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  1. dgskydive

    "I know my rights..."

    That was the funniest thing I have seen all year. Its just a scissor lift man!!! Dom
  2. dgskydive

    camera goggles eliminate snag risk

    All of the distractions that will kill you are still there. Dom
  3. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    There is a big difference between 15 tandems and 15 AFF style jumps. You can believe what you want. She has been a PASSENGER for those 15 jumps. Not the same as a trained and qualified A license holder in any country. IF she is ready for an A. Well just give her a rig and throw her out of the plane. She will be fine. I mean...she did do 15 tandems right. Give it time. If he keeps this up. He will kill someone. I love you Aussies. I really do. Great guys and gals. But this dude is a turd. Dom
  4. dgskydive

    theres a possibility that I'm drunk.

    Or maybe he wont make it after the cutaway. So no paying the lawyer? Dom
  5. dgskydive

    Airspeed New Line Up?

    Im gonna add that MArk and Thomas used to be on some silly little team together that won gold at Nationals... Dom
  6. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    Why does it seem that all of his supporters want to chime in with what this guy can do that (they think) others can't. Your all just proving the point that this TI has EGO issues. He thinks he is the best and so he must be bullet proof. I have been in this sport for a long time and have met and been lucky enough to call some of the (truly) best skydivers in the word my friends. None of them would ever put a student in unnecessary risk like your Sky God Brett seems to be willing to do. Dom
  7. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    Or he isnt on here talking about it...because he knows that he will be questioned about things that he has no answer for. Dom
  8. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    How was this jump legal? Im talking about both. Everyone understands that you can die skydiving. That is not true understanding though.. Dom
  9. dgskydive

    How to be an asshole

    This thread made me laugh and feel sad at the same. Time. TO much Shannon and JP.
  10. dgskydive

    74 points on the RW-4 training jump

    Only because the person judging couldnt keep up. That was a clean jump. Dom
  11. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    Exactly. Let the Passenger have the best chance at living. You can defend this reckless act all you want. I dont care what type of degree a person has. They DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT IN FREEFALL!. A persons intelligence has nothing to do with how they will react in freefall. By your logic. We should just let every person with an engineering degree have a license and go jump on there own from day 1. They dont need no instruction. They are smart. They have it all figured out. Do you realize how bad of an argument that is? I have seen the type of people that you are talking about be the WORST jumpers you can imagine. DO to that fact that they "think" they have it all figured out. Dom
  12. dgskydive

    taking tandem students wingsuiting

    Skydiving was considered nuts at one point. Again, this is about putting STUDENTS (Tandem Passengers) at unnecessary risk. If they are both experienced jumpers then have fun and see what happens. It is irresponsible to risk a students life doing something that is completely unknown. How would you feel if your Mom or Sister was talked into doing one of these types of jumps and bounced as a result? Knowing that they could have just done a legal tandem and had just a great an experience. Dom
  13. dgskydive


    I know J.C. Did you know that Evan is dead? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMBvYWm45c0 Dom
  14. dgskydive

    The Town Of Fucking

    Helllooooo...they would be Father fuckers and that is just wrong. Dom
  15. dgskydive

    student with a GoPro Camera

    so many replies, so little time. Dom