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  1. You do realize the only difference between the "Assault Rifles" they want to ban and other rifles is the way they look right? Educate yourself on the types of weapons they want to ban. We are talking about rights...not privileges. The Constitution does not guarantee anyone the right to a car or any other type of transportation. It does give us the right to own weapons. Dom
  2. Let someone tell these people that they didnt need a gun to be safe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KztkvfeyO80 Dom
  3. "Assault Rifles" account for less then 4% of all gun related killings. Legal "Assault Rifles" probably around 1%. Must murders are a result of handguns. Illegal Handguns. Even the DOJ admits that the previous 10 year ban on "Assault Rifles" and 30 round mags did nothing to stop gun violence or reduce the murder rate in the US. Dom
  4. Here is a quote from the ruling that pertains to Militia. "the activities [the Amendment] protects are not limited to militia service, nor is an individual's enjoyment of the right contingent upon his or her continued or intermittent enrollment in the militia." That is from DC V. Heller. How does that "kick it to the curb'? They simply said that the 2nd Amendment does NOT ONLY apply in the case of the Militia. THe McDonald V. Chicago case, as far as I can see doesnt even address Militia. IMO Militias are not silly. Not since they took control of the National Guard away from the states. Dom
  5. Correct, but it is not to difficult to make one. That part has been trampled on so much. Dom
  6. What is a militia? Most states have what is called a State Defense Force (SDF). These Militias are the only force that states now have to actually protect it self from the Federal Govt.. These State Defense Forces are not typically provided with weapons. Hell, they have to even provide their own uniforms. IF and when the Federal Govt. turns on the people, by banning all "Assault Rifles" they effectively reduce these SDF's to handguns and shotguns. This is what they 2nd amendment is about. Flame away. Dom
  7. Owning a weapon is a constitutional right. A drivers license is not. It is a privilege that we enjoy and can be taken away for a number of reasons. So I cant see the comparison being valid. Dom
  8. A .308 will not only stop a dear dead in its track, but just about anything else and they dont want to ban those. I would rather be shot with an AR-15. Scary looking is not more deadly. If you strip down the scary plastic off of these so called Assault Rifles, they are no more dangerous then a "hunting rifle". Most hunting rifles only hold about 7 rounds...but some can be modified (legally) to hold more. The weapons they want to ban only look more dangerous. Banning magazines that hold more then 10 rounds really doesnt do anything. It takes less then 3 seconds to reload an AR-15. It may take you only 6 to 8 seconds longer to fire off 30 rounds. Tougher laws on those that use guns while committing a crime well help this problem, not taking them away from law abiding citizens. You use a gun to commit a crime you go to jail for life...PERIOD. You commit murder with a gun you go to jail for life...PERIOD. So you better make sure you are really protecting yourself and not shooting first and asking questions later. It wont stop them from committing the crime in the first place, but you can be damn sure they wont do it again. Dom
  9. Ha! Don't poke the near unless you have too. Dom
  10. I have no problem with profiling though. Just wish he hadn't drawn his weapon. I was real quick to remind him, he asked me to exit the vehicle. He gave no other instructions. "I'm complying" I said. He calmed down a little. Even apologized after he ripped my car apart. That sucked, because I was moving from florida to california and had to repack my car. He did miss my weed pipe though. Lol Dom
  11. He was sitting on the side of the road. Pulled out to follow. Pulled up beside me. Fell back. Pulled up beside again. Fell back. I'm sure he ran my plates at some point. The second time he pulled up. I wanted to roll down my window and ask him if he wanted me to stop for him. Dom
  12. Grew up in a rough neighbor hood. Look hispanic to a lot of people. The time in texas. I was driving along the texas/mexico border in a car with Florida plates. When I asked him why he pulled me over, he really didn't have an answer. He followed me for a long time before he pulled me over. Bottom line he profiled me. What ever. I was glad to know someone was looking for bad guys. Dom
  13. Don't be. I'm sure they do. Remember when iPhones first came out? People were getting bills that were thousands of pages long. Every call and text was I'm those bills. Dom
  14. Websters is not a source for legal definitions. Dom
  15. Not a cop, so no I haven't. Checking my collar is not the same as what the TSA it's doing. Every time a cop had asked to search my vehicle...I have told them they do not have my permission. Only one pushed it further by calling a k9 unit. Dog found nothing, they never searched my car further then that. He wasn't happy about but he had no cause. Actually I did let one cop search my vehicle in texas. We where out in the middle of the desert. Just me and him. He asked me to step out of the car. I guess I moved to fast for him. He drew on me for no reason. Since he was so jumpy, I figured I didn't want to give him a reason to pistol whip me or worse. Dom