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    Personally? It guides my morality and worldview. I didn't know anything about how people in sub-Saharan Africa lived, and imagined they were all poor, ignorant people who lived in poverty and misery. Then I spent a month there and learned they were some of the happiest people around. When I told them I was a skydiver, one of the kids pantomined an entire RW skydive, including throwing a hand-deploy at the end and releasing the brakes. They all spoke three languages. I thought the US was a good influence there. And I discovered in the cities and larger towns that everyone hated Americans, because they'd come in and steamroller over local businesses, homesteads and farms (often literally) in the name of profit. "It never their fault" one guy told me, who explained that Americans always blamed their boss, or the shareholders, or the (Niger) government for whatever trouble they caused. But when you got to the smaller towns, the only Americans people had seen were Peace Corps volunteers. And they saw Peace Corps volunteers as sometimes misguided, sometimes clueless, but clearly there because they were trying to help. And thus I was welcomed with open arms. And that taught me that ultimately it's what you do, not what you say or what you profess to believe, that determines your morality and how you are seen by the world. I thought I was "woke" and really understood people. Then I managed a transgender woman and realized that I really didn't understand much of anything, and I never would, since I'm a straight cis middle aged white guy. But that that was OK as long as I could accept that her point of view was as valid as mine - even if it didn't make sense to me. I've known people who were great guys, would do anything for you, who turned out to be pedophiles. I've known miserable people who would curse you and never say a good word about anyone - but years after they were gone, I found out they'd been supporting several families and paying for their kid's college education for no reason other than he thought they deserved a chance. From that I learned to not judge people so quickly. True of Barack Obama, too. (Or as you preferred, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.) But I bet you don't think that the reaction to his name defines his significance.
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    Hooray. Good news. I got a job offer today! It’s not quite what I was after, but with so many people unemployed right now and companies having a freeze on hiring just finding a job is a godsend.
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    Well, that automatically excludes Trump then. Fucking hell you are a case study in cognitive dissonance
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    He breaks the tablets of commandments and yet the white wingers still adore him. It's a cult to a horrible treasonous human.
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    Thankyou for following up! I'm now super curious how I arrived at this belief, from memory we laid some of the demo canopies from PD over each other, and on the ol' anecdata butt dyno a velo *definitely* doesn't look as oval as that diagram staring at it from below. I appreciate the correction though, cheers.
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    Looks like Sturgis is killing it this year.
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    Yes, Colorado is building a wall, and we're making New Mexico pay for it!
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    I didn't quite expect this from NYP -- except for the misleading sensationalist headline. This former producer is not talking about HOW events are covered (or editorialized). She's talking about WHICH stories are covered (and how often). While I do agree -- and have for a couple decades -- that "commercial" broadcast news spends too much time on the same story regardless of the programming, and should spread the attention to explore a variety of issues that should be important to their audience, what is cited in this article is much different than what goes on at Fox (since you brought it up). At Fox, except for a couple of straight-on news programs, the majority of the content is editorial and opinion, not news (though many viewers take all of it as "news," or at least based on factual premise). Except for the headline, I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage of this topic by NYP.
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    If you don't get motion sickness in other parts of your life then there is a good chance that this will be limited to tandem jumps only for you. Also likely that this could have been a one time thing. Tandems are more likely to induce nausea and motion sickness. Your body is overloaded with adrenaline. There is often movement under canopy that you are not initiating. Additionally tandem harnesses can limit blood flow to your lower extremities due to to a combination of fitment and body type. We include tandem jumps in our AFF progression, and I have students that experience nausea that never shows up again once they are on their solo jumps.
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    Ron, you're not the President. There are things that are OK in friends that aren't as OK in people in power. Abuse thereof is very high on the list (and anyone with lots of money has power). Wendy P.
