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    The underlying problem here is that you are giving your own personal guess more credence than the educated opinions and conclusions of experts. If at the end of the day you're going to choose to ignore references cited by others, not cite any yourself, and stick to your own beliefs without any justification, why bother posting in the first place? It's completely astounding to me that you think you have the knowledge and skills to make such an inference. Why bother with virology and epidemiology when we have you? Aside from that, your thought process is flawed: 1) You've arbitrarily predicted (and stated as fact) that the outcomes of COVID will be (or "are", as if this is retrospective) similar to those of SARS, for reasons you haven't explained 2) You've been presented with scientific evidence that the outcomes of COVID are different from SARS 3) The only reasonable conclusion is that you were wrong at (1), yet somehow you conclude the opposite. That's not an argument--that's a statement of belief with nothing to back it, and it's wrong. You believe it because it seems intuitive, but intuition does not equal truth. You've already been provided with two specific example diseases that start as a mild viral infection but then later on become much more severe and even deadly. And you've been moving the goalposts, too. First it was "organ damage", then it was "organ failure", then you got called out on that and moved it to "severe organ damage".
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    It’s weird to me. Growing up in the UK I heard stories from my grandparents about what it was like for civilians in WWII. Rationing. Blackouts. Travel restrictions. Air raids. All that stuff. They SACRIFICED as a country. They had to, and they got through it. Whereas our country isn’t willing to just suck up wearing a mask and maybe not traveling for the holidays for a single year... Its really not a lot to ask in the big scheme of things.
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    You sure do predict a lot of violent revolutions in our near future........
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    The photo is an example of a novice jumper, not yet quite licenced, who did OK on landing with a one armed flare -- Likely only a partial flare on the big student canopy. She figured out on her own to get her good arm out in front (rather than behind the rear risers) so she could do a symmetrical flare. The brake lines might have a little less drag if pulled from between the risers instead of around the 'outside' of front and rear risers, as this pic seems to show. Although brake lines coming from the inside of the rear risers might then be more likely to scrape across one's neck or something. I haven't tried to see which method is more practical, but in any case she was able to grab both toggles and could do at least a partial flare! (Arm was broken on a 2 way Caravan exit where she was inside, coach outside, and the exit count somehow didn't work out so she got smacked against the door frame.)
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    Nah. We'll see a big spike approaching Christmas as all those who travelled for Thanksgiving become symptomatic, and then another early in the new year. Hopefully towards the start of Feb we'll begin to see a decline. A friend of my wife's decided to travel to Minnesota for Thanksgiving, found out she was positive a few days after arriving and is now bitching about being stuck in quarantine there. What about the HUNDREDS of people you put at risk because you just had to 'get out of the state for a change' you daft bint??! Because you couldn't just suck it up for a year and sacrifice just a little.... Zero sympathy. Absolutely none for people like that.
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    I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday. It was close to the anniversary of the death of my father, and not talking to him on Thanksgiving was the end of a ~40 year tradition. And we cancelled our local (small) plans to isolate since the infection rates were going up so fast here. So it was just us. Today around 4:30pm I was working in the office and the doorbell rang. Outside was a stranger about 30 years old named Mark Morales. He said he was lost and freezing; he had no shirt on and said he had been walking for four days. And San Diego isn't freezing by any means but even 55 degrees gets pretty cold after dark with no shirt. "What can we do to help?" Amy asked. The obvious thing to do would be to call the police but she wanted to give him other options, because that can go poorly for people like him. "Call the police maybe?" he said. Well that worked. Amy called them and spent a few minutes with a confused police operator, since nothing bad had happened and she was careful to emphasize that he was not threatening or (apparently) dangerous. Finally she defaulted to "we'll send an officer." Then the dog ran out the open door and started jumping on him and licking him. I pulled her off and dragged her back inside. Amy took over the dog and the kids and I went to get him a blanket, a sweatshirt and some food and bottled water. I gave them to him and sat outside with him for the 15 minutes it took the cops to get there. His story was pretty confused, but included that he lived in east LA, his father kicked him out, he never wanted to see his father again, he didn't want to go home, he wanted to go home and he had been in AA but they beat the crap out of him. He had been to a hospital where they had "knocked him out" and injected him with a chip that was tracking him. He had been walking for four days; someone dropped him off in Mexico and he had walked here. They dropped him off outside town. They dropped him off downtown. He said he was schizophrenic and he didn't want to take the drugs any more. They wouldn't give him the drugs. He was gay during the day but at night he found the Lord. He found our house by the christmas lights (lights that I had finished putting up five minutes before.) The cops finally came and I made it as clear as I could that he was completely nonthreatening the whole time and was just lost. I think it worked because they treated him about as well as could be expected, emphasizing over and over that they were not arresting him, he was not in trouble, they wouldn't make him go to a hospital - but if he was asking people to call the police they had to at least take him to the station and talk to him, and figure out where he could go next. I told them about the schizophrenia and the comments about being off his meds. They walked off with him and I didn't see them again. And after thinking about what his problems must be like, and what kind of future he could hope for - my problems seemed pretty small.
