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  1. What would your wing loading be on either of the two?
  2. Anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the class. Is another 8 hours feasible? I don't think so, but the FJC is the initial course in building a foundation for your training. When a student returns we spend additional time preparing them and reviewing EPs, and in a lot of instances PLFs. After the FJC I expect students to practice on their own, doing the required book work and review EPs. One that does not take the time to prepare probably shouldn't be skydiving anyway. You should sit through an FJC. You might even have a different opinion. BTW, Ed was my JM on a couple of AFFs.
  3. You have to buy them when you earn the award.
  4. I know of a few jumpers whom did not jump because they did not have their audible with them.
  5. Hey Bro, Looking forward to doing some 4 way with you upon your return to SoCal. (It's safer than doing a tandem with me.) Get well soon. Shark out.
  6. Sparky, Best of luck in your new endevours. Can I still jump your MC-4??!! Shark out.
  7. Just sold one to Dave H. I think he loads a 193 pretty well, too. I only put a dozen jumps on it, but only flying with some Frog friends. Most of the time I jumped a "borrowed" 143. 143s are very rare.
  8. Sounds like a smartass remark, but let me qualify. Some AFFs may have been prep'd by someone else, some I did myself. By Level 7/8 they are more self sufficient. The dive flow prep is easier while each is still put in the harness. How much time do you need to be convinced that someone is proficient in their EPs? Again, you can spend several hours if you want. As for the tandems, most were already trained and some geared up. Do you feel that I do not adequately train my students? I don't do many so-called fun jumps like yourself. I jump everyday and we can get quite busy. I supplement fun jumps with tunnel time. Is that acceptable to you?
  9. You can spend all day teaching PLFs and the dive flow. It is not always feasible. More emphasis on canopy control would, most likely, cure one's need to PLF. You should, however, be prepared to PLF on every skydive.
  10. In how many jumping days... I.E. how many per day? Between 0 - 8 per day. As long as there is daylight and I have enough time to prep the student and debrief. The most work jumps in a day was 6 AFF and 7 tandems. Some of the tandems were already geared up, having only to introduce myself at the plane. I only jumped 11 months last year, but pretty much everyday. At least 6 days a week. Hopefully I'll have a mid-week "weekend" so I can scuba dive more this summer.
  11. A hanging harness is a better option.
  12. Me? 393. The 348 tandems got in the way.
  13. Shark

    The Unit

    CAG - Combat Applications Group; ie. Delta Force Sgt. Maj. Eric Haney is a tech advisor and former Delta dude.
  14. Hooyah! CCR-2113, CCS-1242
  15. Congrats! Looks like an AFFI or a freeflier.
  16. Welcome to Dizzydotcom! Get back in one piece so you can put a bunch of jumps on that new Infinity! I had that same set up 2 years ago. Get your rig made in blue & gold.... good Navy colors.
  17. I'm a newb, only 567 tandems. (I'm mainly an AFF guy.) Ellen B., whom is a TI did a lot of video of my early jumps. She told me to fly myself and not worry about fixing the student. It's improved my tandem flying a lot. I had a 70 year old guy whose knees were up in his chest, and "we" flew fine. He tipped really well, too! Arch!
  18. Congratulations! You'll get that A soon enough.
  19. And speaking of video..... You still have that Z1 fullface? BTW, you guys did your best. I just sucked! (For all that are interested: my 1st, and 2nd Level 3)
  20. As mentioned in a PM, I feel you have the student's best interest in mind. We all do, but sometimes shit happens. Yes, I feel bad when a student is not getting with the program. When they have to repeat, I have failed in part of my instruction.
  21. Relax, young padawan. We can teach you everything we know and you will still not be totally prepared. The only way you will learn/know is by doing it. If you feel you can train your students so they will be perfect, congratulations. Video is a great tool. You should do this on all of your work-up jumps. Unfortunately, Level 1s are the only AFFs that get video, unless of course, the student opts to get the others done. Those single JM AFFs are cool if you are on them. I still don't know everything, but am willing to learn from others who have been in the business longer than I have. I've made close to 1,000 AFFs since being rated in March of 03. That's more than most of my mentors, but I still learn from them. You would be wise to listen more than talk.