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    No witnesses said he had a tan,, it was the end of November. Back then "White" or "Caucasian" was a normal descriptor for those of Latin race. It was replaced with "Latino" in the early 70's.. Hahneman described himself as white... today that would be latino. The ONLY well known suspect that matches the description of Cooper is Hahneman. Honduran mother, German father. Cooper was olive, swarthy and latin in appearance, characteristics and descent, also described as possible Mexican or American-Indian. FBI PART 11 P 1922 FOLLOWING COMPOSITE TAKEN FROM INTERVIEWS OF WITNESSES WHO WERE IN A POSITION TO SEE UNSUB. RACE, WHITE; SEX, MALE; AGE, MID FORTY'S; FIVE FT TEN TO SIX FT . , ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY TO ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY POUNDS, AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, OLIVE COMPLEXION, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH COMPLEXION, DARK BROWN OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK; SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL; EYES, POSSIBLY BROWN, FBI PART 11 P 1982 DESCRIBED AS WHITE, MALE, MID FORTIES, SEVENTY TO ONE EIGHTY, OLIVE COMPLEXION, OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON SMOKED RALEIGH CIGARETTES. FBI PART 11 P 2036 Mr. MILNES said the hijacker was described as white, male, American, olive complexion, Latin appearance, black hair, normal hair style parted on left, age middle forties, six feet tall, 170 to 175 pounds, average build, brown eyes. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt, narrow black tie, black rain-type overcoat, black dress suit, and was carrying a dark briefcase. FBI PART 11 P 2047 UNSUB described as white male, mid-forties, five ten to six feet, one seventy to one eighty,olive complexion, latin appearance, dark brown or black hair combed straight back in normal style, parted on left, smoked Raleigh cigarettes. FBI PART 11 P 2056 that he has average eyes, of Latin appearance, with a sort of disinterested look FBI PART 11 P 2224 WHITE, MALE, MID 40's, 5'10" TO 6" , 170 Tel 180 lbs., AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, OLIVE COMPLEXION, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH, DARK BROWN OR BLACK HAIR, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK, SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL, POSSIBLY BROWN EYES, DURING LATTER PART OF FLIGHT PUTr DARK, WRAP-AROUND SUNGLASSES WITH DARK RIMS. LOW VOICE, SPOKE INTELLIGENTLY; NO PARTICULAR ACCENT, POSSIBLY FROM MIDWEST SECTION OF THE U.S., HEAVY SMOKER OF RALEIGH FILTER TIP CIGARETTES, WEARING BLACK OR BROWN SUIT; WHITE SHIRT; NARROW BLACK TIE; BLACK DRESS SUIT; FBI PART 11 P 1987 COMPLEXION: OLIVE, SWARTHY, THE LATIN TYPE FBI PART 11 P 1841 COMPLEXION: OLIVE, LATIN APPERANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH FBI PART 18 P5497 RACE WHITE, SEX MALE, AGE MID FORTIES, HEIGHT FIVE FEET TEN INCHES TO SIX FEET, WEIGHT ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY TO ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY POUNDS, BUILD AVERAGE TO WELL BUILT, COMPLEXION OLIVE, LATIN APPEARANCE, MEDIUM SMOOTH; HAIR DARK BROWN OR BLACK, NORMAL STYLE, PARTED ON LEFT, COMBED BACK, SIDEBURNS, LOW EAR LEVEL; EYES POSSIBLY BROWN. FBI PART 26 P 8545 He was unable to determine from the photograph the complexion of ______ but again emphasized the hijackerhad a swarthy or Latin type complexionand it appeared to him might have such a complexion. FBI PART 26 P 8574 OLIVE OR LATIN COMPLEXION· Key witnesses generally agree that unsub had an "olive or Latin" complexion.- One witness indicated a Mexican-American or possibly Indian complexion and characteristics. In addition, unsub expressed a desire to go "anywhere in Mexico”. FBI PART 26 P 8881 She thereafter remained in the cockpit where she prepared thirteen pages of notes concerning the hijacking and in which she described unsub as in his fifties. She later said he appeared to be of Latin descent. FBI PART 19 P 5934 "Enclosed is an artist's conception of the hijacker who extorted two hundred thousand dollars from Northwest Airlines on November 24, 1971. This man is described as follows: "Race-white; sex-male; age mid-forties; height-five feet ten inches to six feet; weight-170 to 180 pounds; build-average to well built; complexion olive, latin appearance, mediurn smooth; hair-dark brown or black; normal style, parted on left, combed back; sideburns, low ear level; eyes-possibly brown. FBI PART 10 P 1683 said that the man appeared to be Latin descent FBI PART 27 P 9104 To date 475 suspects have been developed based on appearance, as well as other features. Many of the suspects were developed because of their resemblance to the artist's composite of UNSUB. A great number of these suspects have turned out to be in their 20s or early 30s, with light or fair complexion. According to witnesses, UNSUB's age is in the mid-40s and his complexion is olive or Latin in appearance. The artist's composite clearly looks like a man in his late 20s or 30s and his complexion is difficult to determine from the black and white sketch. FBI PART 27 P 9390 In NORJAK case, witnesses describe subject's complexion as olive, Latin appearance, medium smooth. FBI PART 9 P 919 ALL OFFICES ARE TO BEAR IN MIND WHEN CAPTIONED CRIME WAS ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971, UNSUB AKA. B. COOPER WAS DESCRIBED AS BEING A WHITE MALE, 5 ' 10 " TO 6 ' 0 “ , 170 POUNDS, OLIVE AND LATIN APPEARANCE. FBI PART 27 P 9327 In view of the fact that unsub in this matter had a swarthy complexionand was