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  1. side mount? It might help to post a pic of your setup. cheers!
  2. pope

    Light weight camera/helmets

    I played with a RePlay 1080, I like 'em a lot, and their tiny.
  3. pope

    Sony HDR-AS10 Discontinued?

    The market seems to be moving toward wifi. I'd look on eBay if you need the 10.
  4. pope

    Replay settings

    What am I missing here? What are you asking exactly?
  5. pope

    Tandem:Video/Stills Percentage

    At the dz I work at now, 99.5% of ppl have video. At my last dz, it was more like 50%.
  6. pope

    Mental Disabilities

    If that were the case, there'd be about 25%+ that wouldn't be jumping! case by case basis, IMHO. pope
  7. pope

    Burj Dubai Update

    Oh, how I would love to huck a WS from a 2600 ft. building... think I'll dream about it tonight.
  8. pope

    Sick Shit

    Big ups to you for that design/execution Lee! let's see the pics of you jumping it! pope
  9. pope

    The Morning Report

    Great fucking idea Lee. If DZ.COM won't do it then [url http://www.triaxproductions.com]Triax[/url] will. Send your pics to us with as much ifo as you can. cheers, pope
  10. pope

    Nontrivial tips and tricks?

    What if the Ground winds are below zero?
  11. pope

    The Best BASE gear.

    Tom, where can I get my hands on one of these "Rig B's?" Based on your report, it sounds like a Rig B is the way to go. Do you know how they handle H, I, or J? What is a Rig B going for these days? Thanks!
  12. pope

    Yatahey and Canyon De Chelly

    you could always call the ranger's office, I think his brother is one of them... cp
  13. pope

    Backgrounds removed??

    use the magic wand tool in photoshop with the tolerance set around 20. pope
  14. another two or three feet and it would be overhead, eh? Umm...it sucks, fuck you very much. pope
  15. Get the camera that can provide you with the best resolution. As far as I know that would be the HC3, and if the difference in size between those 3 cameras will make a difference to your camera flying, you're not ready to jump a camera yet. A Digi Still Camera like the Rebel XT or equivalent should be what you need to shoot pictures. If you insist on taking your stills from the video camera, get the HC3. $0.02 pope