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  1. I might be there, but I will probably have to go back to work at some point in time. That's where I got my start. Did a 2 stack with Jerry Mc. on my 32nd jump.
  2. Matt should be there, if his 1981 280zx has not broke down again.
  3. Dude, Shark is always there, if not lurking in the shadows. Other wise the shark may be in a more natural habitat the ocean. For diving, of course; scuba that is. Shark out.
  4. I saw your rig the last time I was down in 'Snore. I'll let you believe I used it as a starting point for mine if it makes you feel good. Once rig 4.0 gets delivered, make sure to post it to so I can see if it measures up to mine.
  5. Which is exactly why I include video on every one of my student jumps. Get it next tme and you'll have no questions as to why..... Be safe Ed Yeah, you should see my first level 3, and my second.
  6. Nice! Very cool "shark-ish" colors, too! Shark-rig 4.0 currently in production....
  7. The US Navy has more aircraft undersea than it has submarines.
  8. Water training, Friday 630pm! Call the office FFI @ 951-245-9939.
  9. Max, That's great news! Dude, get on back to 'Snore so we can jump. BTW, that CIB looks good on you. Shark out.
  10. These guys are CReWdogs! I did my first 2 stack/biplane with Jerry on my 33rd jump. The team members were all on the record canopy formation.
  11. I might add that the tunnel is also an integral part of our AFF program. Got 3 students tomorrow. Ooops! I mean later this morning. (Can't get use to this time change.)
  12. You mean the Dodo Bird that gave YOU your first feather? It may be an old USPA definition, but still means Instructor. Be safe Ed Same dodo, huh?!
  13. Congratulations to both of you. Be a good instructor and mentor for your students. Keep learning and improving your skills. Be humble as well. It'll be a lot of fun.
  14. Shark


    Dude, For a SF guy you dove/dived more than some SEALs I know. Shark out.
  15. Shark


    I'm certifiable, and find scuba diving scarier than skydiving.
  16. Only if properly trained, but then again a fast canopy makes anyone fast. BTW, a Sabre2 has a longer recovery arc than a Stiletto, does that make it any better? Qualify your statements.
  17. Nuh uh! It's all about how you look! Exactly! Gotta have the coolest colors on the coolest canopy! I've got great style in the packing area.
  18. I know several dudes that can swoop Stilettos very well. In case you haven't figured it out, it's all about the pilot.