tentatively identified by several witnesses as possibly having Mexican ancestry, the following lead is being set out: FBI PART 13 P 3159 which he feels more closely depicts the nose and cheeks of the unknown subject, whom he feels was of Mexican-American descent with possibly lndian blood. FBI PART 33 P 12115 indicated that the unsub's complexion was somewhat swarthy indicating that he might have possibly been an American Indian or Mexican American. FBI PART 26 P 8882 believed unsub was a Mexican-American. She had a short encounter with the unsub prior to her deplaning at Seattle FBI PART 29 P 10072 similar Mexican-type facial features FBI PART 11 P 2135 CHEEKS TOO FLAT, SHOULD BE MORE ROUNDED TO GIVE MEXICAN-AMERICAN APPEARANCE. FBI PART 28 P 9541 lacks the Mexican or Indian characteristics that ____ noted in the hijacker. FBI PART 28 P 9559 further advised that the hijacker definitely had some Indian or Mexican blood in him. He would guess about one quarter Indian or Mexican blood. FBI PART 28 P 10037 FACIAL FEATURES: Should reflect a Mexican or Indian ancestry FBI PART 11 P 2039 Race: Caucasian, believed to be of Mexican-American descent wih possibly some American Indian blood FBI PART 34 P 13102 In view of the fact that UNSUB in this matter is possibly of American Indian descent, the following leads are being set forth pursuant to referenced communication:
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    I don't pay much attention to health insurance. In fact, many years I had none at all. Now my wife and I have a Medicare Supplement Plan F through AARP. We each pay about $200/mo. We have no co-pays. We have a drug plan with WellCare that runs about $16/mo. Many of our regular Rx meds are free or less than $20. As a back up, I maintain active patient status with the VA. I get a physical 1X/yr. My Rx meds are cheaper with WellCare. Whenever we need medical care we pray and ask the Lord to guide us to the best Christian physician available.
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    Because it is false. What is the current unemployment rate? Why would anybody praise Trump for the lowest unemployment rate and why would that be good news right now? Either you are not capable of grasping reality, or you are disingenuous with your "I am only posting good news". Which one is it?
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    Hi Nigel, Hmmm, you just be onto something there. Let me think about it some more. Hey, Coreece, what do you think? :) Jerry Baumchen
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    Just because Americans are stupid enough to let the pharmaceutical industry pay the politicians to keep prices high does not mean the rest of the world should fall into the same trap.
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    Agree. But trump actually has been inside about a dozen churches in the last four years. Ministers keep inviting him to give divisive speeches in which the response is great applause. Like all his speeches most of what he say is barefaced lies. Yet god still doesn't strike him down on the spot. More proof there is no god.
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    Here's a piece you won't read that talks about Biden's faith. ================================== When Pope Francis visited the United States in 2015, his welcomer-in-chief was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Almost wherever Francis went, Biden was there — in the White House and the Capitol, and also in sacred spaces, including at Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Biden followed the pope from Washington to Philadelphia, leading a farewell ceremony for the visiting dignitary he has called “the single most popular figure in the world.” This week, President Trump painted a very different picture of Biden, mocking his presumptive Democratic opponent as a man hostile to religion. “Take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything,” Trump said of Biden on Thursday. “Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy, our kind of energy.” Biden, who was the country’s first Catholic vice president and would be the first Catholic president in more than half a century, has been motivated by his faith throughout his long career in politics. . . . “When you went to an event in Washington, D.C., with [Biden], it was the only room that included priests and nuns," said Christopher Jolly Hale, who was executive director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good during the Obama administration and is now running for Congress in Tennessee. “It was always strange to see the habits and collars among the most powerful in Washington.” Others noted that Biden almost always has rosary beads in his pocket, and frequently holds them in his hand — including while he monitored the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011. He has written and spoken at length of how faith helped him grieve the loss of his first wife and daughter many years ago, and his son Beau more recently. Biden declined an interview request. In a statement, he called Trump’s attack “shameful,” saying that his faith is the “bedrock foundation of my life." ”President Trump’s decision today to profane God and to smear my faith in a political attack," Biden said, "is a stark reminder of what the stakes of this fight truly are.” ==========================
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    Each state is different. Many states have a long history of suppressing voting among minorities. They are still at it, SCOTUS has made their work easier. It looks a little banana republicish to me.
