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  1. Icon134

    Canon EF-S 10-22 durability

    I've used the 10-22 for several years now... I did have on instance of it breaking but that wasn't during skydiving. Overall I like the lens.
  2. Icon134

    Music for wedding tandem

    Pick music that your wife and you will both enjoy. I've used just about every style of music both slow and fast for skydiving videos. Making the music choice work is more about the editing then about anything else. Edited to add: Congratulations!!! Scott
  3. Icon134

    Downplane photo wanted

    It's not the best picture of a downplane but I have this one on my smugmug page. It's also a few years old. http://www.scottgunstills.com/Skydiving-2009/Fastrax/10-May-2009/8681718_sUr38 Scott
  4. Icon134

    4/3 available for pre-order

    DSE, You sir are evil... but in a good way...
  5. Icon134

    Laptop for editing

    But a Mac Book Pro is an apple... although I'm a PC guy and actually kind of like my ASUS laptop a UL30A... If I was getting an ASUS now I'd probably go for the U30Jc...
  6. Icon134

    Are you a Canonite ? or a Nikonista ?

    Canon... because that's what I started with and I'm starting to get a few nice lenses now... I suppose I might change some day if Canon decided to suddenly change their lens mount...
  7. Icon134

    Rawa with CX100

    if bonehead is still doing bonebonds where you can put $X down and in 6 months get $2X towards a helmet you could get a FTP or Mantle for on the order of $500... http://www.boneheadcomposites.com/welcome.htm I think you have to call to get it started but it can't hurt and IMHO a top mount option is more versatile/professional looking then any of the side mount helmets (which should not be intended to be taken to imply that you can't be professional and/or an excellent videographer using a side mount...) I just know that in my experience I felt like I quickly outgrew my RAWA and wanted something more along the lines of a FTP style helmet... \ my 2 cents...
  8. I have and use a blow switch... and I'm able to take multiple shots... it's really quite simple to do this... you just blow through the tube and the switch stays closed... you stop blowing and it opens and it stops taking pictures... (depending on the settings in your camera) a blow switch however might be considered to be somewhat bulky... My first switch was a Conceptus Tounge Switch... but when that failed I switched to a blow switch and like it a lot better... (besides with a blow switch I can tell tandem students the "tube" is for beer/vodka/etc... ) Scott
  9. Icon134

    Selling Digital Stills Online?

    i use smugmug and like it a lot... I don't make a whole lot of money... ok... I don't really make any... but it's easy to upload pictures and videos (which can't be sold yet... although it would be nice (you know... DVD's... bluray cabable DVD's... from the HD videos that I've uploaded...) I can't imagine it would be that challenging... although I'm not sure how it would work... with a Pro account you can use your own domain name... and can set the prices... you have a lot of control over access to your photos... and there is a lot of customisation possible... and there is a lot of help available to create customisations...
  10. Icon134

    Need some advice on flaring

    I'm not sure anybody can be much help here... my recommendation would be to get someone to shoot video of your landing and have an experienced canopy pilot/instructor give you some assistance... perhaps consider taking a canopy course... There are several good canopy courses out there and they will give you a lot of pointers to improve your flare as well as teaching you how to really "fly" your canopy.
  11. Icon134

    what camcorder are you jumping

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that with 10 threads on or about the CX100 that is the current camcorder that people are using... and to put it another way... in march/april I showed up at the dz with my brand new CX100... to show it off to our dzo... and others around... and I believe about half the video flyers are now or are in the process of transitioning to it...
  12. Icon134

    RAWA top mount video and stills

    with that helment you probably want to mount the stills on the top and the video on the side... although it's probably possible to figure something out... it wouldn't be nearly as safe as a dedicated top mount helmet such as a FTP or Vapor Wes Pro. Scott
  13. Icon134

    saving vegas files

    about the only way I can think of trying to do what you want to do is to render a video with the raw footage... but you'll still have a seperate file... I don't think you can do what you're wanting to do... and for that matter I'm not sure why you would want to link the raw footage to a particular project... it would result in a much larger "vf" project file then is necessary... Scott
  14. Icon134

    Canon 50d

    I know of at least one dz.commer that uses it... (pilotdave) and I am capable for making it work with my camera helmet as well... I constructed a makeshift adapter with a female 2.5mm plug on one end and a male N3 plug for the 50D on the other end... and I think Lazlo makes a bite switch specifically for it... The 50D is a little bit heavier then the Rebel Series but it can certainly be used for skydiving... Scott
  15. you can probably get by fine with those if all you're doing is editing video... I use Lightroom to manage and process photos but it sounds like you're doing that on the Mac side of the computer. I do like the PMB software that is supplied with the camera... it allows me to sort my videos by the date they are shot and provides a method to efficiently sort and import my videos. It sounds to me like you are doing fine at creating a sony video editing station... I'm not sure I understand the second question... for "capturing" video a usb 2.0 card reader should be more then enough to copy and download files to the computer. yes... it will result in you spending far too much time playing in the windows operating system and you won't want to use your Mac any more... As for the 100GB of hard drive for Windows... you probably can get by with that but... you might want a bit more space... of course I imagine you will keep videos/photos on the external hard drive... and if that's the case than you should be fine giving Windows 100 GB.