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  1. I think I've got a jug of booze coming. Or does that tradition have an expiry date*** IMHO you packed him something that would save his life should he ever need it. It did so he owes you a fifth of your choice. I know when my customers have had a cut away...they bring in a bottle first, then they go back out to their truck and bring in their gear CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  2. I'm thinkin' it's the Bi-Centenial patch Bill did in 1976 CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  3. Looking for #5 or #8 zipper. Need about 50yds in Kelly green. Looked at Seattle Fabrics, D.J. No luck. Anybody? CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  4. With the D rings on the risers, I'm thinkin' they tried making a para-sail type thing. I tried that.....once. CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  5. I seem to remember it that way too. The OP's has a '77 DOM (or did he say '78) so the dates would be right. CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  6. Gees Craig, what are you diong with a Vector II? Where's your Reflex? CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  7. Go for it! I've been there 3 times when it was going on. Great vibe first off, excellent mentors (former or current national competitors). The free flow of knowlage, not only from mentor to group, but, also within the group is excellent. It's a great week end. I can not recomend it highly enough! Have fun and enjoy! CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  8. First machine, sweet! Like has been said, plenty of high quality needles, and stainless oil. If you need more Singer manuals try http://www.singermachines.co.uk/indstbooks.htm Oh! Be careful, those machines will breed, next you'll need a walking foot, then a double needle, then....... CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  9. Be a member of USPA and attend a Judges Training Course. PM me if you want more detailed info. CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  10. Since you're sort of in the area, stop by my loft, I'll show ya one, kevlar lines and all! CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  11. Gees Mark, from those crappy photos you got 3 outta' 5 right! 269w26 112w140 226R (R1 or 2 I'm not sure) 17w15 (didn't know there was a w1, but, guess there would have to be) 31-20 You WIN!!! I owe you a drink next time I see ya! Oh, John Rich, I'll get right on that. CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  12. Here ya go Pete. Finally all moved in! The 7-34 is up and running. Also a photo of the packing area in use. Soon I'll be widening the door way (where the blue bin is) for my packing table. CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  13. OR, you could just unthread the leg straps, put it on, then re-thread them. When I designed and built my first step-in harness (no adjustment whatsoever, except the chest strap) in '74-75, I didn't realize you're not as flexiable at 40-50 years old as you are at 18-19. My girlfriend at the time wanted SOME adjustment at the leg straps (to compensate for monthly weight gain) so I redesigned the bottom of the harness with friction adapters. That's the way she put it on "during that week" CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  14. Moving into a bigger digs! Here's a couple photos of the sewing area. The 7-34 isn't shown because I have to totally disassemble the table to get it out of the house! The packing area isn't shown either because right now it's full of boxes, raw mat'l, bla, bla.... I hate moving CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58
  15. Geez, kids Unless you've broken Rule #1, you don't know #9 is true. #8 they use the pain killer that damages kidneys, not livers. Uh yea! You have 2 kidneys, but, only 1 liver....ya have to prioritize CRW Skies Frank CRW Diva #58