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    You would think that the failure in New York would have led to trying to improve the system. You would think the federal Government would do anything to ensure the States have the resources available to improve their systems in light of COVID. In stead you get this.... Add to that the US Post Master purposely slowing down the mail service. For a democracy you guys certainly try and make it as difficult as possible to actually vote.
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    While I did static line rather than AFF (I'm old), I too was shit scared until my first self-supervised jump (i.e. first freefall). As in I seriously considered riding the plane down each time. I made 7 static lines (minimum of 5), and was more scared each time. I went ahead and made the first freefall, and somehow relying on myself really cured it. I was a skydiver after that. When I'd made my first jump, I was given the choice between a certificate and a logbook, and I'd taken the logbook, but man I regretted it part of my student progression. There's nothing wrong with deciding skydiving isn't for you. Absolutely nothing wrong. Even as a tunnel instructor. But I will say that my first freefall was a magic jump for me; it was about 45 years ago, and I still remember it distinctly. So no advice, just parallel experience, and agreement with the other poster that no, you're not alone. Wendy P.
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    Nothing on Gunther specifically,, but this in #48 is very similar to Gunther's experience.
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    Hi Sky, I, for one, do not think so. I think his entire wealth is just a house of cards. If he were as rich as he says he is, why does he work so hard keeping his taxes secret? Jerry Baumchen
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    My first thought when I heard there were TWO explosions, and not that far apart... You have to wonder if the first explosion was deliberately done to CAUSE the other.
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    Nonsense fun type exits: 9-Way Tube. That's 2 interlocking 4-Way Tubes with a little girl stuffed in the middle.
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    You are still running Honey BooBoo and Duck Dynasty on TV. I think that should answer it for you.
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    Jimmy Fallon (in Trump voice): "America's full of beauty from Yo-Semites National Park, to the mighty Miss-Pee-Pee River, to the Apple-Hatching Mountains, to New York's Viagra Falls."
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    End of a wild ride for me! Three and a half years of chaos. Shameless may as well have been a documentary of my life. In many ways a sad ending due to mental health of a person involved. But alongside it some major funny events and times. Karma also came through proving that staying within the law is always best. Some of the people who caused me massive drama and stress got done in a major police bust last week... They fucked up the life of someone very special to me and are paying a high price.
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    What I'm sensing is, as ever, complete and utter nonsense. Were it not for the internet and a command to awaken all skydivers from whomever was God in 1984 you would be of no more consequence than any other old man in the mountains of Georgia hating the world that has long since past him by. Instead you have this portal into the real world and can pretend that you are dispensing important advice to the blind. Of course the truth is that you need us more than we need you. And you know it.
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    I admit that liberalism indeed feels women should be allowed to have control over their own bodies. So if you want to rephrase that as "killing babies" go ahead. I mean, core American conservatism supports shooting them as soon as they are born as the price of freedom.
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    But the response to the pandemic is.
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    not american. not right wing. five minutes into this and my brain started to melt. wtf?
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    https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/09/coronavirus-american-failure/614191/ Another good article in the Atlantic today. Yet again, a summary of how the current administration, with some media help, effed it up and effed us all in the US.
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    I'm not buying this scenario one bit. Hillary Clinton was never President, so there's no way to say how she would have responded to the pandemic. Obama, not perfect, but a pretty level-headed guy, would have done better. Assumes facts not in evidence, as they say on Law and Order. But I can assure you their responses to the pandemic would have been better than a guy who tells you drinking or injecting antibacterial cleaners is a possible solution to the problem. You understand of course...that prior to Trump...presidents like Andrew Johnson (guy who took over after Lincoln was killed) and maybe Herbert Hoover were always near the top of the list as the worst US Presidents in history. When the votes come out again on that list, it is a certainty that Donald Trump will take the top spot. What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say in Star Wars?
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    And Airdvr makes his play for stupid post of the month. The woman is his wife, the guy is a close friend, and he tested negative the same day.
