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  1. you mean, the encrypted thing? it's kinda ugly, but... ok... here it goes... It's RSA cryptography. We have the letters of the alphabet set to numbers by beginning with 11 for A, 12 for B, etc... up to 36 for Z. Given the modulus 9897798435448670548862925351088919263527268729 and the encoding key 230179247954559324470852582380776939286366561, the message to decrypt was: 4236742615890285087883027706299355092597096111 1740449019201746973835067986398791992015157884 9366547413128592181967084544966703384352488540 8253897984175045252503621572780408219637960905 1858182717564376502741571643570093622485780002 9512365404704521792002106703122916349508641838 3132022529263914393919232531600090160591454875 5926638059910448998892142131466619071122680399 4473059127156745215037379675905407991077369064 Fun, isn't it? :)
  2. Yeah, I guess I was narrowing my search too much yes, I've seen that before. Really funny shit!
  3. oh, awesome! you rock!
  4. "The whole of this aforementioned country is so gripped by winter that for eight months of the year there is truly unbearable frost such that in those months when you spill water you do not make mud, but if you light a fire you will" So I'm working on this number theory assignment and we had to decrypt a thing and it decoded into he message above, and now the extra credit question is to identify who said it. I tried google, I tried some math quotation server, no luck. Any idea who the fuck said that?
  5. have you seen those hypno skates on which you can take off the wheels any time you feel like walking?
  6. Take shoes. Maybe just a pair of flip flops or something easy to carry. I've been asked to take my rollerblades off in stores a few times. They usually assume that if you're on rollerblades you're just gonna go around at really high speed and run into everyone and everything and make a big big mess. It really pisses me off
  7. I second that! Academic careers are awesome! And make sure you go to a grad school that has a good skydiving club which pays for some of your jumping...
  8. I wanna do the AFP program at SDC. I really like the idea of a more comprehensive program than the regular AFF, and seems to build better skills right from the beginning. Dougiefresh, I see you jump at SDC, hope to meet you there this summer. Any other SDCers around here? AFP instructors?
  9. thanks for the welcome. yeah I definitely plan to be around for summerfest
  10. Hi all! I've been reading the forums for a few months now, made a few posts, and finally realized I had never introduced myself to all of you, so here it goes... I made two tandems at the end of last summer at SDC (the usual story, I thought I was gonna do one tandem and that's it... but then the addiction got me). Then I figured I wanna jump a lot, but had no money, so I started saving some, and I'm still doing that. I plan to start AFF this summer and I'm soooo excited about it. Before that, I'm actually planning to do another tandem by participating in Operation Freefall since it's such a wonderful fundraising event. A big thanks to everyone here, this forum has been a great source of information so far! (I know, I promise to check with my instructors first about anything I read here)
  11. *** ... in reality though.. you ARE a skydiver if you constantly notice things like wind,, or cloud ceiling, or look up in the air ANY time you hear a plane, ( and wait to hear it's "cut" ).. Or when you skip lunch 4 times a week to "save for a lift ticket"... or when you "suddenly don't NEED that new car" cause you're saving for a rig....
  12. I'm in my junior year at Colby College, in ME. Double major in Computer Science and Math, and getting ready for many more years of school, since I wanna go for a PhD in computer science. As far as I know, there are NO other skydivers here at Colby. Only my CS advisor who used to jump on round parachutes back in the old days, but he hasn't jumped in a very very long time...
  13. Actually the difference stands in the way Java and C/C++ code gets translated into machine code to be executed by the CPU. Java has only one compiler that works on any platform and only translates Java code into Java Virtual Machine code (also called bytecode) and then the platform-specific part is in the form of an interpreter. Thus, the same java code will have exactly the same results on any platform because the low-level part (the bytecode) will be the same. C/C++ on the other hand needs different compilers for Windows and Unix, and each compiler has its peculiarities, so the same C/C++ code might have plenty of bugs on one machine and work perfectly fine on the other. What C/C++ offers is access to some more low-level operations, so it lets you tweak more subtle things like you could do with an assembly language. Java keeps itself as a much more higher-level language.
  14. deea

    Math help?

    wait a sec... could you clarify your question a little bit? The other posts are confusing me :) Are you asking if the left hand side, when simplified, results in the RHS or something simpler, or are you giving this whole thing as an equation to be solved (if so, in which variable?) My previous post refers to option #1.