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  1. dgskydive

    Chinese Seat Harness and Container

    I think you just answered your own question.
  2. I think your biggest issue is going to be finding a rig that allows you to deploy your main, cutaway and deploy your reserve if needed all with one hand. I have never seen a rig that allows for all that. Not saying one doesnt exist. I just havent seen one. Im sure something could be done to help you steer and land with only one hand, but cutting away and pulling reserves are pretty important and need two hands to do. I would check with the manufactures and see if anyone has made a rig in the past that would work for you.
  3. dgskydive

    Easiest/fastest draw possible (4-way)

    d-a-n-b-c we used to do that as a stop drill. Started as a joke to mess with BC, but it really is a good drill dive.
  4. dgskydive

    WS is my goal! Best way to get there?

    I say focus on your basic skydiving skills first.
  5. dgskydive

    SCSL 4 Way Meet June 19th @ Perris

    send an email to dan bc @ perris. He will be able to set you up with a fun team for the meet. Thats what he does.
  6. dgskydive

    Dubai - Looking for flat jumpers

    Hell, I will move there if you get us fully sponsored with pay and a free place to live!! There has to be some rich dude over there that wants to learn 4way.
  7. dgskydive

    Seeking skydivers who knew my mom

    where is the pic? So sorry about your mom. I bet you can find someone on here that can help you get some answers
  8. dgskydive

    judging the cone to fly in

    Pick a spot on the ground in the area you are looking to land in...... If it moves up on the horizon, you are going to be short of that spot. If it moves down then you can make it to that spot. That is the short answer.
  9. dgskydive

    Tamsin (Taz) gone :-(

    Im gonna be sick. That is two friends this weekend jumping and one drowned in the bath tub. Memorial day has a new meaning for me!!! I will always remember her poll dancing after the JFTC record. God Bless you Taz. My you rest in peace and warmth forever!!!!!!
  10. dgskydive

    Is this normal??

    The I4 fits the 150's very nicely!!!!! What you have there is an ugly pack job. From the looks of it both the main is not filling out the D-bag evenly. That is why you have all that weird stuff going on. Repack the main yourself.
  11. dgskydive

    R/W Camp

    Another junkie in the making!!!!! Yahoo!
  12. dgskydive

    Mirrors vs double slot switches.

    We went with switchers this year as it just made more sense to us. You get used to seeing things a certain way. Then to go and mirror it just got confusing at times. I think it is a decision to make as a team and every team is different, but to us it a choice made on how comfortable we felt with one as opposed to the other. Swithers made more sense to us and our little brains. There were a few times when we went with the mirrors and it showed in the lower scores we had. You may have just opend a can of worms.
  13. dgskydive

    Competition 'cut' for the twin otter

    It is in the USPA competition manual. Look it up on there website. Nice tab BTW? Which Bat? Are you sure your Ranger buddies won't make fun of you for begin in an "artistic" discipline?
  14. dgskydive

    Max tracking, get thin?

    I have found forme it works better to close all the way up get the butt up in the air and turn the booties out. IMHO it works different for diferent body types, but most of the people that smoke me while tracking seem to be closed up as well. I see a lot of free fliers tracking in a real wide stance on tracking dives, but I think most of them do it because they are trying to stay with the people that don't track as well as the rest.
  15. dgskydive

    demoed a sabre2 150 today

    The speed on the two canopies is about the same. The difference you are preceiving is because of the trim of the canopy. The Sabre2 dives more then the Pilot sinc wthe Pilot is trimmed flater(SP). So witht the Sabre you are seeing the ground rush at you faster then the Pilot. Although you are doing roughly the same forward speed. So in your opinion what is the better canopy for you?