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  1. Nobody can answer your specific question since there are no reliable published statistics about pack volumes across manufacturers that use the same measuring method. There are some numbers published by the PIA, but these seem to have little resemblance to reality. Generally, both are about the same size. Pack volume will change based on ambient weather, line type, and even something as simple as fabric color. There was a time where Icarus canopies were said to be physically larger than their model numbers indicated, (IE, a 149 was actually closer to 170 than 150), but this has not been the case for many years. __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  2. I thought this would be asked and answered all over here, but I don't see this posted recently. I dropped my cx150 and broke it. Time for a new camera. It seems like everyone is jumping go-pros these days but I want something a bit _more_. I could replace with a used cx150... But I also see Sony has cx190, cx200, cx210, pj200. Then there's the whole gamut of action cams too. Too much research to do, so I'm asking here. What's the bomb video camera that's not a go-pro? __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  3. The vitriol I've gotten from Tom is really surprising, and the latest stream is completely over the top. I had thought he was a pretty stand-up guy, but I guess I was wrong. It's really just a distraction, because this thread shouldn't be about me or him. I do think I asked a valid question. I've seen DZ's get run off of airports before, and there's sometimes a second story that isn't being told. Is there one here? _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  4. Based on the offensive PM's I've gotten from TomSpoon (who should know better), I can assume Skydive St Mary's WAS the place where unlicensed pilots were doing illegal maintenance to their airplanes, that resulted in an emergency situation. I can't remember if it resulted in a crash or not. My next question is to what degree this is affecting the airport attempting to evict them. Anyone know? From: TomSpoon Date Sent: Apr 15, 2012, 9:03 PM You're good at making enemies. Why don't you just stick to jacking off to porn you fucking looser. __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  5. With all due respect, doing a preservation rain dance before storing it away for another month won't hurt either. As far as I'm concerned, neither approach offers any meaningful benefit. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  6. Isn't St Mary's the place where Kathy was doing her own maintenance on their Cessnas, resulting in a crash from a disconnected carb heater? _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  7. This is not a piece of advice that I've either received, or given. Spandex gets damaged through use over time. Stretching it open over and over again, plus some of the sketchiness gets lost over time. I've not heard nor seen anything to suggest that leaving it with a pilot chute inside gives any kind of excessive damage. I personally own rigs that have contained pilot chutes for 10 years without any sign of wear to the spandex. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  8. I've recently switched to having an RSL after 5 years without - and I jump a highly loaded Velocity, with cameras too. I realized that a lot of the "conventional wisdom" against RSL's was simply wrong, and that low-pull no-pull fatalities are simply more common, and more dangerous than the ones involving RSL's. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  9. I've always disliked how the larkshead is self-tightening, it can be a pain to remove under canopy. I've always sewn large loops. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  10. I think you meant to say, the one that's most likely to save your life when you need it to. And among the listed options, there definitely are differences in those odds. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  11. Yes it's worth it. The difference isn't so much speed as measured in MPH, but simply less stress put on the canopy during flight, and less tendency to have the shape of the canopy distorted. This will make the biggest difference during landing, where as you slow down the trailing pilot chute can distort the shape of the canopy, making your landings more difficult. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  12. Any question about what happens when lawyers get involved are only answered one single way: The instructor goes broke. This is true whether the instructor was %100 in the right, or %100 in the wrong. The cause of the situation has no bearing on the outcome - either way, the instructor goes broke defending himself. The only difference is the ability for us, and the people that control ratings to armchair quarterback the whole thing. I love armchair quarterbacking, and I can't fault the instructor for operating within the privileges of his rating. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  13. Since the instructor was performing within the privileges of his rating, all is good. Since AFFi's train for this, and coaches do not, there's no reason to question why AFFI's are allowed to pull for students while coaches do not. AFFI's are allowed to pull for students since they plan and train for it. If this were a USPA Coach instead of an AFFI, this would have ended well too. The student was altitude aware, and was reaching for his reserve when he got pulled out. There's definitely some opportunities for corrective training, but I don't see a major problem with anything that happened on that jump. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  14. They are similar, the Smart reserve is a good reserve, and the wingloading seems reasonable. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.
  15. I'd call up the various suit manufacturers and talk to them. Each will tell you the various ways they add drag. That said, I'm a big boy too, and I've had great successes with Tony Suits. Tony just knows how to build suits for good fall rates. My most recent suit was a Merlin suit, and it was a complete disaster, and I had to suggest improvements during the rework. Merlin does not know how to make a good slow-suit for big boys. _Am __ You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.