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    I strongly disagree with westerly .... but I made 1,000 tandem jumps before modern wing-suits were invented (circa 2000). UPY wrote those guidelines to discourage recreational jumpers from chasing tandems after a few collisions killed TIs. Most of the recreational skydivers who ask permission to chase tandems do not understand the extra risks involved. For example, the last time I gave a wing-suiter permission to fly past us under canopy, he passed at a safe and predictable distance. When I pointed out the wing-suit, the student did not seem to care. Shortly after that, the DZO banned wing-suits from "buzzing" tandems. Basic tandems are complicated enough without junior jumpers cluttering up their airspace. I would much rather double my TI work-load by strapping a camera to my hand than trust some unknown skydiver to freefall close to me. This comes from the first hand-cam TI in Canada. I taught myself how to do hand-cam after reading one article in SKYDIVING Magazine. The article described how Australians invented hand-cam. I even sewed my own hand-mount months before I ever saw a hand-mount.
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    I think Westerly's been drinking again. Usually his comments are very safety minded and conservative, and oft i agree with them. The two things that make a tandem lurk inherently more dangerous than a four way rw is the long drogue bridle and the possible actions of a panicky passenger. That being said, I don't think it's terribly dangerous if the ti trusts the skill of the lurker and the lurker has plenty of belly experience with group jumps. If I did convince a ti to let me lurk a friend, I'd definitely flip them a 20 for the extra work. They now have one more thing to be aware of and take into account.
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    But that is not relevant to the subject here. The question is about a new lower time jumper lurking a tandem. Several things can and have gone bad in that situation. A normal tandem is not complicated. The decision tree and potential for things to go wrong make the possible EPs on a tandem jump extremely complicated.
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    So why don't you live up to it?
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    Ron, you've spent the lasl 12 years or more hearing about how the world is divided into camps; friends and enemies, and that it's important to know and understand your enemies. But that world view is designed to divide, rather than unite, the American people. The motto "United we stand, divided we fall" is paraphrased in the Bible in Mark 3:25 ("And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand), as well as in Matthew and Luke. What is the purpose in dividing the country? It's to gain power, just as most politics are as well. Consider that. These people who you think are your enemies are often also Americans -- just as American as you are. We vote (now we do, but it took legislation and the courts, because it wasn't there originally), we work, we own property, and we are just as deserving of protection by the laws of the country, and just as deserving of the rights of citizenship, as you are. Power and strength are only diminished by sharing if you have a single-minded zero-sum view of them. Wendy P.
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    The easiest way to get to heaven is to follow Kennism, the religion of Ken. Kennists believe that everyone goes to heaven, but our place in heaven is determined by how well we treated others during our lifetime. Kennism only has one rule. No one, least of all Ken, is allowed to make any money from Kennism.
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    It closed because I left, I didn’t leave because it closed. I missed too many football and baseball games and missed to many Jujitsu tournaments. When my actual kids required more attention than my DZ kids, I did what any good father would do.
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    I am not antiEV per se. I am fine with a private company like UPS trying out EVs. I’m against this https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-electric-buses-20180520-story.html
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    I've seen them. Most of that type of tank that I'm familiar with has an electric pump. That one is gravitiy fed (from what the pic shows), but that would be slow as hell. The only people I know who have them are farmers. Everyone else I know (myself included) goes to the gas station. I doubt that Bill has enough storage for a car. Very few people who have home solar have any storage. My point was that he could use the power produced at the time to charge his car. Most home solar arrays wouldn't have enough capability to run the house and charge the car at the same time (as I said). But if there's no other choice, I'd shut down most everything in the house to let the car get most of the power.
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    You mean like the Russian Empire? Nah, not yet.
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    I'd take it but Bill just banned me for like 10 days for calling you a bitch. Personally I have more respect if Bill would just PA posters straight up, rather than his veiled attempts by comparing people here to Harvey Weinstein and making pathetic sexual references about pedophilia just to take a jab at Trump - as if he had to go that far out of his way. Makes you wonder wtf's wrong with the guy, eh? Anyway, I'll order my army of sock puppets to stand down and respect the ban from this post on, but I've severely overestimated many posters here and therefore not sure if I'll even care to come back. Everyone please stay as safe as you can. I love you all in one way or another - and thanks for everything!
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    I was an instructor at Elsinore and loved the Vibe. I still have friends at both. Pick your Tribe. LOL
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