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  1. Hey all, it's been a pretty long time since I've posted here. I haven't jumped since summer of '04 when I made a poor judgment call on a new canopy and crossed the runway on landing taking a good-sized portion of skin off my leg in the process. After that I decided not to jump again until I could afford to jump at least a few times every month. A year after my last jump I was in a head-on collision with a dump truck on the back roads. I crushed the right-half of my face on the steering wheel which left me with one eye (but no other handicaps thankfully). During the three years following my accident, I gained a significant amount of weight (went from 220 to 350). In October of this year I decided to take control of my life and I have lost 55 lbs on Nutrisystem. My goal is to drop another 100 lbs this year, but be no heavier than 250 by the summer (this was my weight when I first started jumping). I'd really like to start jumping again in July, and I'm curious whether I will be approaching it as a first time jumper, or if I can ease back into it with a few coached dives? Also, are there any other one-eyed divers here? What are some of the issues you run into?
  2. Are there any one-eyed jumpers here in Oregon? I've been out of the sky since the summer of '04, and lost my right eye in '05. Lately I've been really craving the sport and I think I'm going to try to get back into it this summer after I shed some pounds (currently 280 or so). I sadly don't know anyone in the sport anymore
  3. Well it's just my luck that they make most vehicles with two outside mirrors these days
  4. I've been driving my friends car since the accident without any trouble. I can drive day/night with the same confidence I had before I lost my eye. Do I need to go to the DMV and talk to them about this, do I need a provision on my license or anything like that? Or should I just wait until my license expires and then go in?
  5. I don't have any idea where to start though, this being the first major body part that I've lost
  6. Can you be compensated for the loss of an eye through Social Security? People are telling me to look into it after my car accident last month where I destroyed my right eye and had it removed entirely. Is it even worth looking into?
  7. After a search came up with no results, the Forum drop down box appeared blank. At the top of the forum list was "Unknown Tag: 'forum_name'" Really just a cosmetic issue, thought I'd let ya know
  8. That is not cool at all, and I too would expect more of a skydiver It just proves that people are afraid of what they don't know/understand. That applies to us skydivers too unfortunatly
  9. So uhhhh, why is this still in the wrong forum?
  10. Thanks Krist! Yep, I got my ass in the air again today thanks to the people at Eugene Skydivers, and our very own Pleifer This guy bought me my second jump, we did a two way that didn't go as planned at all, but it was an awesome jump none the less. And I finally got to jump my "New" jumpsuit that I got last november I had an awesome time, and Eugene Skydivers will be my home DZ from now on. Thanks Heather and Paul for the fun weekend, I'll see you guys again soon Oh yeah, and thanks for the container, I'll be back soon to repay that jump and more. And Heather, I can't wait to see you in the air
  11. When I first started jumping, and whenever I start jumping after a bit of a layoff, my ears tend to be...not so much plugged...just weird for the rest of the day. Like, they will pop and repressurise when I talk or eat or do anything really. But after a while of regular jumping I hardly notice it at all
  12. Casch


    around 30 jumps or so I went about 2 months I believe without jumping. I was expecting to do a PRCP on static line, but I was allowed to just do a hop n pop. I had been practicing emergency procedures and did several practice pulls on the ground. The jump felt the same as it would have been my 4th jump of the day. It was nice to be able to just jump and not pay for an instructor. I had also never had any problems during student progression with stability, and no major accuracy problems.
  13. Oh hey, I totally forgot about my first tracking dive. 8 of us flocked out of the otter but we didn't exactly plan it out....We bailed downwind of the DZ, and tracked downwind. We had a few very experienced jumpers leading the dive too...dunno what happened there. Anyway, we tracked a couple miles away from the dz, and we all landed out, except for 1 person, the dive leader that pulled high. I only had around 40 jumps I think, and I wasn't paying attention to where we were going. I picked my landing target, a nice big green backyard with a pool in it. A friend that was flying ahead of me appeared to be going to the same LZ, but then he turned, crossed the highway, flew through a treefarm and landed on the other side. I figured he was gonna land in the field next to the farm so I followed him across the highway. When I saw him weaving through the trees I thought....F*&^ NO! and I landed on the edge of the field, draped my canopy over a 10ft pine tree and borrowed the neighbors ladder to get it out. Oh, and I stood up the landing
  14. I think my favorite jump was when I rolled out the otter door backwards while screaming at the tandems in line, I held a backloop for a little more than 2K ft before I flattened out. When the world stopped spinning I saw a camera man in a sit following me around, so I screwed around doing loops and BR's and stuff until pull time. This was around jump 35 or so.
  15. I love those kind of jumps. They get a bit repetative, but I can't really complain