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    This rig looks like a B12 modified with D rings and an extended container. I used to own and jump one with my American Papillon. I am also a rigger and have packed NB8 and NB6 rigs. This rig is not a modified NB8
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    You could start with once, and work your way up from there?
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    Whatever Joe Biden may or may not be, he is still preferable to a self-serving lying con man (fined $27M for fraud) who brags about getting away with sexually assaulting women because he's rich and famous.
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    I put this together for myself for conversations like this. https://dbcooperhijack.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Various-Witness-Descriptions-2.pdf
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    Penn & Teller are from this time period. If you're trying to use the "Well Regulated" meant "Well Organized" argument - I'm not even sure where that originated. The colonialists (the people) were the militia and not any part of a standing army (which caused Hamilton great concern for the US to have one - but we do). In his Federalist Papers No. 29, he outlines all "three sides" of the coin. The militia, a standing army and the people. "Well Regulated" meant training to a military standard. It was proposed, that the people from each state would gather once or twice a year and train to military standards, but make no mistake they were "the people" of each state - not a paid military. In fact, they could be made to support another state in the event that other state were invaded by a standing army. There is an ongoing myth about what the forefathers "meant" about a "well regulated" militia and "the people" being separate by a single comma. "The people" were "the militia." The right to bear arms was to allow the people to support the militia UNTIL a more formalized militia could be developed at a later date to protect these US from a standing (foreign) army. If you don't believe the government can regulate weapons and ammo, then how has the NFA stood as a law for so long. Did you know that the Supreme Court didn't acknowledge individual gun ownership as a right until 2008. 219 years after the US Constitution was adopted. If you don't think the US can ban certain weapons, then why is there still a ban on gravity knives. Why is there still a law on who can or can't own machine guns and a rather lengthy "well-regulated" process to own one. Having said all that, I personally, don't like the "left's" attack on the 2nd Amendment, but I also don't like the "right's" belief that gun ownership comes without some form of responsibility or accountability, or regulation. The "left" needs to agree to leave the 2nd Amendment alone and the "right" needs to agree that children getting killed in school warrants regulation of firearms to prevent it from happening again. We claim to be morally superior to other countries - let's start with protecting children from even having to have "active shooter" programs by regulating ownership - not banning guns, but banning nut jobs from owning guns AND ensuring everyone who owns a weapon gets the proper training as Hamilton outlined as "the People" being "Well Regulated."
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    That's a freeze frame of the russian firing his weapon. His colleagues are on the ground, appearing to surrender, then the last russian comes out and opens fire. Yes, they are all filmed dead afterwards, but pretending to surrender (perfidy) is a war crime. Also, did you not read to the end of that BBC article? They also talk about a gruesome murder done by the Russian side. You're regurgitating weeks old Kremlin lines, do your handlers have to use paper letters to send them to you to rehearse?
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    He's a troll who has come to dominate this forum (along with his sock puppets).
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    Your standpoint is as charming as the recommendation that, if rape is inevitable, to relax and enjoy it. First off, the presence of Russian speakers is largely the result of resettlement into areas devastated by the Holodomor (look it up). Russians who don't attack Ukraine are safe from Ukrainians. Since losing to Russia means that Ukraine will cease to exist, seeking peace by expelling Russian military forces from Ukrainian territory is the only option. You seem to think there is a Plan B, but there isn't. I know rather a few Ukrainians, Russians from Ukraine, Jews from Ukraine and combinations thereof, and can assure you that everything you think you know is wrong. BSBD, Winsor
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    Of course you do, dear.
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    I simply can't understand why management continues to allow his presence on the site. I guess if there was internet and DZ.com back during WWII I would be wondering why Nazi sympathizers and supporters were allowed to pollute the forum experience.
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    Im saying you need a hobby that doesnt require thinking.
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    The main thing is that they absolutely MUST remove Hunter from all the positions of office he was gifted by his dad when Joe became president.
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    2021 is old? nah. It's a meta-study of 29 other studies... are you suggesting ALL of them were biased enough to lead to this one having the conclusion it did? That you didn't/couldn't read, so you just made up your own numbers out of thin air. So it's lying AND illiterate, in the end?
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    While Biden would not be my first choice, he is far far preferable to a self-serving lying orange-hued con-artist and sexual predator.
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    Rs have always known that there are good people on both sides of the white nationalist issue.
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    Well, it's either spend his time on here, or get sent to the Ukraine Front.
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    I'm just interested in human psychology, it's good business. As a genius without parallel, you're no doubt familiar with the psychology behind getting "trophy wives" who are two decades younger. Sure, there's all of that amazing conversation you missed out on 20 years ago, and it's always good to get caught up. Then again, there is also the virility statement it makes. For one, obviously you cannot be gay or have self doubts or even jack off to gay porn, not if you have a young cutie on your arm. Usually, if not invariably, the "trophies" are second or third down stream after previous marriages failed, and always, for reasons undoubtedly owing to failings of the non-trophy wives and most certainly not owing to any issues the man might have had from time to time.
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    Not necessarily. I operate an amusement park and we're doing just fine being woke, thriving actually. We openly and loudly support diversity, inclusion, and equity. No bigotry, misogyny, racism or anti-LGBTQ nonsense is allowed, period. For decades we have proudly flown a rainbow feather flag display above our spectator area for all to see. We advertise in inclusive areas. Our staff and customer base are diversified. It works. But even if it didn't, even if it cost business or affected staffing we would still do it because some things, in fact the most important things, aren't measured at the till.
