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  1. Deserves to be shot. (At least in the knee.)
  2. I recently saw the movie "the quiet american". According to me, the movie describes the Iraq situation pretty well. It`s a crusade. The only possible outcome I see in this, is the us troops returning home after enough blood is spilt, and they finally realise there is no-one to "liberate". Then the UN stays and cleans up the crap. As usual.
  3. Make them Americans! That will make them too obese to run.
  4. Okay, I get it. People kill people, so the troops got there to... Kill people? This war is not able to win in any way. My opinion is that the majority of this people does not want the US present in their country. "Giving" more democracy to this people only makes it harder for the occupiers to stay. Because belive it or not, when theese people get to decide for themself the American way is not wanted there.
  5. What exactly is the job? How could moore troops be better in this situation? Normally, a war have at least something to do with politics. This one however haven`t and that is what makes it so special. And not in a good way.
  6. Okay, thanks... How do I join the list?
  7. I know that this is not the place for ads, but I have had my eyes open for a lightning 143 for some time now, without luck. I also saw an ad saying "wanted: lightning 143", that was over a month old, in the classifieds section. Where are all the old lightnings? Do they wander into the desert to die after a couple of years or are they exploding when they are used up?
  8. Calle


    Ok, I think i got it too: You were at a antenna, and you and your friends wore white t-shirts. Then you saw some kids that wasn`t supposed to be there. Then you and your friends hide yourself in a ball, big enough for all of you. Thanks to yor great grandfather, that built the weird ball, you all survived the kids that night. And you have a stash bag. The question is: who built the car?
  9. Calle

    FJC kjerag

    Thank you, but I was looking for prices for the one day beginners course...
  10. Calle

    FJC kjerag

    Anybody knows how much the 1-day course costs in kjerag? I have never jumped base before.
  11. Aaaahhh... The key to a good oppression. When the stupid people is the majority of the people the democracy is really obselete, ey?
  12. Swedes are genereally not afraid of terrorists, we have no reason to. We did not arm them. And the bank accounts have nothing to do with this, I promise you! Sounds like the old Chewbacca-defense.
  13. You write about "terrorist" as in suicide bombers and kidnappers. They are fighting a war, just as America is. I don`t know if you heard of Guantanamo? I have seen how your military prisons abroad work, the pictures taken by guards torturing men and posing happily next to them. Now, your freedom is not for everybody and your democracy does not work. So go secure freedom in your own country for starters, because there are a lot of people in need of economical help there. Okay, saddam hussein beeing an awful dictator. But how many of those are there right now in African countries? Why is it not interesting to invade those countries? About Hitler, that is a totally different story and does not justify every war America vage. If you don`t make any difference between wars and see them as seperate acts, then I`m scared. Of course Sweden are passive in a war that we don`t approve of. Do not confuse neutrality with lazyness.
  14. I find it very hard to belive that for instance the UK would be first to invade Iraq, even though they are participating in this act not approved by the UN. By the way, are you guys fighting "terrorist" in the land of Iraq? Aren`t you thinking of another country you are currently "helping"? I know, can`t be easy keeping track of every little country you bomb. Sweden, among many countrys are not afraid of terrorist either. And we are currently contributing with forces busy cleaning up. If you lived in a democracy that actually worked, I would blame your country. Now it`s down to one man.