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  1. Thanks but... I think I'm remembering why I left Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  2. 'Lo all... Just came across this on tv -> watching "America's dark secrets declassified" on Cooper... With Jerry and Cook inter alia. I'm guessing this has been dissected here at some point already so if anyone can remember what pages or give me a brief summary, would be mice appreciated. Hope everyone well... Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  3. They take fun jumpers too and unless things have changed in the while I haven't been jumping, it's easier to get on a load as a solo to fill up with tandems than as a team. It's a Cessna dz btw. There are other DZs in the western cape but they take a while to get to from CT. And stunning views from altitude
  4. Thanks G. And I am an economist, it's in my nature to worry about resource allocation Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  5. In and out quickly, to say (and I haven't scrolled back so this may have been said, it's already been said in other contexts): following the terrible news about Boston, this is where the FBI should be directing its resources, not on some 40-year old hijack. Let them rather spend their time and energy on stuff that stops people, today, dying or getting hurt. 377, I have a nasty suspicion I didn't respond to your last mail... Will drop you a line. Have more news
  6. Anyone else reminded of "Snakes on a Plane".... Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  7. And this has been addressed more than once. No-one seems to doubt that with Duane's record he could well have stolen the money. It doesn't prove he got it during a hijacking. Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  8. This is a great post. However, it will be completely ignored by the people it's aimed at. They have too much emotionally invested ...your other post also spot on when you said these two have zero retention on anything not related to their suspects. Not sure quite how long I was away for, but it's been a long while, and it's quite depressing to come back to see Blevins sounding like a stuck record and Jo continuing to alternatively cast aspersions on people's motives/background or try get them to back off by feeling sorry for her. It's clear to me there's been progress on some things or theories at least judging from some of the discussion, but quite what they are is lost in the noise. My husband can't believe I'm back on here Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  9. I'm beginning to remember why I left this thread Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  10. Agree...or simply may even be doing it precisely assuming most people would also think the way Blevins does on it! Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  11. I know. I just dont like it. I want Cooper to be a mad skills jumper, not a friggin Whuffo. 377 Thanks for the nice welcome back, Georger and 377! Re above quotes - can you briefly fill me in on farf's baseline? Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  12. Oh my, pop back in to say a (belated) happy new year and to see if the case has been solved yet (apparently not) and find I am a subject of discussion Bruce, I would never chuck you put sans chute. However, I would probably take delight in the terrified-first-jumper expression on your face . Hope everyone is well. I've obviously been gone a long time - just skipped to last page which was literally hundreds and hundreds on from where it took me to "first unread" so I have no idea what's been going on, but see the old faithfuls still around
  13. Hope all are well. Have we (you) solved the mystery yet? Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.
  14. Ok, I'm lost again. Why is it important which seat Cooper sat in exactly? If it's because of where the tie was found, that's inconclusive. If he took it off when he was sitting, it would have gone on the seat next to him. If he took it off when he was standing, it may or may not have gone on the seat where he had been sitting. But I'm not entirely sure why any of this matters. I can only see the seat being important if they had gotten hairs off the back of it. In pre-DNA days, how much import would have been placed on something like that? And in any case as the FBI seem to be going on the tie for DNA (however compromised) one has to assume they do not have other sources such as hair. Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.