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    Human Genome Finally Completed! New opportunities for the Cooper case ? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/how-scientists-finally-completed-the-human-genomic-puzzle
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    Thank you. Please don't confuse conservative with MAGA right.
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    Choosing not to implement a wingloading BSR has nothing to do with a fear of being sued. Potential litigation has never even been part of the conversation concerning wingloadings.
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    And why would anyone believe them? They already have a recent and documented history of agreeing to terms, Ukraine doing their side of the deal, then Russia reneging when it suits them and just invading again. You keep talking like Russia are being reasonable, when we already have proof that they're not, their words are meaningless. Ukraine are SEEKING PEACE as you so dearly hope for. They are doing so by making this war so costly for Russia that they will eventually give up. So far, they're doing a damned good job.
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    Right-wing Oath Keepers founder convicted of sedition in U.S. Capitol attack plot Excellent.
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    Don't worry Slim,, it is not Cooper's container.. Gryder needed a slam dunk piece of evidence and he somehow found a container.. wherever he got it, it isn't the one Cooper used.. it doesn't match Hayden's and it doesn't match Cossey's false claim that it was his personal chute. I suspect Gryder may have planted it.. regardless, he got it wrong. Gryder pulling this nonsense really undermines the Cooper case in the minds of the public..
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    Seems like the aggressively anti-woke campaign is really just a cry for everyone to understand the deep-seated needs of bullies to be rude to whomever they want. Wendy P.
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    I hope all you DZ. com denizens have a restful and fulfilling Thankgiving.
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    Wikipedia is the best thing on the web. It is self policing. Anyone can write anything, but it is all subject to editing. That's why none of your shit is there.
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    Read the goddamn header and then, instead of being a Slim King, answer the question.
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    Maybe someday you will be able to see it. Maybe not. But there is no reason for them to produce it other than pandering to idiot conspiracy nuts. And that would only lead to more crazy demands.
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    The lawyers for FOX News put it very well - only a fool would take these people seriously.
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    The marker looks like something purchased ahead of time, and would not be from the military. However, I can tell you it took almost 9 months to get the required documents for my mother's marker. She didn't keep any of her documents and it took several interventions from some friends still in the military to finally get her discharge papers.
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    Rumble is far right click-bait propaganda. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms that one can direct towards Biden, to be sure…but nobody who’s not already sharing the bowl from whence you get your Kool-Aid gives a fuck about rumble-dot-com.
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    Come on Rob, you have to ease up on your 20 year rule as the years go by! :-) Yeah at one time a 20 year old reserve was some crappy lightweight maybe acid damaged round. Or some easy to stall tiny overloaded Raven with no spanwise reinforcement. But now a 20 year old reserve can be a great PD reserve that will take high weights and speeds. Similarly, a 20 year old rig isn't one with velcro all over, and relatively sketchy bridle and pin protection. A 20 year old rig is most likeley fully free fly friendly. You might not get a MARD on most 2002 rigs, or magnetic riser covers, but other than fancier looking hardware and backpads, the rest of the design isn't going to be much different. Now you may be right that say a 2002 Vector III & PD reserve (with say 20-25 boxes ticked off) & Sabre 2 isn't going to command a nearly-new price ... but it isn't exactly crap gear worth nearly nothing. If you were only talking about 20 year old pilot rigs .... Well yeah their value is going down a fair bit. But they don't seem uncommon up here in Canada. I think they migrate up here as US FAA riggers get more antsy about packing them, being more worried about 20 year "service life" stuff in manuals. But if they haven't been heavily used and sitting in the sun a lot, they can be in decent shape.
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    Doesn’t “YouTube approved” mean “they pay for advertising?” Wendy P.
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    Did ANYBODY ask you??? Ever??? for anything???
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    It's taking a page from the modern GOP's style of governing: break the system, then scream to holy hell that the system is broken.
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    The point is that many "100% RIGHT ON" convictions have later been shown to be wrong. The judicial system will never be perfect, so if you keep capital punishment you are guaranteeing the continuation of state-sponsored murder of innocents. I can never support that. If you *must* keep it as a punishment, then it should be as humane as possible. A nitrogen chamber meets this requirement easily and cheaply. Choosing the remaining methods that have been shown to often be excruciating means you want revenge, not justice.
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    Dr Edwards on podcast.. listening at 1.5x speed, going through the basics so far..
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    So the troll returns after a month and immediately starts posting garbage again.
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    Tom Kaye's 2022 CooperCon presentation.. sound is low, headphones help.
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    And there will still be tens of thousands who will vote for the moron, because . . . . stupidity.
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    There was a question about the guitar I mentioned. This is the article. It mentions DB Cooper. There are some pretty solid researchers on the case. Here is one. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/16/entertainment/bachman-guitar-found-trnd/index.html
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    Ukraine is doing exactly the right thing. They are harassing a retreating enemy that unjustly invaded their land, looted, pillaged and tortured their citizens, and now is dragging washing machines along with them as they flee. Negotiations will only buy time for Putin to attempt to rebuild his forces so they can attack again. While pacifism is an admirable concept, the school bully will always want your lunch money again tomorrow.
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    Russia hit a maternity ward today and among the casualties was a two day old child. Your post suggests that they were forced to do this. That it is the fault of Ukraine for continuing to fight against an unjust invasion. So fascinating to see the different realities we exist in.
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    The Republicans should be forced to carry Trump to term, even if it threatens the life of the Republican Party.
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    No fighting on D.B. Cooper Day!
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