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  1. So very, very sad. You'll be missed. You were loved, sweetheart. And by so many. ;) I feel better knowing that you lived your dreams. You had more fun than a hundred people have in a lifetime. You will always be the quiet achiever of Elsinore. You're in my heart always, Mandy --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  2. www.myspace.com/divaskychick --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  3. Wow. Way to bring back a thread! The post you're responding to was from 2003! --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  4. Thanks! Vicki, that's awesome. Thanks so much! So my fiance is being promoted to London Bureau Chief at Forbes - that's why we're going. I've been to Europe at least nine times and I've NEVER been to the UK. I'm freaking out. I mean, truly. freaking.out. --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  5. Looks like I'm moving to London this summer and I'd like to meet up with an old friend, Kat, who lived and worked for a while at Skydive Elsinore. Anyone know how to find her? Also would love advice on neighborhoods to live and nearby dropzones. Thanks! Mandy --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  6. Awesome video and not just because I'm in it! Anyone who has jumped at Eloy or Elsinore is going to see loads of friends at their flying and/or partying best. Thanks! --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  7. This is my baby! --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  8. I know you were enjoying them, Benji! How was the drive back? Mandy --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  9. So the Chicks Rock Boogie rocked again this year! I managed to jump exclusively out of the skyvan - a big deal for those of us who don't get to very often! Helicopter jumps went all morning on Sunday and were a highlight of my weekend but the ultimate had to be Mel Curtis LO-ing some killer hybrid jumps with some of us who were really pushing the limits of our skills. Her patience and smiles and general positive nature made all the difference and we managed to pull off some really fun stuff! I'm sure other chicks will chime in with their own reviews but I just wanted so send a HUGE thanks to Mel, Bets, Karl, Hammo and the gang for an AWESOME weekend and an opportunity to make some great new friends. THANK YOU! xoxo Mandy --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  10. Hey, anybody coming from Arizona to Chicks Rock? Mandy --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  11. DivaSkyChick

    K's Choice

    Love them! A few years ago they had to replace their base player and ended up going with my next door neighbor, Eric. Is he still with the band? Haven't seen him since me met and married Laura and moved to Missouri... They are an awesome band - glad to hear they're still touring! --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  12. Most of you guys may have seen this but for those who haven't - JEEZ! http://tangerinetv.com/Premature-Deployment.html --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  13. Be sure to wish him a Happy Bday if you see him Saturday !
  14. My apologies if this has already been posted! http://tangerinetv.com/Plane-Head.html --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch
  15. Hey guys, It looks like I actually have the weekend off for once in my life so I'm going to head to Elsinore to get current again. Definitely plan to head to Perris for BBQ and to see old friends... if I have any left! It's been so long... :( I've been told that I will know about 5% of the jumpers at Elsinore now. I can't even believe that! Where does everyone go??? Does anyone else feel weird going back after a long absense? I have the "first day of school" jitters... who will I jump with? Will anyone sit with me at lunch? lol Anyway, looking forward to seeing Betsy, Lou, Cajones, Rosa and the rest of you! --- www.facebook.com/mandyhamptonfitch