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    Donald Trump Leaves The White House | Spitting Image - YouTube
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    The only one who posts very regularly here in SC already did. Wendy P.
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    Such a tantrum, Asked to provide an example of snitching on a neighbor for not wearing a mask in their own backyard and the best you can do is provide an example of a threat of punishment for large gatherings? Not even close, but who cares right? Many on the Right seem upset as their feelings are not being given priority. How dare they oppress your ability to harm others.
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    When it comes to Tom Kaye's research, most of the effort is spent trying to explain it away, since it normally directly contradicts coveted theories.
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    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is leaving The Swamp, effective inauguration day. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/11/say-goodbye-to-ajit-pai-fcc-chair-to-leave-on-bidens-inauguration-day/ (And yes Kallend, this is also good news)
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    nwt, you, lippy and mrcwood are turning into our own Squad here. I'm liking it.
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    I believe airdvr, and others here, are skirting the truth. By that I mean saying out loud why they were willing to inflict 4 more years of Trump on the nation: short term monetary gain for themselves. They figured Trumps policies would put more coin in their pockets. I don't buy for a silly second any other reasons.
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    Goodbye my friend, blue skies.
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    Christmas Grinches pressured Shutter to remove the Christmas theme.. the same one used for years.. It looked fine, snowflakes suck up the ram though. Bring back Christmas....
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    You identify with the Zionists; she identifies with the Palestinians. They have conflicting priorities. Kind of like your priorities with killing Iranians who offend you with their jobs, and those of lots of other people. I have a Palestinian cousin -- he's one of 12 children in his family, with extremely widely-ranging religious beliefs (from Evangelical Christian to conservative Muslim). He keeps very quiet indeed about this issue, but he was born there, and went through refugee camps to get here as a teenager (I think). He's been a citizen since the 1960's. I'm telling you that simply because it's more complicated than "Jews good -- PLO bad." Palestine had lots of inhabitants, including both Arabs and Jews, before 1940. The cost of WW2 to the Jews was inconceivable. The cost to the Palestinians of Israeli independence was "The war culminated in the establishment of the State of Israel by the Jews, and saw the complete demographic transformation of Palestine, with the displacement of around 700,000 Palestinian Arabs and the complete destruction of most of their villages, towns and cities" (from Wikipedia). England felt they could "give" it to the Jewish inhabitants because they had taken it away from Turkey as part of the end of WW1. Too many people give themselves the right to decide for other people. English and Spaniards and Portuguese in the New World (well, then followed by everyone else), Europeans in general in Africa, English in NZ and Australia -- the list goes on and on. So I gues what I'm saying is if she says that, what of it? We have plenty of people who call for the forcible eviction of Palestinians from their land, why should it be so awful for Palestinians to call for the eviction of Israelis from their land? It's more "eye for an eye" stuff, which costs everyone in the long run, but she doesn't have fewer rights than the Israeli sympathizers. Wendy P.
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    Well, that's the same network where I heard someone say something akin to "the claims of lack of transparency are hard to understand -- he has been the most transparent president in the history of the country." I'm not sure they meant "we can see right through him," that that's how I took it Wendy P.
