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  1. I don't work in business or finance, is "negotiable currency" or "negotiable American currency" a valid or frequently used term ? Doing quick internet searches doesn't return too much. I see "negotiable instruments" in most of the search returns where things like checks, money orders are listed as examples. But why would he want something like that ? Is there any benefit in terms of easier redemption ? I would think that those items are easier to trace. If the hijacker used the word negotiable, it wouldn't seem incidental. There would have been some intent behind it, maybe it applies more if you are leaving the country...I don't know. The phrase "circulated currency" seems more logical as it would help passing the money a little easier or conversely make spotting the bills more difficult for those searching for them.
  2. Isn't Tina working on a movie ? Perhaps the dialogue within will clear this all up. . . (holding breadth)
  3. Agreed, can't really conclude either way. This could have been cleared up in 1971 and pretty much any point in time from then to possibly even today as both key witnesses are still alive. A simple follow up question to Tina or Flow, " Did the hijacker say negotiable/circulated American currency or did he just ask for $200k in cash?" Even if they both said, not sure/can't remember, we'd at least be where we are today lol.
  4. Could there have been a special modified 727 made for the CIA that had the capability to open/close from the cockpit ? Maybe for HALO drops ?
  5. I am guessing that the "owner" referenced in this 302 below is Hayden. This is dated 2/3/1972, which is really early in the investigation. What I still can't quite comprehend in the parachute analysis is that if the FBI have Hayden asking for his chutes back as early as 3 months after the hijacking, how is it that they continued to either think or allow Cossey to think and discuss that the back chutes were his, how did this information not get relayed, clarified or straightened out early on? It's just hard to understand...it seems to me that it's the type of detail that a premiere law enforcement organization should not mess up.
  6. Yes he was. Here is a link to a nice write up on him when he died back in 1993. http://www.timefadesaway.co.uk/spc_history/pages/1960s/6569/lyle.htm There are some pics in the article as well, born 1931 so that makes him 40 in 1971.
  7. I forget, was the information about the Raleigh cigarette butts public at the time that the Elsinore tipster gave his account ?
  8. I think Lyle Cameron was the tipster right ? I would have expected the FBI to have asked Lyle if anyone else saw this man besides him ? In other words, corroborate at least the existence of this "ghost" that Lyle said that he saw....maybe they did but not clear from the 302s.
  9. I thought I read that Galen Cook might have offered Gosset's DNA to the FBI ?
  10. Now there were two hair samples collected, one on the head cloth of the seat and the other maybe on the arm rest ?
  11. Thanks Fly...so the original order of the bills was never released, but they (the FBI), has that original order correct ?
  12. Thanks G, did you or anyone else notice that the 3rd bill doesn't appear to have matching serial numbers (lower left and upper right) ? Guessing that the right side of this bill is the top of another bill that was on top of this bill and still stuck to it ?
  13. This got me thinking, which bills were top or bottom bills. As discussed on here before, I believe they knew which were top and bottom based on the serial numbers and order thereof right ? I would think that these Crystal bills or perhaps any other Ingram separated bills more likely came from either the top or bottom....although, since they were already separated into 12 stacks, it's possible that they came from middle. I guess where I am going with this, it would have been nice for TK/CS to request a top or bottom bill for his SEM work on the money. Would that reveal consistent findings with that of 377s bill or would it potentially reveal a curve ball ? Could there have been evidence via microscopic residue of rubber bands which might help clarify the question of rubber bands and how many? Before TK/CS tested 377s bill, he had conducted tests on other Tena Bar money, do we have the serial number of those bill(s) and if we have the order of the bills, can we determine where they were in the packets ?
  14. https://www.discovery.com/shows/mysteries-of-the-deep/episodes/secrets-of-the-ms-estonia Small segment on Cooper.....Tom Kaye makes an appearance to discuss diatoms....nothing new.
  15. Yeah, I mean.... "Jack's" game is to profile...fine, but don't profile in a vacuum. IMO, profiling is somewhat educated guess work, and I don't mean that in disrespectful way nor to imply that it has no place or is not helpful. Clearly profiling has been a tool for law enforcement for a long time. It's just that it can be hit or miss. When data and information is on the low side, it is best to be more general or high level when profiling. The more specific you go, the more you run the risk of crossing over the fine line to guessing and mind reading. While I don't want to profile him too much, he seems to be pretty strong minded. I don't even think my initial comment could be considered a rebuke to his post or overall profile. It was simply a "hey, it could also be for a more practical reason that he did that". But seems to have taken it like that.....all good.