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  1. You should've had atleast 4-6 points from 4k!
  2. I thought it might be about a parachute that swoops really well. The book is not bound; it's cross braced.
  3. Uh, yeah, but it's almond champagne from the local whinery!
  4. ....and Elsinore doesn't? Best advice is to visit the DZs, rather than accept the biased opinions. Talk to the instructors; take a tour of the facilities and see the gear you will be using.
  5. Tom taught the FJC today under cloudy Elsinore skies. I still learn from him even though I'm a experienced instructor.
  6. ....or the altimeter you dropped.
  7. Should apply to up jumpers as well. How many times have you seen some fool land 90 degrees off from the group before him? He shrugs it off when an Instructor talks to him about it. Only after an accident will people take notice.
  8. Sadly, most of today's skydivers are not goal oriented. Others are concerned with jumping the coolest, smallest canopy, and believing they have the skills to do so.
  9. Spoken like a true engineer.
  10. Why would a DZ/rigger put a expert cypres into a student rig? Or did the JM jump with a student cypres?
  11. Bring the before you guys take the quizzes. might pass.
  12. Great job! You know what you need to do next....
  13. Yeah, bring beer & pizza....and chicken feed. It's The Farm - West Coast. You'll like the zoo!
  14. Brian, Too bad your instructors suck. Maybe you guys could get Mandy to jump with you after you get your license(s). Not sure if she can fly on her belly, though. Shark out.
  15. Yeah, and don't forget the GIBs, too!
  16. Yeah, me too . . . -53's are the ones with that rep. ....or the 46s.
  17. It's great down here in Socal! 6 jumps today. 4 AFF and 2 tandems.
  18. Ask yourself what your student will "look" like when they fail to properly flare the smaller canopy you selected for them.
  19. Mr. Grinch, Welcome to our world! I was the instructor whom happend to make it at the beginning of your video. You should consider taking the AFF course. Regards, Mr. Shark
  20. Mamba - Matte finish Mindwarp 05 - Gold Mindwarp 05 - Matte finish Z1 - Navy blue ProTec - Black The Z1 and ProTec are semi-retired.
  21. Shark

    Wind Tunnels

    Not with a Nav280. Besides that, what if they don't pull? Would they have to repeat?