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    and with this, I think we can put the thread to a rest
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    So as most of you know, Trump supporters have become quite upset with fact checking on Facebook and Twitter. They become outraged when these platforms block completely untrue posts and append a note to misleading posts that "this isn't really true." "Where's my right to free speech?" they ask. "It is OUTRAGEOUS that my First Amendment rights are being violated!!! It's CENSORSHIP because they are afraid of the TRUTH!" Many of them moved to Parler, the "free speech" alternative. No censorship there! They have 100% freedom to claim that Biden is a convicted pedophile, the New World Order is backing the Clintons and Trump really won the election. And no one will post a link on top of their post saying "this is inaccurate; check here for election updates." Recently some Parler minions have proposed writing in Trump in the Georgia special election. Hashtag #WriteInTrumpForGA! (because everything has a hashtag) Different people have proposed this for different reasons: 1) It's a protest against the unfair election 2) There's this mumble mumble thing that means that if you write in Trump he will win Georgia 3) Punish those RINO's running for Senate because they didn't support Trump enough! Trump supporter Lin Wood tweeted that “politicians love votes & money (not necessarily in that order). Want to get @SenLoeffler & @sendavidperdue out of their basements to demand that action must be taken to fix steal of the 11/3 GA election? Threaten to withhold your votes & money. Demand that they represent you.” Anyway republicans are suitably panicked by the thought of hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters voting for Trump instead of the GOP candidates for Senate. But hey, if they want to lodge a protest vote, good for them. (Probably good for the US as well.) Parler was thus put in the position of carrying material that was damaging to republicans. You can guess what happened next. From a Parler post: ======================== BRRAKING NEWS: Parler is Censoring #WriteInTrumpForGA after many Trump Supporters took to social media to boycott the Georgia Senat elections after the republican secretary of State refused to the elections to Trump, Seems Parler didn't like many Trump Supporters refusing to vote of Republican senate runners and decided to cut the feed from Parler to keep them in check. Whatever happen to the first Amendment? ======================== This election has been a long and painful grind - but there are some bright moments.
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    Hi Tim, Uh, Trump inherited his. Jerry Baumchen
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    To be fair it sounds like he gave the money to a pro Trump group, not to one that Trump is directly involved with. In that sense it sounds like the people he gave money to are actually successful students of Trump University.
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    I'd suggest you tone it down 15-20% there Mark, you're about to blow a gasket in your championing of death this morning.
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    He'll go dark on the subject but post otherwise to continue to spread the word. He can't admit he was wrong because it would be admitting a firmly held belief was wrong. Belief in Trump, Q, Jesus etc. all come from seeking the truth instead of looking at facts and then seeing the truth. There he can never go.
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    Well we will see. There is still too much unknown. We dont even know how many people are asymptomatic. That figure has changed from 90% to 10% and everywhere in between at some point in the last six months. Safe to say no one really knows. Some people develop long-term complications, that is true for sure. But how many, what percentage, and what percentage develop permanent long term complications, that's hugely unknown.
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    I actually think it is the AG who is driving this push for punishment rather than Trump. I have mixed emotions about this. Executions are wrong, but I don't actually feel sorry for any of the people set to die, they all pretty much deserve it. It is wrong because of what it does to the rest of society to operate the killing system.
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    There's been talk of problems because of families forced to hibernate together for so long. No worries. It's been done before. Successfully. Well, sort of.
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    Well if that's not suspicious I don't know what is. I demand a re-recount!
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    It's a cookbook!!!
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    Thirty years ago I surveyed manufacturers for a similar rig. I ended up getting a Mirage with a large maple leaf. The maple leaf patch was only on the reserve pin cover. I have only seen one rig (A British-built Teardrop) with stripes on four or five separate panels. When the main container was closed, those stripes combined to form a Union Jack flag. Keep in mind that it is difficult consistently align all those stripes unless you use the exact same length of closing loop - every time. You will also need to pack consistently.
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    I'll own the poorly phrased comment and the confusion caused. When I wrote "The idea that having a fancy firearm as a defense weapon you are likely to use is a fantasy" I wasn't thinking pearl handled revolver. I was thinking military style assault weapons, glocks etc. being used for defense. When I wrote, "I have no problem with you or anyone like you having access to advanced firearms" I meant military style assault weapons in the possession of people who have been highly trained by the military and stay current in or out of the military. For everyone else, if you need to, buy a shotgun.
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    If that's the way you choose to look at life nothing I say will matter to you.
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    I make use of the Ignore List, but obviously we also an Ignore Threads feature to hide the threads started by such individuals.
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    The useless threads will quickly fall off of the front page. You have just started your own useless thread to complain about useless threads. It will also quickly disappear. Is being annoying the same as trolling? I'm asking because although there have been several annoying threads started I'm not really sure it is the same as trolling.
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    I was once in a perfect marriage. A perfect [email protected]@hole married to a perfect b*tch.
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    The PIA Symposium has been rescheduled from February 1-5, 2021 to August 30 - September 3, 2021. Planning the event takes a lot of work many months in advance and with the uncertainty of the Pandemic, it was wise to reschedule. The question is, is 6 months enough. Will the covid virus be under control by the end of August. No one really knows for sure. There are several promising vaccines and large scale manufacturing is underway but none have received approval yet, maybe December, January ? When the vaccine is available, it will be administered in phases, starting with health care workers and first responders, then so on as time and enough vaccines are available. How long will this take, 6 months, 9 months, a year to get things under control. For the reasons above, I would be in favor of postponing the Symposium to January or February 2022 then holding future ones on even years. What are your thoughts.
