is my stance on the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fame. Paul Gholson, USPA Board of Directors, Southern Regional Director .
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    Is there somewhere we could look at this information? Where does it come from?
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    Well....there is no real need for a skydiving HoF. Skydivers are not famous outside of skydiving. It is a vanity project and is completely unneeded and unjustified. Successful HoFs are revenue generators because the public has large enough numbers of people who are interested. No one gives a shit about skydivers, but some of us like to think what we do is special. These people need to get over themselves.
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    As a judge, I loved working competitions (especially Collegiates) at Lake Wales. Betty was always so attentive to the judges as well as the competitors, because she wanted everyone to have a great time and a great meet. So sad to hear this news. I'm sure the crew at Lake Wales is really hurting, but I am also sure they are supporting each other.
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    No slider? Ouch. On the other hand, I do wonder just how much effect the slider does have, as the openings are rather hard in my very limited experience... (Single keel that is. Dual keel is nicer all around.)
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    Betty's face was one of the kind faces I always looked forward to seeing at Lake Wales when I went through my student progression there in the early 2000's...She will indeed be missed.
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    Fully agree with this 100%! You want to impress your instructor? Stay humble, ask questions and most of all, be safe. Remember THEIR names are in YOUR log book, and what ever YOU DO. Reflects on them.
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    Stay teachable. By that, I mean don't ever forget that you know very little and have a lot to learn. Don't become the '100 jump wonder' who knows everything. Continue to learn. I've heard it said that some skydivers have 500 jumps, others have done the same jump 500 times. Keep showing up. Even if the weather is 'iffy', show up anyway. There's a lot that can be learned on weather holds, just sitting around and talking. Listen more than you talk. At this point, there's very little you can do to impress them with your skills. But you can show a good attitude.
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    My impression is that USPA is part of the problem. When the NTSB issued their report in 2008; "The Safety Board's review of parachute operations accidents since 1980 identified the following recurring safety issues: Inadequate aircraft inspection and maintenance; Pilot performance deficiencies in basic airmanship tasks, such as preflight inspections, weight and balance calculations, and emergency and recovery procedures; and Inadequate FAA oversight and direct surveillance of parachute operations." the USPA responded with requiring DZO's to fill out a form each year with their GM renewal with information about their aircraft, pilots and maintenance. So the USPA is giving the appearance of checking on jumpship maintenance, when they actually are not. Chuck, you and I agree. Derek V
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    Congrats, you now agree the GM program is meaningless.... Took long enough! Then maybe the USPA (and you) should not act like a GMDZ is better than a non-GM DZ? A GM takes a pledge to follow the FAR's so it is not a gigantic assumption that a DZ that has been proven not to follow the FAR's should not be a GMDZ. It is my time to waste. I don't consider it a waste to help people open their eyes to the scam that is being played on them. Fact is the vast majority of jumpers know exactly nothing about FAR's or can tell if an aircraft is legal. They rely on the DZO to be honest and the lie that a GM follows the FAR's. Simply put, the USPA GM program does not give you any guaranty of a safe DZ. You want proof? A DZ that had a crash due to bad MX was still a GM. That same DZ had the DZO censured by the USPA but was still a GM. That DZ has now had a FATAL crash, again due to bad MX.... And as it stands currently is STILL a GM DZ. I feel for all those that lost... But to pretend the GM program is anything more than a scam to force individual membership and provide fake legitimacy to the DZ is simply shown to not be true. The USPA does not even remove the GM of a DZ that has been shown to not follow the FAR's. These are facts. You can try to play me all you want, but you can't refute them. "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." -- Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334
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    Don't you get it, the plane ride is PART of the event. And the pledge says you will follow FAR's! If they are not following FAR's they should not be a GM. Here is the GM application. You will notice it starts off talking about the advertising and then later mentions the pledge (which we all know means nothing if a DZ that had a crash due to MX is still a GM). https://uspa.org/Portals/0/files/Form_GMInitialApp.pdf Point #1 of the pledge: "Comply with the USPA Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs), which include compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations relevant to skydiving operations, including aircraft operations." COMPLIANCE WITH FAR's!!!!! Point #3: "Ensure that all aircraft utilized for the purpose of parachute operations comply with commercial maintenance requirements described in U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91.409(a) through (f) as applicable." COMPLY WITH FAR MX REQUIREMENTS!!!! So if they are not doing that, they are not abiding by the "pledge" yet somehow still are a GM???? But lets continue with the "pledge": But lest look at the GM program manual!!!! https://uspa.org/Portals/0/files/Man_GM.pdf Look at 1-3 "benefits" the first two are: "Use of the authorized phrase, as indicated on the USPA Group Membership Certificate" "Free advertising" So there is little doubt that it really is about marketing and not actual safety. Yet, here we have DZ's breaking at least TWO of the seven "pledges" and still are GM DZ's...... It is about money, not safety. "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." -- Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334
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    And yet I just gave an example of a GM DZ that had an issue with illegal MX in the past resulting in a crash and recent action against the DZO and now a fatality at that DZ in part due to MX and they are still a GM. These are all facts. GM DZ having a crash due to illegal MX - Still a GM Action taken against the DZO - Still a GM An additional crash, with fatalities, reported to be bad MX - Still a GM DZ. Now maybe the USPA has not acted yet.... But they didn’t take action from the last crash due to bad MX, so I have little faith they will take action now... The check cleared. Maybe the USPA will finally act.... So maybe a preventable fatality is the line that removes a DZ from the program? That would be nice to know.... ‘Dangerous activities are allowed until someone dies.’ At that point it isn’t more than just the check clearing and an empty promise. Anyone that thinks the DZ being a USPA GM means anything is fooling themselves. The GM program is there to force individual membership and to serve as an advertisement tool. Funny how Chuck has made that’s EXACT claim on this forum before. "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." -- Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334
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    dumb. The TM should never have let that happen.
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    Um... no. Is stupid and reckless. JW Always remember that some clouds are harder than others...
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    It's not hilarious or great - this is plain stupid and dangerous. Apart from the distraction added by handling his phone, think of what would have happened to him (or his tandem master) if the phone slipped from his hands. Think of what would have happened if the phone hit somebody on the ground. Getting hit in the face or in your head by a phone at freefall speed? Absolutely hilarious... And to answer your question - things like this tend to happen more and more. I've had numerous discussions about why it's not possible to bring your own phone or camera on a tandem skydive. I've had people show up with meter-long selfie-sticks. I've have had tandem passengers try to smuggle Gopros into the airplane, even though we strictly forbid it. Social media show people a lot of stupid things and as most people are not used to thinking on their own, they try to recreate everything that might generate a few likes and online-attention without considering the possible consequences. Nice words are not always true - and true words are not always nice.
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    Came across a canopy that looks like a single keel paradactyl, but was made by Pioneer. Does anyone know what it might be?