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  1. AndyMan

    collapsible pilot chute ?

    Yes it's worth it. The difference isn't so much speed as measured in MPH, but simply less stress put on the canopy during flight, and less tendency to have the shape of the canopy distorted. This will make the biggest difference during landing, where as you slow down the trailing pilot chute can distort the shape of the canopy, making your landings more difficult. _Am
  2. AndyMan

    reserve PC to bridle connection

    This would be a great thing to talk through with your rigger. _Am
  3. AndyMan

    AFF 1 instructor vs 2

    My personal favorite is Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle Illinois - but I have worked as an instructor there. They use 2 instructors for the first three AFF levels, which I believe to be a better option. CSC is a much shorter drive than Spaceland, and infact they have a regular group of St Louis folks who make the trek most weekends. I've done both 1 and 2 instructor AFF jumps, but have had enough challenging jumps to prefer having another instructor to help out if need be. If the student does everything correctly, 1 instructor jumps are fine. _Am
  4. AndyMan

    Dropzone POI file for GPS

    One big change, CSC moved from their old spot in Hinckley to a new airport at Rochelle - KRPJ. HTH, _Am
  5. AndyMan

    Jim "Farmer" Johnson 1949-2011

    Thanks for passing this along. Farmer touched many people in his life. _Am
  6. AndyMan

    Gas prices

    Likely, of course it depends on how much your DZ is charging now. Where I jump, when the DZ sold jump packages to lock in jump prices, he added a fuel rider this year in case prices went up. Given the way the year has gone, I imagine he'll add a buck. _Am
  7. AndyMan

    Power tool and closing loop length

    Some people like a power tool because the metal bar is easy to grab onto, and doesn't tear on the skin like a pullup cord can. It has nothing to do with closing loop length. Closing loops should be shorter, to make the packjob tight. It's pretty tough to have a loop that's "too short", as long as you can close the rig. When falling at terminal speeds, a pilot chute will put in excess of 30 pounds of force on the pin. The curved shape of the pin makes it easy to come out when pulled in any direction. Things to check for: 1. Smooth pin free of any dings or significant scratches. 2. Proper routing of the bridle. 3. Cocked pilot chute in good condition As long as those 3 items are met, its almost guaranteed that the pilot chute will pull the pin, every time - even with a tight closing loop. _Am
  8. AndyMan

    Local dropzone

    Florida is a big state! Depends where you live!
  9. AndyMan


    This thread - indicates you might be better looking for a .5mm thread. _Am
  10. AndyMan

    first rig questions

    When the ad says the rig is 'made for someone at a certain weight, they're referring to how the rig will fit. Was it custom designed for a big beefy guy? Or a small little girl. In this case, they're probably referring to normal naked weight, and not exit weight. Exit weight is appropriate for the conversation around wingloading. This rig contains a 190 square foot canopy, and your exit weight is probably around 220. That means if you were flying this canopy, you'd have a wingloading of 1.15. That wingloading can be appropriate as you progress in your jumps - but if your profile is correct and you only have 9 jumps you should understand that your instructors will probably not let you jump this rig during your student jumps. It also might not be appropriate until you have 30ish jumps, and progress down to this 190 very slowly and carefully, moving no more than one canopy size at a time. A 190 is a very popular first canopy for a lot of people, but since you're a beefier guy than some, a 210 may be a better choice. But yeah, it does look like a nice rig! _Am
  11. AndyMan

    Cypress maintenance

    I understand that Airtec (or SSK in the USA) will charge you for both the 4 year AND 8 year, just out of principle. They won't want to offer anyone a reason to skip the 4 year. _Am
  12. AndyMan

    Reserve repack abroad

    There is no US law that prohibits in a foreign country, to have an appropriately rated resident of that country inspect, approve, and register your gear. However, once you return, you will be required to show that your rig is current with US standards, and that includes having the most recent repack done by a FAA certified rigger. Also, US Dropzones will respect a foreign rigger ONLY if the rig is also foreign, and the jumper is visiting. Likewise, when you travel - you will likely find that the foreign DZ's will likely respect your FAA rigger packed rig, if it is in date. Your best bet may be to get the rig packed by an FAA rigger before you leave. Failing that, while traveling try to find a foreign rigger that also holds an FAA rating. _Am
  13. AndyMan

    Hinkley Done ?

    The dropzone is certainly not done, and no - I don't imagine there will be a merger. I'm a bit curious where this rumor came from, it makes absolutely no sense to me. There's plenty of business to support a very busy DZ. There has been some talk about moving the DZ, but even I haven't heard anything definitive - the DZO is keeping his cards very close to his chest until everything is finalized. I have no doubt that there will be a DZ up and operating come next year, but as for the exact location - your guess is as good as mine. _Am
  14. AndyMan

    Seatbelts for a chest strap?

    Neat! The workmanship looks great except for the material choice - the person who did the work clearly knew something about harness sewing, again - except for how to choose appropriate materials. How odd! _Am
  15. AndyMan

    Scam emails targeting dzos

    Going out to instructors as well. I got one Friday night. I was surprised when I got it, it was the first scam email I'd ever gotten that targeted me specifically. It's more impressive than the standard Nigerian 419. _Am