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    The ‘my uneducated skepticism is just as valid as truth presented by experts’ is yet another bullshit argument by people trying to empower their own ignorance. I’m sorry - but if 100s of thousands of trained experts around the globe say one thing, and someone calls it The ‘Truth‘’ like it’s even possible to be some sort of conspiracy theory then they’re not a thinking skeptic - They’re an arrogant asshole. Equating their own ignorance of a subject with the weight of not only numbers, but years of specific and dedicated training and experience in the subject. It would be like me stating that my take on aircraft safety procedures are just as valid as every check-captain because I’ve taken one lesson. See? That would be me being an arrogant Asshole. Dressing that arrogance up in language to make your argument appear smarter is nothing more than a con-trick. An old one. You want to explain your position and get numbers of normal people behind it then you explain in the simplest terms because not everyone is an expert… Yes. Humans suck at complex problems. That’s why we invented computers. They also suck at generational planning of projects. Both are a function of our biology. But sometimes simple solutions are the best because either ‘they’re just the best’, or even if they’re not them it’s a hell of a lot easier to roll out a simple process and have some benefit than it is to roll out a mathematically perfect one that has no chance of adoption because it’s so complicated. It’s the same argument second amendment fans use - if you can’t come up with a single solution that fixes everything in one go, even fringe cases, then it’s best to do nothing. If the covid vaccine and lockdowns had been implemented properly then there was a very good chance we could have beaten covid - at least temporarily and nationally which would have bought time for further research. It wasn’t, and over 700,000 people in the US are dead because of it. The reason heretics should be burned is BECAUSE THIS SHIT MATTERS. It’s not philosophy - people are dead because people like you weaken the arguments for safety and you might convince others which can potentially end up hurting me and mine.
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    Very sad news today, it seems that Tom Noonan from UPT, passed away suddenly and very much unexpectedly. Its reported he had a medical episode that he did not recover from. I had the please of meeting him on several occasions and what a great guy. Fly free Brother and RIP My deepest condolences to Julie and his family and all his friends around the world.
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    I think now is an appropriate time to watch Buzz Aldrin punch a cab driver. It never gets old.
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    The world can't be flat. If it was, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.
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    IIRC, there were legal sanctions in the wake of Dwain Weston's death at Royal Gorge. I'm not going to go look, but there's a hell of a long thread in Incidents. Edit to spell Dwain's name correctly (Dwain, not Dwayne)
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    We'll miss you, my Cousin from Boston.
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    Tom was a good friend and an ambassador of Skydiving. His organization of Mt. Everest jumps was a hallmark of his career.
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    I can't believe he is gone..... He is one of the great one that left way to early. I'm going to miss him!!! RIP my brother........
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    What a shock. Such a great loss for the community. A very happy and helpful comrade.
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    I was a set electrician on HE and it was truly an experience watching Close and Adam's performances. They played very well to the characters in my opinion. Another cool thing was that Gabe, the guy who plays JD, told me he used to jump some years ago and we used to talk about it all the time on set. It was very cool to be a part of that one.
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    But why is someone else deciding which day I must take my rest?
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    Hmm. Perhaps that's the basic difference between you and I. I look for new sources of accurate information to better inform my decisions. You look for new feelings. And if that works for you, great.
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    It's way past time to stop trying to educate the morons. It's long since time for a denial of service attack. No flying, no eating in restaurants, no school, no work etc. etc. The Federal Government need to mandate vaccination wherever possible and let the chips fall where the may. Nicey nice isn't working and never will.
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    We've removed several posts from this thread. And while we can respect why the discussion took the route it did, please keep this forum tied to preserving the memory of the individual, instead of berating their choices - no matter how bad they may be to your eyes. You're welcome to take Covid/Anti-Vax related topics to the Speakers Corner - but this isn't the place for us to try use someone's life choices as a lesson, or to berate them.
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    I came here for an argument and all I'm getting is contradiction.
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    He is attempting to show off what he believes is a sharp and cutting wit. I think he likely does not understand the need for subtlety to pull it off. Although I must admit this is a tough place for anyone to make that work. Mr. Weber manages occasionally.
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    Am I to imply that you are claiming that vaccinations are ineffective, because a fully vaccinated individual with a compromised immune system was infected with COVID, most likely from a non-vaccinated individual, and that person died from that infection? That is like making the claim that speed limits and seat belts don't improve safety, because a family of 4 belted in and driving the speed limit dies in a head on collision with some asshole who was street racing on a public street. Both claims would only be made by someone who is either dishonest, or clueless.