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    And the same happens at right-wing outlets. People leave. Sometimes only for money, sometimes for money but they say it's ideology (because money is ideology). Sometimes they just want to be with people who think more like them. Wendy P.
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    Well, Hitler's been overused lately, so 1984 is sort of second most hyperbolic.
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    By the way. If you are going to see patches on a sleeve of a jumpsuit. Find a post bed. It's awesome. You'll never want to work on a jumpsuit with with a flat bet again. Sew a patch on an elbow. No problem. Lee
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    I would also add that an even more fundamental problem is that, to us, "success"="growth." It assumes that everything, from resources to energy to places to put our waste, will expand exponentially forever. There are obvious problems with this.
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    When kids are throwing hissy fits; you don't reward them with attention; you ignore them until the hissy fit becomes irrelevant. Enjoy the holidays and in less than 60 days this too shall pass.
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    Recent events have shown that no, the Republican Party doesn't really stand for their old values anymore - it's all Trump's party now. Whatever Trump stands for. Lies and denial of reality.
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    Hi Michael, Sorry for the loss of Hershel Fisher. My name is Kenneth and my father was Michael Wasley, 7th Army Parachute Team with Fisher. I am in search of any photos that you may have. Some of the photos posted by others where taken by father, he did the photography, rigger and competitor. It is my understanding that my Dad made the log book covers. Please let me know the best way to contact you. Blue Skies! Kenneth Wasley
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    I never said I thought Trump wasn't eligible to be prosecuted for civilian stuff related to his business practices. I said that going after a former President for possible political crimes after he leaves office will cause nothing but more discord. Nixon had a lot of supporters, even after he left office. But by Ford pardoning him, two things were accomplished. First, it relegated Nixon to a watch-from-the-sidelines role in the Republican party for the remainder of his life. And it brought a final end to the disaster of Watergate. It wasn't perfect justice, but it was better for the country as a whole. If you keep ripping open the wounds with Trump, he will simply continue to HAVE a voice in the Republican party. Those 70 million people who DID vote for him will continue to look up to Trump as Their Voice. Trump himself can use that for political gain, claiming 'they're just trying to stop me'. It could go round and round in the courts for years. Meanwhile, he could even try running for President again...and he might win. A scary thought. Raking him over the coals and trying to convict him of an office-related felony is just pointless. Think of the bigger picture here. Historians have argued for more than a century on 'Who was the worst US President ever?' The same names always come up, but often ranked in different order. James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, etc. Well, I would say that argument is OVER and Trump gets the Numero Uno spot. But in the end, we must do what is best for ALL of America, and making Trump into a martyr who will continue to have influence on American politics for years to come is NOT the way to handle this. You want the barking dog to leave the neighborhood, not to keep feeding he and his friends.
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    As a team mate of Hershel I am sorry to hear of his death. I would indeed like to see the photographs.
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    I does? Where? I don't see it.
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    I'm surprised they let your friend jump at all. At one dropzone there were two young women who were treating the entire class (with other students) like it was just a wild hoot. The instructor (also a woman) came over and told them to go back to the office and get their refund, she was kicking them out of the class. End of story. Considering that this is a sport that can actually kill someone, I think instructors have a duty to not allow a student to jump if they just don't get it or act like they just don't care.
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    I do not, and it may not be a problem at all. I'm just a bit nervous about anything that could foul a deployment, and putting an elastic band around the flap adds an element that could come into play under unusual circumstances. I'd love to hear other folks' experiences.
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    What do these mean? I’ll take a shot. 1. You don’t have to do anything. It turns itself on and off, and you don’t need multiple profiles for different types of jumps. 2. It just speaks into your ear at preselected altitude intervals. Simplest means of full time altitude awareness I’ve come across! So how does one get the proper alarms for tandem, wingsuit, free fly, or belly alarms? Or different canopy alarms? Easy, I just have mine set (by iPhone app) to tell me every 1,000’ from the door to 5k, then every 500 till pull, plus every 100 from 1,200 on down. I know that sounds like a lot, but in reality I don’t even notice it, I just ALWAYS know my current altitude. I don’t change anything no matter what the jump. When they first showed up at our DZ, everyone assumed all that talking in your ear would get annoying, but that’s absolutely not been my experience.
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