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  1. Reg, You did good, just as we discussed. The tunnel time can only help and we will get video of your session. Call the office and schedule 15 minutes with me. Plan on doing the tunnel first then, weather permitting we will do your level 2. Shark out.
  2. Shark

    100 @ 30

    Boom, Better update your profile, then! Happy Bday. Shark out.
  3. Is that the purple one? Or the black one I get to jump with Jay's back in town?
  4. Uhhh, must be someone else with a gold handle. I can't imagine whom it might be.
  5. There is only 1 DVD recorder. Be first in line to avoid hassles.
  6. Shark

    Reno Air Races

    Hey, it can withstand 2,000 degrees F. for 6 seconds!
  7. Hi Christy, Can I buy a t-shirt?
  8. Speaking of "pulling," I teach all tandems to pull and always assist them. Some pull, some don't. During an AFF Level 1 a student will often need assistance as well. If they are still trying to pull my altimeter of I will have already deployed for them.
  9. Shark

    Reno Air Races

    ....and a very cool Nomex flight suit I loaned him.
  10. Very cool! Be sure to put some PD canopies in it before jumping.
  11. I taught the FJC on Tuesday and put one on as to demonstrate. I guess I'm lucky that I teach this stuff everyday. I hope I don't become complacent.
  12. I'd also like to see more up jumpers review EPs in a hanging harness. I was amazed by some incorrect procedures by "experienced" skydivers, during Safety Day last March. Some people get too complacent. When was your last time in a training/hanging harness? (Not necessarily directed to you.)
  13. It is taught during the FJC; without water. During EP training I have them complete the procedures while in the training harness. By the time you earn your A license you will have done this several times, at least in our program.
  14. Riddler, Your primary responsibility is the safety of the student. We do what we can to ensure a safe skydive and landings. Many times conditions do not permit stand ups. We don't always have the pleasure of 10+ mph winds and students less than 200 lbs. Congratulations to all those instructors whom are able to stand up all their landings in no-wind conditions with 230 lb. students (male or female.)
  15. Shindig, Don't come back unless you win! How's your bent wing flying? Kick ass, dude! Shark out.
  16. ....and then they bitch and moan that their group of 20 cannot be all on the same aircraft. At gear-time they usually have to pee; a 10 minute evolution for some.
  17. Yep. That's why we discuss proper presentation to the relative wind in the FJC and throughout their student jumps. You want to have the proper body position that allows the best presentation to the relative wind.