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    Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells Gen. Colin Powell had multiple myeloma, according to a source familiar with the matter. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells that suppresses the body’s immune response.
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    Happy to be corrected but I believe Jump Shack have the BaseR which is just that
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    I would like to know the kinetic energy calculations of no flare impact of various canopy sizes at various WL as well as estimates of kinetic energy calculations of impact of various canopy sizes at various WL of mistimed flares after low turns. If there are any math nerds here who would know how to do such calculations, I’d be interested in working on it with you.
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    Of course! The Google knows all. And it comes from authoritative sources. Here's what Dr. Steve Beito posted recently: (remember he's a REAL DOCTOR) - "So you want to mandate a vaccine aimed at the Alpha variant (which is now only 7% of COVID) that doesn't stop infection/transmission of SARS COV2 for which natural immunity is better than vaccine acquired immunity? Madness." That's a REAL DOCTOR saying that, not a fake doctor with a degree in Imam-ology. (I mean, Dr. Beito died of COVID, but it's the meme that counts.)
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    Jeff Bezos’s New Shepherd rocket will take a new group into space, including William Shatner, the original Star Trek Captain Kirk. No matter your opinion of his company, rocket, or hairstyle, there’s something cool to me that two of his first passengers are one of the women who were tested for the astronaut core in the early 1960’s, before being told “sorry, ain’t gonna happen,” and Captain Kirk Wendy P.
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    Seems like the test could be as simple as: "So who won the 2020 presidential election?"
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    Judge orders Trump to give deposition in a case from 2015: Trump must give videotaped deposition in protest lawsuit, judge orders A group of Mexican protesters said they were assaulted during a rally outside Trump Tower in September 2015 over the then-candidate's comments that Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapists.
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    The fact that a bunch of creationists are being offed by Darwinism does seem ironically appropriate.
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    New FBI file release https://vault.fbi.gov/D-B-Cooper /d.b.-cooper-part-63-of-63/view
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    Maybe in the Bill of Gates?
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    That is correctly spelled "The right to BARE arms ..." in preparation for vaccination.
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    Freedom to infect. Is it not in the Bill of Rights somewhere? Is this not covered by the right to bear arms?
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    I'll say it again: we need to add some kind of qualification in order even to be eligible to run for president. I would say at least a familiarity with the rights, responsibilities and limits of the job to which you are applying would be a good place to start.
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    Which is why I've come to believe that Covid, Climate Change and Brent are pointless concerns in the short term. The R's are as likely to take the House in 2022 as not, and that's being optimistic. With Manchin and Sinema they already have the Senate. Bidens numbers are tanking. As absurd as Trump is he is not a forgotten person. Far from it, as we've seen R after R come kneel and kiss his ring to assure their reelections. With an R House and Senate who can believe a Democratic Presidential win wouldn't stand a large chance of not being certified? I can also see these pathetic and weak kneed Democrats, for the sake of the nation, just tossing in the towel in the face of the chaos to follow.
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    That is 2 to 3 per million. On the high end that accounts for about 855 people of the vaccine eligible population in the US. Odds are when you speak to somebody who isn't vaccinated, it has nothing to do with allergies.
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    I don't know. Maybe a bible, or a world wide flood, or an archangel appearing in a burning bush, or a prophet who walks on water, or a pregnant virgin. Or any other of a host of fraudulent claims based on faith. The world is full of liars and people who blindly accept lies. You should know. Fakes are everywhere.
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    Is that a convoluted way of admitting you were wrong?
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    This happens to be actually true for most diseases. "The majority" needs to stop acting like selfish, spoiled assholes and get vaccinated, in order to help protect the minority who can't get vaccinated for legitimate reasons. If literally translated from Dutch, I'd call it the 'vaccination umbrella'. There used to be very nice and informative films on Youtube explaining how this works. Unfortunately, in this time I am loath to search anything about vaccinations on there because I do not want to have to sift trhough the dross.
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    No, because he's not actually in office. I'd like to think that he'll be in prison by then. Maybe not, but it's a nice thing to hope for.
