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    Wind Tunnels

    Most tunnel rats can out fly AFFIs. A few of them aren't even "A Licensed" yet!
  2. Shark


    Either way, I still get paid.
  3. ....and people wonder why the instructors are yelling at them to exit.
  4. Yeah, what Teem sez.... You should see his 630s now.
  5. Shark


    Now by giving you the info, how would that test your skills? Besides, all the exits are easy and the student always arches out the door. Actually, I encourage you to do work-up jumps with current AFF evaluators. They will get you upto speed. By using their "tricks" on skydives they will know what your abilities are and what you need to work on.
  6. ....and a lot of people cannot count. Which group is unsafe? I've people give a 3 second delay and others more than 20. Then again, maybe they both used the 45 degree rule.
  7. AFF and tandems should be free as well. After all, the instructor is getting a free jump out of it and a few bucks. All their gear is provided for them. Hell, the pilot is just doing it because he needs to build up time before he goes to the airlines.
  8. Shark


    A supplement your freefall time, not a substitute. 6 hours of freefall is required. Tunnel time won't hurt, but will help in your slot flying. Get lots of practice with current AFF evaluators.
  9. How many instructors do you know of teaching this alleged "rule?" If you see them in the act, let them know.
  10. Unfortunately it would require a USPA rep to complete the check dive. That means more $. Most people now feel the skill requirements are too easy to pass the initial course. How would this change anything for rating renewal? Would it be the same as a certification course? Working where I do, I have the benefit of doing real AFF with my AFFCD, our Chief Instructor, and S&TA. Often these are the guys that are signing off on my renewal, and that of my coworkers.
  11. Dude, You got a good thing going on over there. Keep up the good work! Shark (One of MJ's kids.)
  12. I was wondering why the forecast is calling for clouds this Friday. You guys are bringing your weather with you!
  13. Lit up. We did 4 loads. 2 loads were exclusively for the freefly invitational and 2 for the experienced and newbs. We had 10 first timers, all of whom did well. We also held water training that afternoon, and the evening before.
  14. The Internet is what it is. I made a statement and you are free to agree or disagree. Like many instructors I jump and teach everyday. I don't have many jumps as other instructors, but I have completed over 800 AFF jumps and taught close to 200 FJCs. (You can add around 500 tandems to that.) I'm not the greatest instructor and am still learning. Telling someone (here) how to gear up their student is not part of my charter. Debating on-line is useless.
  15. How you gear up your student has no bearing on how I gear up my student. I am responsible for MY student, not yours. That's great if you learn something from the Internet. I learn from other Instructors at the DZ or call my mentors should I have any questions or concerns. I also know and have jumped with several instructors on this board as well. Do you teach at a large DZ?
  16. Nope. 3 or 4 of us, at least that are staff instructors like myself. We just can't all take the day off to go dive. At both local DZs there are a lot of jumpers whom dive, but most of their free time is spent skydiving, not scubadiving.
  17. Count me in when y'all go to Catalina!
  18. Mish, Candy says, "hello." She can't wait to do her level 4 with you. Shark out.
  19. I have to agree with Ed. I have them tighten their strap strap enough, but not too tight, nor too loose. In this case we should each worry about our own students and not what other instructors or DZs are doing.
  20. I'm sure Mish will chime in, but to my knowledge he's only been jumping with them for the current 05 season. Rob and Kevin are the original members and added Don last year, and Mish this year. They trained hard and their efforts paid off. I don't think they jumped as much as the other local teams either; and that's my observation. I'm there everyday as a full-time instructor. When not training we recruited them as adjunct/weekend instructors. They did great at Nats. Congratulations to them and all others whom reached their competition goals.