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    I opened your Pfizer link and reviewed what allergens were listed. It would appear the list was developed about the same time that Warpspeed started as the list for previously used allergens in all previous vaccines. However, if you drill down into that list; you'll notice that most of the ingredients say, "not used in . . ." Pretty much, you would need to have an allergy to Sucrose, Salt, Potassium, or Propylene Glycol. I went back and reviewed your history, You joined In October of last year and did not enter into the COVID discussion until June 2nd of this year. In the "Incentives to Vax" thread, you said, "This does not reflect my personal stance on vaccines. I am not against them." You went on to state, "I don't see why anyone would fault someone for not wanting to take a non-FDA approved vaccine. As far as I know(I may be wrong), none of the current vaccines have a USA FDA approval. They have only been approved for a crisis/pandemic emergency usage, which could be revoked." Now, that it has full approval, you seem to be finding other reasons to not get the vaccine, when you yourself, support it. So, either you're not being genuine regarding your own beliefs on vaccines or you're just another internet keyboard warrior who wants to argue about everything and not use any facts. I think you said it best, " ANYONE who does not get vax'd is scum of the earth." And, before you take a step back and reframe your argument into "People have rights," I will wear your fucking ass out on that argument. You are dismissed.
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    Have you been taking “false news spreading” lessons? I love the technique of sprinkling just enough true statements among the complete bullshit anecdotal based lies in this rambling unfocused post.
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    Seriously? People are touting Tonic Water as a cure. People are fighting with health care workers trying to get them to give ICU patients Ivermectin, HCQ and 'intravenous vitamins' as a 'cure'. People are claiming that the vaccine is killing more than Covid. They are posting "Rebukes" on FB, claiming that Jesus can stop the virus. At the same time, the same people are denying science and reality. Pretending that because the understanding has grown and changed since the beginning that the scientists and health care experts are 'lying'. They latch onto blatantly false 'news' from 'sources' that have a loooooooong history of utter bullshit. The gullibility and foolishness and, yes, utter stupidity of some people is stunning. But very real. People are that stupid.
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    McConnell is an evil turd, but he is not stupid. He is trying to force the Democrats to use the reconciliation process to pass the debt limit bill, which will burn a lot of clock and prevent the Democrats from passing their human infrastructure bill and also any voting protection legislation. Just as he did with Obama he doesn't want Biden to have any "wins", so Republicans will be able to portray Democrats as incompetent losers in the next election. Also Republicans are desperate to stymie any voting protection as they are very aware that voting suppression is their only path to power. It's just gravy that he can stick the Democrats with the bill for four years of fiscal irresponsibility under Trump. In the end McConnell and the Republican party only care about winning and power. They do not care at all about the damage they would do to the country, people, and the world. For them the end always justifies the means if the end is they win. Don
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    https://www.yahoo.com/now/forecast-1-8m-illegal-migrants-110700666.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAAR7IuMuvCLVWC_Z5SyPMSGkr61kP0IK36-s_epwhJG5rLUxAZF6CaNBLkkd8dXj_miZb3WjlBGdIrop6eCHcMP6mwfxr6wAxcElOF_HyT6Sks9jWkFXLRsrzl_ks9RZyebNelQJkBaI7ILYu_XY2-N-2a-zi0UxufcrUhf7-DiD “More than 1.8 million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the U.S.-Mexico border this year, making it the “worst ever” on record, highlighting President Joe Biden’s failed policies, according to a new forecast.” Refusing to deport those who are here illegally while allowing 1.8million+ to enter, IS accepting millions…
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    From Pew Research Center “The last estimate released by the Office of Immigration Statistics at DHS came in December 2018: As of January 1, 2015, there were 11.96 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. The most recent Pew Research estimate puts the total number of unauthorized immigrants at 10.5 million” Do you think the Biden administration doesn’t accept millions of Central and South American illegal aliens? And why the bleeding heart for Hondurans El Salvadorans and Guatemalans and the cold shoulder for the Haitians?
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    Did BillV just call NPR “right wing media”?
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    You have the rest of your life to deal with it properly. (The snag) Out of Sequence Emergency Procedures By not following the intended sequence for emergency procedures (cutaway first, then pull reserve) this jumper may have contributed to the process through which the main entangled around their foot. Having the reserve out, before cutting away, eliminated the possibility of the main having a chance to unsnag itself when the jumper went back into freefall for a moment. The emergency procedures and BSR's were written in the blood of others. Chop.
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    Ya...unfortunately Blue Skies didn't happen. My investors were all in the oil and gas industry. The day we went to sign on the building all my investors went broke. I guess it was better than the day after.
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    Jumping Balloons with a BASE rig is not stupid Jumping Balloons with a BASE rig in a skydiving environment is stupid
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    Maybe a better approach would of been to warn the balloon pilot about the jumpers intentions and the fact that there is an FAA rep present. Let the pilot be the one to make the call. After all, the baloon pilot would be the one to receive the worst punishment since the only thing the FAA can do to a jumper without any FAA certificates is to issue a civil fine.
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